October 9, 2016

Myrtle Beach 3.0 Preview

October 13-16 2016

It's finally here... the trip we've all been waiting for since MB 2.0 back in April 2015.

MB OG's- shout out to Ry's bathing suit

First, a history lesson. The MB family of getaways was founded in October 2014, when 8 of us made the virgin trek to the holy land. Everyone do yourself a favor and check out that golf trip recap here: http://www.nobodywinsontheblue.com/2014/10/myrtle-beach-golf-trip-2014.html

After having such a great time at MB 1.0, we vowed to make it an annual trip. 2015 rolls around and we decided to have my Bachelor Party down in Myrtle for MB 2.0.

I didn't make a blog for 2.0 because my blog is basically dead. However, given that it doubled as a bachelor party, having nearly 0 pictures it always solid. We grew attendance nearly 100% for MB2.0 which means for half the group, MB 3.0 will be only the second time down there.

First, let's all take a moment to thank the golfing gods that Hurricane Matthew landed THIS weekend, and not next weekend. The hurricane made landfall in the US just south of MB, and in fact the city of MB even discouraged residents from returning to the city until Sunday night. However, most courses will be open by Wednesday so we should be in the clear.

With the hurricane in the past, lets take a quick looksy into what we can expect for the trip, less than a week out:

That is a beautiful sight to see. MB 1.0 either was significantly better than the weather for 2.0. October seems to be the better time of year to visit.

Legends Golf Resort
1500 Legends Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

We are staying at Legends Golf resort. Our condo will be on property of 3 courses and our room cards gets free* range balls anytime. The breakfast buffet is free* every morning, and lunch is provided as well. 2 beers per round are also provided.

Alright. Down to business. Trip Itinerary, Teams, Pairings, Tee Times, ETC.....


Friday & Sunday- Individual Stroke with Handicaps 
Play your own ball like any normal golf round. 1st place gets 14 points, 2nd place 13 points, 3rd place gets 12 points, etc

Saturday Morning- 2 man scramble match play
Each member of the winning twosome will receive 7 points. Losing teammates will receive 0. If the match remains All Square through 18, each person will earn 4 points.

******Jeremy and Campbell only will be playing heads up 1v1 match play for ultimate bragging rights on Saturday AM******

Saturday Afternoon- Team Scramble match play
The people you are playing with are your teammates. A regular stroke play scramble. 3 man teams do not get a 4th shot. First place team members will receive 12 points each, second place team members receive 8, 3rd place team members receive 4, and the last place team receives 0. If there is a tie for position, the team with the lower score on the hardest handicap hole will win.

Everyone will be Venmo'ing me $25 for prizing. Do that now. Players will accumulate points in every session (except Abe, probably) and the payouts will be:

$200- 1st place
$100- 2nd place
$25- 3rd place

James- 0 

Bill- 2
Dante- 2
Jamie- 2

Adam- 5
Ryan- 5

Marty- 10

#- 15
Abe- 15 
Dan- 15

Beckerman- 18
Campbell- 18
Jeremy- 18

Paul- 25

Friday October 14th, 2016
Heritage Golf Club
Format: Individual stroke play (Normal golf- play your own ball)

Course- Heritage Plantation is a tribute to the rice culture that revered the land centuries ago. Over 600 acres of giant magnolias, 300-year-old oaks, fresh water lakes and marshes have been transformed into a golfing community to rival the finest in the world. Built on the site of the True Blue and Midway Plantations, Heritage reflects a history of gracious, tasteful living. A magnificent avenue of oaks leads to the Southern Colonial clubhouse overlooking the Waccamaw River.
Ranked among the “50 Best Public Courses in America” by Golf Digest, the Par 71 Heritage Club, a Dan Maples design, follows the natural contours of the land, stretching out beside long abandoned and historic rice fields. Heritage features spacious, rolling fairways and large, undulating greens, surrounded by lush stands of crepe myrtle, camellias and azaleas. Heavily landscaped areas of wildflowers and flowering shrubs will maintain the beauty of this historical setting for generations to come.The results form the last time we played here:
James- 85
Ryan- 99
Adam- 101
Abe- 104
Beck- 105
Campbell- 106
Paul- 124
Jeremy- 137 (!)

Yikes. We'll look to play better as a group this time around.

12:04pm: Beck, Jeremy, Marty
12:12pm: Ryan, #, Campbell
12:20pm: Dante, Jamie, Dan, Paul
12:28pm: MAGL 
Tees: Blue (6,658 yards)

Saturday October 15th, 2016
Legends Heathland
Format: 2 Man team Scramble Match Play

Abe playing Heathland in 2014
Course-The par 71 Heathland Course, designed by Tom Doak, is a return to the grand “Old Country” traditions of the game. It has been distinctly molded in the image of the British Isles links courses, with holes reminiscent of familiar links like St. Andrews, and lesser known gems like Lahinch and Cruden Bay. Most of the holes are without high vegetation, providing a visual presentation like no other course in the area. The challenge and difficulty of this course comes primarily from the unobstructed breeze that wafts constantly over the course, and the strategically placed bunkers and lush, deep rough that closely border all fairways. Many of the greenside bunkers are deep and require creative shots to make an escape

7:32am: Jeremy vs Campbell  (One on One) 
7:40am: James/Dante vs Jaime/Ryan
7:48am: Adam/Beck vs Bill/Paul
7:56am: Marty/Abe vs Dan/#
Tees: Blue (6,800)

Saturday October 15th, 2016
Legends Parkland
Format:  Team scramble

Adam playing Parkland in 2014
Course- Taking its place alongside the award-winning Heathland and Moorland courses, Parkland is quickly establishing itself as the most exciting new course in Myrtle Beach. Offering distinct contrasts to the first two Legends courses, Parkland demonstrates the diversity and beauty of the natural terrain with contoured, tree-lined fairways, vast natural areas, deep-faced bunkers and massive, multi-level greens. Opened for play in October 1992, Parkland is modeled after the style of architects Alister MacKenzie, (Augusta National) and George Thomas (Riviera Country Club). Playing the unforgettably challenging fairway and green-side bunkering requires a deft touch off the tee and on the approach. From tee to green, strategy will be the order of the day on this stunning, par-72 playing field. The last time we played (* Paul's infamous brownie round)  here the scores were as follows:
James- 88
Ryan- 95
Adam- 99
Beckerman- 103
Abe- 110
Campbell- 114
Jeremy- 122
Paul- 157*

This time, again, it's the team game. The teams:

1:16pm: Dante, Ryan, Jeremy 
1:24pm: Adam, Jamie, #
1:32pm: Bill, Marty, Abe, Paul
1:40pm: Champions of the Dirty D
Tees: Blue  (7,108)

Sunday October 16th, 2016
Legends Moorland
Format: Individual stroke play (Normal golf- play your own ball)

Course- Considered one of the greatest challenges on the East Coast – a par 72 triumph – Moorland was designed by noted golf architect P. B. Dye and opened for play in 1990. Large expanses of natural growth, sand, water and waste areas combine with extraordinary undulations and bulkheads to present a course reminiscent of the PGA West Stadium Course. This controversial course is definitely a “target” golf course. Created in the Dye tradition, Moorland will cause golfers to rise to incredible heights on the sculpted terrain, sink to considerable depths in the bunkers, and constantly use every ounce of skill and luck in their possession. Moorland indeed earned its designation as one of the “Top 10 New Courses of 1990,” by Golf Digest. Play the 245 yard par-4 16th and see for yourself why the large bunker guarding the green is so appropriately named “Hell’s Half Acre.”

9:48am: James, #, Jeremy, Marty
9:56am: Adam, Ryan, Jamie
10:02am: Dan, Paul, Beckerman
10:10am: Bill, Campbell, Abe, Dante
Tees: White (6,203)

See you in MB