November 5, 2018

#reVOLT wins MBV

Another great Myrtle Beach golf weekend has concluded, and this time team, #reVOLT has taken back the title (The M) from Fairway to Heaven. After last year's heartbreaking 8-8 playoff loss, the team in volt came to MBV determined and looking for redemption. Below is the final scoreboard form the entire competition

Thursday- Practice rounds @ River Oaks 

Arriving at MB Thursday AM

The non golf guys warmed up on the range before checking in 

Dante, Duce, Coates, Bill and Marty got to MB early and played True Blue in the morning. I was originally going to be there as well, couldn't make it- and unfortunately these guys had to play a a 2some and 3some. My bad. Per Bill's snaps- they all seemed to to have a great time anyway which was nice to see, despite my heightened FOMO. The full group had played this course 2 years ago, but this time the major difference was that Dante hired a caddy for the round. Typically a caddy would help replace divots, read putts, help with club selection, etc but this was a different type of caddy. Her name was Alicen .

Yikes.  Alicen was LATE to the round (shocker, she didn't make the 7:30am tee time?!?) and ended up joining Dante for the afternoon round as well. One thing that stood out- she mentioned to me in the afternoon (I played with Dante) she had never seen golfers clean their clubs after each shot with a brush like Dante and I were doing. What?! Anyway the only time we'll likely ever see Alicen again is if we recruit her to give Joe a good/possibly winnable Sunday singles match next year.

In the afternoon, the full group (minus Joe) continued a mini (probably dead) tradition of playing River Oaks Golf Plantation. AKA the site where Abe first murdered Jeremy at MB 4.0 on the 18th green. The weather wasn't great- It was a little rainy- and with impending gloomy weather in the forecast for Friday, there was small talk of using Thursday as the Four Ball match. We ended up deciding against that- mostly due to our group weatherman ABE who was CONFIDENT that we would be good to go for Friday. Spoiler: rain and lightening  ended up dominating us on Friday afternoon. Good call Abe.

Ryan and his Myrtle Beach little brother Jamie, matched in a two man scramble vs me and Dante. In past matches vs the Blogbrins,  Dante and I had won 2&1 and 1up, so everyone was looking forward to this match being tightly contested. Unfortunately I didn't really show up until the back 9- maybe not hitting balls for 3 weeks wasn't the best strategy- and by that time Jamie and Ryan were about done giving us opportunities to win holes. I played with Ryan a handful of times all weekend, this practice round was the best I saw him play. Thanks Ryan, good job in the practice round! Jamie had a great hole out from the sand late in the match and without any magic this afternoon, Dante and I fell 3&2. Truthfully it was better this way, especially in hindsight, this practice round win may have kept Jamie's MB life afloat for at least 1 more year.

The other main Thursday attraction was the Jeremy vs Abe heads up match play. While this was a practice round for most, by no means was it insignificant to these two.  If you haven't seen a good pillow fight in a while, my suggestion is to buy a ticket to the next time these guys play against each other. Their match on Thursday was SOFT. Abe took  a 4up lead to the turn (winning multiple holes with double bogeys), but proceeded to lose holes 13, 14, 15, 16 AND 17 to go 1 down headed to 18. (NOT A TYPO. He actually did lose 5 holes in a row.)  By this time, the darkness was creeping in and most of the entire group (including Allison) watched these guys play 18. Abe actually came through by sucking less, won the 18th hole, and squared the match.  That means over the last 3 heads up matches between these two, Abe has won 1up, 2&1, and went AS in the third. I guess Jeremy just cant beat Abe. Yikes.

Thursday Night was fun. We ordered pizzas, watched TNF and the Red Sox (World Series Champs, #supJeremy, #supBeck) and played our traditional game of beer hockey. the MVP of the night though, was none other than Adan Beckford. I would normally attempt to describe the shenanigans that went on, but no words can describe this.

It's just too bad you cant win MB points for your team off the course, because Adam deserved something for the free* entertainment. Have to give props to Bill too, for creating the GIF of the year:


Friday- Fourball at Heritage Golf Club

Friday morning was a rainy one on property at Legends, but after calling Heritage (off site, on Pawley's island) we were encouraged to hear not a drop of rain had hit the course. Abe went full weatherman mode- I'm borderline shocked he didn't bring his second CPU monitor to MB to watch radar. But, he was VERY confident that the afternoon on Pawley's Island would not only be dry, but certainly be absent of any lightening and thunder. Bets were made. Emotions were running high. We left for the course around 10:30 as a group and as we approached the course, the rain stopped and Abe seemed to be vindicated. Snaps were sent making fun of the people nervous about the weather. Marty was getting killed in the group blog.  Abe was flying high. However, as you know.... 3 hours later we were all soaking wet after half the round with thunder and lightning rampant around the course. Poor Abe. Wrong again.

Adam vs Team Mosey Team (Beck and #)
This match was over the second we left for the course, since Adam was too "ill" to make the round. Which was a bummer.. Adam was supposed to play with Joe who had travel issues and missed the round. This left Team Mosey Team... GREAT unis... with a half point guaranteed and a paper matchup with Jeremy/Marty..... We had the captains of FTH text back their scores every hole and TMT "played against them", 3 groups behind. The half point guaranteed was the only one we put on the scoreboard, and team FTH were all collectively saying:

Jeremy/Marty vs Campbell/Abe
The start of what would be a gloomy weekend for Jeremy. Abe and Campbell were dominating at the turn... and by Abe and Campbell I really just mean Campbell. The last time we saw Campbell in MB action was at MB 3.0 when, in fact, Jeremy beat Campbell 1up on Heathland for major bragging rights. A loss so bad that it forced Bunny to get married for extra support, and skip MB4.0. On this day, however, Bunny got his revenge. While the match was never officially won, Campbell posted his LOWEST 9 HOLE ROUND OF HIS LIFE- a 40. And this was at a nice, challenging track. Campbell provided a ton of momentum for #reVOLT with this dominating performance in the first match of the weekend, despite not actually winning an official point for it.

Dante/Paul vs Bill/Dan
Bill and Dan lost in this format to Dante and Jeremy at 4.0, and were excited to get another crack as a fourball team. I'm quite certain they played good, not great. That being said, this weekend especially, you have to play great to beat Dante. Paul helped out in with PARS on BOTH par 3's ?!? The Par 3 King. Playing in the group behind we witnessed the clutch par save on #6 to halve the hole and keep momentum going for FTH. 2up at the turn, you have to think Dante/Paul would have gone on to win this match.

James/Ryan vs Jamie/Duce
The first round of golf I've ever played with Duce. I think he hit at least two 300+ yard drives on the front 9... WTF?!?!? Great driver of the ball. That being said, the rest of Duce's game wasn't there on this day, I'm almost certain he didn't actually contribute his score on any hole. I could be wrong, but this was the Jamie Bebrin show. Jamie played great, Ryan and I played mediocre, and the result was an AS situation through 9. Of course I want to say Ryan and I would have easily taken care of business here but we didn't get a chance to do so and frankly it's our own fault for not jumping out to an early lead, given the fact we had to be the heavy Vegas favorites.

So after the round we decided to essentially call every match a wash (you are welcome, FTH) except the guaranteed half point from the TMT vs Adam "matchup" that never happened. My best guess if we didn't get rained out of the back 9 would have been a 3-1 lead for #reVOLT, but instead we left Pawley's Island with a back 9 rain check (for next year) and #reVOLT up 0.5 to 0. With FTH winning 4.0, an auto half point advantage built in, we went into Saturday virtually tied.

Friday Night we called team meetings so each group could huddle and nominate their teams for Saturday AM.  It seemed at this point in time that the chemistry on #reVOLT was great, while FTH were having some internal struggles and arguments about pairings/strategy. To be fair, it's tougher when you have the 2 worst golfers on the trip to mange your roster, but I would say that on #reVOLT we were obviously focused on the golf but really just there to have a blast. FTH seemed a little more uptight, which ultimately probably contributed to their eventual demise. Hate to see it.

After we selected the Saturday matches, we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and Red Sox World Series action. The only real note worthy event was Jeremy accidentally eating half of Beckerman's dinner, which caused a small problem. NYGL stock down after this incident for sure.

Saturday AM- Alternate Shot

Alternate Shot was first introduced to our group last year, at 4.0, and was a major hit. It was easily voted as the favorite format of the group, so we kept it in the schedule again for MBV. This year's alternate shot match was to be played at Heathland- a course with rich MB history in our group:

-The original feud between Campbell and Jeremy stemmed from a BEAT DOWN on this course from OGMB.... Ryan essentially carried Jeremy to a 7&6 victory over Abe and Campbell- the worst loss in MB history for 3 years- and so at MB 3.0 Jeremy beat Campbell 1up on Heathland in a super hyped singles match.

-Dante and I had an EPIC scramble match with the Blogbrins at 3.0 on Heathland. Maybe the best match in our groups MB history... birdies on top of birdies on top of birdies. Dante and I won 2 and 1.

Dante/Marty vs Bill/Beck
I was playing behind this match and it seemed like Dante and Marty jumped out to an early lead at the start of the round. Marty is a good partner for Dante in alt shot- he's consistent, doesn't find much trouble (how can you when you only hit it 185?) and essentially allowed Dante to play aggressively which is always dangerous for his opponents. The #reVOLT guys were down late in the match but made a late charge and found themselves on the 18th hole down 1 but with a chance to truly "steal" half a point after being down the whole match. Beck left Bill in a tough spot off the tee, but Bill hit a heroic approach from the edge of the woods to the green and eventually these guys were in the hole  and waiting for Marty to hit his 15 foot downhill putt to square the hole. I didn't get to see it, but Marty nailed the putt (CLUTCH) and squared the hole to win the match 1up.

James/Campbell vs Jamie/Jeremy
I was confident heading into this match because Campbell was coming off his best round ever the day before. I wanted to play with Campbell because at the time my driving was poor, and figured we would compliment each other nicely. We won the first hole but missed a very short putt on #2 to move to 2up which kinda stalled the early momentum we had. Over the next 7-8 holes Jamie and Jeremy played well and took the lead. Jeremy was solid off the tee, and really actually pretty solid all around. Jamie brought his A game again this round. Whenever Campbell and I won a hole, we seemed to lose the next. Finding ourselves 2 down with 3 to play, we squared the 16th hole after Jeremy missed a 5 foot putt to win the match. Jamie maybe could have left him an easier putt, but Jamie's first full point in MB competition was almost in the bag. After the hole, dormied (2up, 2 to play) Jamie mentioned "I just got my first half point in MB history".... I only wish I had brought champagne on the course to celebrate with him at the time. I laughed on the inside though, knowing that Campbell and I certainly had a chance to win the last 2 especially with the fuel Jamie provided of kinda "celebrating" his half point a little early. 17th hole, par 3, Campbell had a 15 foot downhill putt  from just off the green to win the hole. He left the putt short- it only went about halfway- and with FTH in the hole, I was standing over a 8 foot downhill slider to keep the match alive. Easily the most nervous I had been standing over a putt in 2018. I literally felt Jamie and Jeremy's hope smilesbehind me and used that energy to sink the putt. On the last hole, Jamie's approach was off to the left of the green a bit, and found a bunker. All day Jeremy kept saying  "just dont put me in the bunker" .... and now we know why. His out landed on the green but rolled into another bunker. across the green.  Jamie got out, but it wasn't close enough. I tapped in from 3 feet for the bogey, won the hole, squared the match, and sent Jamie into a depressed downward spiral of Ciroque vodka. This match was AS through 18. Congrats to Jamie on his half point, though. Bravo.

Abe/# vs Paul
Joe was supposed to play with Paul but with travel delays. Didn't make it. So the kid was on his own. Let me tell you when our group got the text "Paul is 3up through 5" we were STUNNED. Dan said he almost fell out of his cart when he read the text. Bravo to Paul for a strong effort. After back to back pars on 7 and 8, though, Abe and Coates squared the match. You would think Paul would mail it in at this point but no- he won the 9th hole and took a lead to the back. The magic would end, though, as Paul lost every hole from 10 on and ended up losing 5&4. Shout out Paul for his effort. For those folks counting at home, Abe took his personal MB match play record to 4-0-0 with this win. Go Abe Go.

Dan/Ryan vs Duce/Adam
Team Birthday, we knew, was going to be a hard team to beat. What we didn't know, was that they would proceed to set the MB record for biggest blowout. The started hot- 3up through 3- and only lost 1 hole in the entire match. In fact, they were so dominant, they only HALVED two holes the entire match. Adam probably wasn't at the top of his game, despite the day off Friday he was still ILL BRO, and again Duce had trouble when he wasn't on the tee box. The final score was 8 & 6... a record blowout loss that only lasted about 24 hours...

Saturday Scramble @ Pakland

MBV full crew pic 

The Saturday Afternoon Scramble was played from the tips on Parkland...about 7200 yards. A very long course. It stunk we started about half an hour later than we were supposed to, and because of that half the groups actually didn't get to play the last hole or two. I love Parkland- it's a pretty course, challenging, and a lot of fun. However, it is FAR different from last year's scramble course Man O War. Much, much more challenging. There were very few "birdie dances" or "roars"... which was sad because that is always fun, even if your group isn't the one making the birdies.

#skyguy Dan with a beaut

#reVOLT team #1 was myself, Ryan, Beck and #. The same foursome as last year when we went -5 and had the second best score. We ended up recording two birdies and two bogeys for an even par 72... though it was a little disappointing we bogeyed #2 and #18 so almost book ended the round with the 2 worst holes. That being said.... we played outstanding as group. I personally played my best golf of the trip in this round- thankfully- highlighted by a long par save from just of the green after terrible tee shots and bunker shots from the whole group. Coates had the highlight of the round with a v long (60 foot) putt NO ONE expected us to make on the #17 green, we were super pumped to move to -1 with 1 to go but unfortunately gave that shot back on the last. hole Still, an even par 72 was again good for second best score in the format.

The other #reVOLT team was team Dedham-  Bill, Abe, Dan, and Campbell. Last year Mike was on this foursome instead of Campbell and I think the chemistry dynamic of adding Campbell was huge. Last year this group shot a +1 on Man O War, this year they shot a +1 (73) at a significantly harder course. I was #proud of Bill for leading this group to a great round, he knows I gave him a lot (prob too much) shit for not playing better in last years scramble.


Fairway to Heaven made a switch this year, splitting up Jamie and Dante from last year's lowest scoring scramble team. This year Dante played with Marty, Jeremy and Paul. I know Paul made the first putt of the round on the first hole (must have been electric), and Jeremy/Marty played well... but you know Dante was heavily leaned on, especially off the tee, and he delivered again this round. The group shot -2 (70) and led all four teams with the best score. The other Fairway to Heaven team of Adam/Duce/Jamie/Joe finished at +1 (73) and according to Adam they played well but simply couldn't sink any putts.

Floss game on point

With a combined score of -1, team FTH gained 1 full point in the competition to bring the overall score going into Sunday to 3-2.5 in favor of #reVOLT. Our team knew we couldn't stop, but simply hoped to contain, FTH in the scramble. Taking a lead into Sunday was a huge confidence boost for our squad... at this point #reVOLT needed 4 points to clinch the MBV title and we knew we had the matchup advantage on Sunday.


Sunday Singles- Match Play @ Moorland

Campbell vs Joe
Joe is by far the least skilled golfer on the trip, which makes it tough for both him and his opponent in this format. Shoutout to Campbell for volunteering to play Joe. I think we said pre-round Joe would get 2+ strokes a hole (at least) but it sounds like that didn't matter much. Campbell ended up winning the match 7&6, at least both these dudes are great human beings so I'm sure it was an enjoyable round despite the lack of  on course competitiveness. To review Campbell's weekend- He smoked Jeremy on Friday, scratched out a half point comeback in alt shot, and won his singles match. It was great to have Bunny back on this trip after a 1 year hiatus.

Beck vs Duce
Beckerman came into Sunday after posting a then record worst loss to Marty last year on Sunday. Which came out of left field. I played with Beckerman on Saturday afternoon and while he was solid, he clearly wasn't at the top of his game. Beckerman held a 2up lead at the turn in a close match. His lead bounced back and forth from 1up to 2up. Beck won a couple holes in a row and ended up being dormied at 5 &5. He missed a near gimme range put on 14 to go to up 4 with 4 to go. It seemed like, yet again, Duce was good at ball striking but struggled on the flat surface, (actually the greens on Moorland are anything BUT flat) and after a mini mental breakdown Beck closed the match on 15 with a 4 &3 win and officially redeemed himself from MB4.0

Ryan vs Adam
Adam is a polarizing golfer. A lot of times he's either really good or really bad. After a tough Saturday morning, mediocre Saturday afternoon, and 2 nights of not drinking, fortunately for FTH the good version of Adam showed up to this match. Adam started off with a win on the first hole and was never down at any point the entire match.  Ryan won the next hole to square things up early.  After a bad tee shot early Adam said "Yep, I know what I’m doing wrong now" and really never missed another drive after the adjustment. His length was definitely a big advantage over Ryan. Both guys missed at least two 3 footers at different points in the match to either half or win the hole. Ryan struggled chipping and Adam kept his scores relatively consistent.  A birdie on the par 5 fifteenth hole secured the win and Adam won 4&3 to end the weekend on a high note.

Abe vs Paul
I would say on balance Paul was an impressive golfer at MBV. Much improved through the years despite not really playing golf ever. The front 9 of this match was somewhat close, Paul won a couple holes. But, the experienced Abe bore down at the turn and "smashed Paul's head in" on the back, winning consecutive holes to close the match 6&5. For those counting at home... Abe is now 5-0-0 in his 5 matches since taking over captaincy of #reVOLT. That's 5 wins and 0 losses. Not a typo.

Bill vs Jamie
Bill and Jamie squared off in singles last year with Bill coming out on top with stellar play. This year's match was essentially no different- I suspect Jamie didn't play great (which was a surprise- Jamie played great all weekend) since I saw 3 shots of his in this match and 2 of them went in the woods. Bill's strength is his consistency throughout the bag, and you essentially cant play bad and expect to beat Bill. Poor Jamie... for the sake of his health it may be best for his captains to avoid matching him vs Bill next year... at this point Bill is renting out all the space in Jamie's brain. Not good for Jamie who dropped his MB match record to 0-4-1 after this 5&4 lopsided loss.  Yikes. #prayforJamie

James vs Dante
Dante was clearly the best golfer on the trip through the first few days, and while I normally have solid success vs Dante in match play, this time I didn't really put up a fight. And the sad part is that Dante didn't play THAT great in this match. Playing from the tips certainly hurt my chances given the current state of my game, although I was proud of myself for at least making the match look respectable on the scorecard despite being 100+ yards shorter than Dante on almost every hole. I lost the first hole and the third hole to go down 2 early on, and from there it took a mistake by Dante for me to win any hole. I think I maybe won 2, 3 holes max. Normally great, my putting was pedestrian. All weekend I struggled chipping out of the Bermuda grass. Of course after a third of the match I started playing well, but it was far too little and much too late. Dante still had plenty of moments of greatness. I sank a long (20') par putt on 16 (257 yard par 3!) to stay alive for about 30 seconds before Dante rolled in a 15'  for the 3&2 victory. The same margin of victory I enjoyed over him in last year's Sunday bout. Maybe a rubber match is in store for MB6.9? Time will tell.

Coates vs Marty
I had the pleasure of riding along for this one, the closest match of the day. We teed off last and I think every single person in the group hit a solid drive on the first hole except Coates, who pulled his opening shot left into the woods and was forced take a drop. A theme of this match- Coates was wildly inconsistent off the tee. That being said, Coates actually came back and won the first hole despite the drop. Despite playing with me and Dante, the truth is Coates was the best putter in the group on this day. He sank, on almost every hole, his first putt. It was impressive. Almost automatic. Until the last hole, that is. Marty was consistently 180-199 off the tee (lol, j/k... he hit a few over 200) and really kept himself in almost every hole. I would say he deserved the win from being the more consistent player, despite not putting great. The match ended, as I mentioned earlier, on what was a rare 3 putt by #.  A 12 foot putt to win the hole and go to 18 AS... he was little aggressive and missed the 3 foot come backer to fall 2&1 to Marty in what was a really good match.

Dan vs Jeremy
It wasn't too long ago that Jeremy created his golf "hit list"  and for some reason, Dan was on it. Well, ask and you shall receive. Coming off a record breaking blowout in Alt shot, Dan was actually predicting on Saturday night he was going to trump that score and beat Jeremy even worse on Sunday. We all laughed and knew he had a great chance to win.... but we didn't realize he actually would go on to set the all time biggest blow out record again, for the second consecutive round. Jeremy won 1 single hole, amazingly only squared 1 hole, and lost the other 10. That's right, Jeremy lost 10 of 12 holes in the match and lost 8&7. A new MB record of futility. Let's also not forget to mention around the time Jeremy lost, the Jets were also getting trounced by the Bears. Not the best afternoon for the co-captain of FTH. Later this evening, the Red Sox would go on to win the World Series. How many L's can one man take?!?!

Bend that knee

"To the fans and everybody in FTH, I’m sorry. I’m extremely sorry. We were hoping for back to back W’s. That was my goal, something nobody has never done here.” “I promise you one thing, a lot of good will come out of this. You will never see any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of the season. You will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of the season.” “You will never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season.” “God Bless.”  -Jeremy Tebow

The final score of the competition was 8-5.5. Considering it would be a 2 point swing if FTH had won any of the 5 matches they lost on Sunday, it truly was a well contested golf tournament from start to finish. Congrats to both teams for a good weekend, but extra props to #reVOLT for taking care of business and winning the "M".

Captains of the winning squad
Meme of the year 

News spreads quickly 

Hate to see it 


The actual scoreboard

Paul and Bill in HDC1 on Sunday

M Champs 

Nice hat bro


Late night shot with Bunny and the M

M & D champs 

Doggs before heading back home 

After the competition it was clear that it was time (after 2 years) for new captains to lead each of these teams at next year's tournament. I held a vote, and am happy to present to you the new captains of each team.

Fairway to Heaven will be led by PAUL TAYLOR and DANTE RIZZO

#reVOLT will be led by BILL POCH and MATT CAMPBELL

FTH new captain 

New FTH captains 

Congrats to you 4, it will be refreshing to have new leadership on each team.

Every official match play in MB history:

1.0- JB/Beck 5&4 over Adam/Paul - scramble
1.0- Ry/Jeremy 7&6 over Abe/Campbell- scramble
2.0- JB/Adam 2&1 over Dante/Bill- scramble
2.0- Bunny/Beckerman over Jeremy/Marty scramble
3.0- Dante/JB 2&1 over Jamie/Ryan scramble
3.0- Jeremy 2up over Bunny heads up
3.0- Dan/# over Marty/Abe scramble
3.0-  Beck/Adam over Bill scramble
4.0- JB/Abe 3&2 over Jamie/Marty - best ball
4.0- Dante/Jeremy 4&3 over Bill/Dan- best ball
4.0- Adam/Paul 6&5 over #/Mike best ball
4.0- Ryan/Beckerman 4&3 over Brian/Joe best ball
4.0- Dante/Paul 3 & 2 over James/Mike Alt shot
4.0- Dan/Abe 3 &2 over Jeremy/Marty alt shot
4.0- Adam/Brian 3&2 over Ryan/# alt shot
4.0- Bill/Beck 6&4 over Jamie/Joe alt shot
4.0- # 3&2over Joe/Paul-  best ball
4.0- Adam 2up over Dan heads up
4.0- Bill 5&4 over Jamie heads up
4.0- JB 3&2 over Dante heads up
4.0-Marty 7&6 over Beck heads up
4.0- Abe 2&1 over Jeremy heads up
V- JB/Campbell AS Jamie/Jeremy alt shot
V- Dante/Marty 1up over Bill/Beck alt shot
V- Ryan/Dan 8&6 over Adam/Duce alt shot
V- Abe/Coates 5&4 over Paul alt shot
V- Dante 3&2 over James heads up
V- Dan 8&7 over Jeremy heads up
V- Marty 2&1 over # heads up
V- Beck 4&3 over Duce heads up
V- Abe 6&5 over Paul heads up
V- Adam 4&3 over Ryan heads up
V- Campbell 7&6 over Joe heads up
V- Bill 5&4 over Jamie heads up

All Time MB Champions
OGMB: James
JBMB: Beck
MB 3.0: Dante
MB 4.0: Fairway to Heaven

All time MB Match Play records:
Adam 6-2-0
Beck 6-2-0
James 5-2-1
Dante 5-2-0
Abe 5-2-0
Dan 4-2-0
Jeremy 3-4-1
Ryan 3-3-0
Bill 3-4-0
Marty 3-4-0
Campbell 2-2-1
#Coates 2-3-0
Paul 2-4-0
Brian 1-1-0
Jamie 0-4-1 
Duce 0-2-0
Mike 0-2-0
Joe 0-4-0

Course list:
OGMB: Heritage Plantation, Heathland, Moorland, Parkland
JBMB: Eagles Nest, Myrtlewood Pinehills, Myrtlewood Palmetto, Pine Lakes
MB 3.0: River Oaks, True Blue, Heathland, Parkland, Moorland
MB 4.0: Caledonia, River Oaks, The Witch, Man O'War, Wizard
MBV: True Blue, River Oaks, Heritage, Heathland, Moorland, Parkland

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