May 7, 2018

DDIHC- A Brief History

As we are at the dawn of a new (Summer) season for Dead Dogg Inc Hockey Club, I thought it would be a good time to review the history of the franchise in full for the record books.

The Doggs journey started in the Summer of 2015. That Summer season I'll never forget our first few games we got smoked.  In the first 5 games we got outscored 41-7. We sucked and got bumped down to the D division where we clearly belonged. First time (as in first time ever playing organized hockey games) players on the Doggs included The goalie Dan Cosgrove, the Captain Paul Taylor, D Man Adam Beckvold, and forward Sean Cosgrove. All my best friends- credit to these guys for taking up the game "late" in life in their late 20s.

The rest of that Summer season went better, but we ended up losing in our first game of the single elimination playoffs.

Our first Winter season, which is longer and significantly more important than Summer season, was one to remember. We had started to create "rivalries" with teams in the league and throughout the season we definitely improved as a team. The rookies started to understand how to play team hockey and we had some talented players that helped fill in the lines. We finished the regular season 9-1 in our last 10 games and came in 2nd place. The playoffs that season were a blur. It's double elimination in the Winter season but we didn't lose a single game. We beat the Ice Hawks 5-4, then played our best game of the season/franchise history when we eliminated the Wolverines (the first place team) 10-3. We faced the Ice hawks again in the final- ended up winning the game 4-3 (with multiple short handed goals) in front of a crowd of no lie- about 75 people. Easily the biggest post High School crowd I've played in front of- it was awesome. Friends and Family members of DDIHC showed up in droves, and we delivered the hardware.

The next Summer season was a let down for the Doggs... we went 6-7-4 in the regular season and again were eliminated in the first game of the Summer playoffs. #themes

The next season, The Winter 2016-17 was another historic one for the Doggs. While it was hard to top what we did in 2015-16.... we may have done that in 16/17. We went 13-9-1 in the regular season but again, like the previous year, got hot at the right time. going 6-1 down the stretch. In the playoffs, we beat Kaos 5-2 in the first round. we (Dan) SHUTOUT the WRS Panthers 3-0 in the second round (#supTim). Our finals opponent- the Coops- had been around for 20+ years. Older guys, good team. They hadn't lost yet either so we had a best of 3 series against them to try and defend our title. They came in first place in the regular season. However.... The Doggs barked loudly again this "series." The first game we squeaked by 3-2, after entering the 3rd period tied. It was a great game. Game 2, with the Coops facing elimination was even better. Trailing 3-1 entering the 3rd period, The Doggs came through with 2 big goals in the 3rd to tie it up. Into sudden death OT we went. Did I mention this game was on the Olympic ice in Walpole? To me, it makes the victory even more impressive. 14 minutes into OT (14 minutes!) we won the game. Props to Dan the goalie for shutting the door the entire second half of the game, and electric Derrick Slonina put the Coops away for good in the end. Back to back winter champs in our first 2 winter seasons

Summer 2017- Another mediocre season. Clearly this franchise was built for the Winter. 4-12-1 was our record and we got eliminated again in the first playoff game. Our Summer playoff record is 0-3 at this point, our Winter playoff record is 7-0.

The next season- the last full season we've played at the time of this blog- was unfortunately a sad one. We started off HORRIBLE. 1-10-1 though 12 games. We bounced back a bit in the second half but failed to qualify for the playoffs, and didnt get the chance to defend our back to back winter titles. Sad. The last game of the season was noteworthy, though- we (Dan) shut out the Ice Hawks and Adam scored his first goal ever (EN).

All time DDIHC stats including the following seasons:

Summer 2015:  6-8-4
Winter 15/16: 16-9-1
Summer 2016: 7-9-2
Winter 16/17: 17-9-1
Summer 2017: 4-13-1
Winter 17/18: 8-13-2

All time W-L regular season: 51-58-11
All time W-L including playoffs:   58-61-11
Winter Playoff record: 7-0
Summer Playoff record: 0-3

Overall Winter record: 51-31-4
Overall Summer record: 17-30-7

Dan's GAA:
Summer 2015: 4.60
Winter 15/16: 3.51
Summer 2016: 3.95
Winter 16/17: 3.51
Summer 2017: 4.85
Winter 17/18: 4.01

Games Played leaders (Goals-Assists)
130- Dan Cosgrove (Has never missed a game!)
127- Paul Taylor (34-41)
126- James Brown (135-88)
120- Adam Beckvold (1-16)
103- Sean Cosgrove (21-29)
95- Andy Haase (21-28)
84- Shawn Civaterese (31-35)
75- Jay Bouchard  (7-21)
71- Dana Taylor (38-48)
71- John Kotkowski (9-12)
69- Derrick Slonina (51-40)
59- Evan Lum (12-8)
51- Joe Consentino (3-8)
50- Brian Abrahamson (8-19)
48- Joe Judge (9-18)
40- Rob Beary (13-10)
38- Billy Lara (21-27)
35- Ian Stevens (4-15)
35- Robbie Parker (10-15)
22- Marc Saulnier (4-5)
21- Eric Stevens (1-5)
17- Jimmy Gill (3-7)
17- Nick Marella (20-8)
16- Mike Marella (6-8)
13- Justin Cosgrove (0-1)
12- Mike Matthews (3-2)
11- Paul Reardon (10-2)
11- Jimmy Waitz (6-7)
9- Dante Rizzo (5-2)
9- Brandon Whitehouse (5-7)
7- Chris Sacoco (6-1)

All time Points Leaders based on the highly inaccurate league stats:

223- James Brown
91- Derrick Slonina
86- Dana Taylor
75- Paul Taylor
66- Shawn Civaterese
50- Sean Cosgrove
49- Andy Haase
48- Billy Lara

Goal leaders:
135- James Brown
51- Derrick Slonina
38- Dana Taylor
34- Paul Taylor
31- Shawn Civaterese
21- Sean Cosgrove
21- Andy Hasse
21- Billy Lara
20- Nick Marella

Assist Leaders:
88- James Brown
48- Dana Taylor
41- Paul Taylor
40- Derrick Slonina
35- Shawn Civaterese
29- Sean Cosgrove
28- Andy Haase
27- Billy Lara
21- Jay Bouchard
19- Brian Abrahamson