December 28, 2015

RIP to the OG Champs group

Unfortunately I lost to Beckerman in the championship of the Dirty D fantasy league, marking the first new winner since 2011. Congrats to Beck on a great season, going 14-1 overall. The rest of us have Paul to thank for Beck's lone blemish back in week 2. 

The champs of our league, and their victims in the Championship:

2009- Dan (Sean)
2010- James (Adam)
2011- Campbell (Kait)
2012- James (Sean)
2013- James (Adam) 
2014- Campbell (James) 
2015- Beckerman (James) 

As a reminder to Abe, no one remembers who made it to the semi's. 

and with this win by Beckerman, dies everyone's favorite group of all time. The elite owners of the Dirty D, The OG Champs:

RIP boys we had a great run.

MB 2015

St Pattys Edition
Boston 2015

OG Champions draft day luncheon 2012

Southie 2012

North Shore 2015

Charlestown 2014

Walpole 2015

and one more to salt Campbell to make sure he knows his place.

OG ChampS pic April 2010

Week 17 Fantasy Challenge

Draft Starts on Thursday. First games are Sunday at 1pm

Final standings:

James 173
Adam 157
Jeremy 155
Marty 151
Wilson 144
Bill 142
C bunny- 134
Beckerman- 121
Abe- 116

Dirty D scoring settings (PPR and bonuses)
2 QBs
4 WRs
3 RBs
2 TEs

12 rounds

Round 1
Bill- Deangelo Williams
Wilson- Antonio Brown
Marty- Julio Jones
Jeremy- Deandre Hopkins
Abe- Todd Gurley
C Bunny- ODB
Adam- AP
James- Brandon Marshall
Beck- Devonta Freeman

Round 2
Beck- David Johnson
James- Allen Robinson
Adam- Tim Hightower
C Bunny- AJ Green
Abe- James Brown White
Jeremy- Eric Decker
Marty- Charcandrick West
Wilson- Me Llamo Roberto
Bill - Brandin Cooks

Round 3
Bill - Jarvis Landry
Wilson - Doug Martin
Marty - Martavis Bryant
Jeremy - Jeremy Maclin
Abe - Calvin Johnson
C Bunny - Latavius Murray
Adam - Jordan Matthews
James - Demaryius Thomas
Beck - Frank Gore

Round 4
Beck - Mike Evans
James - Sammy Watkins
Adam - Emmanuel Sanders
C Bunny - Doug Baldwin
Abe - Lamar Miller
Jeremy - Darren McFadden
Marty - Karlos Williams
Wilson - Ben Roethlisberger
Bill - Buck Allen

Round 5
Bill - Danny Woodhead
Wilson - Eddie Lacy
Marty - Eli Manning
Jeremy - Cam Newton
Abe - Tom Brady
C Bunny - Christine Michael
Adam - Greg Olsen
James - Blake Bortles
Beck - Carson Palmer

Round 6
Beck - Tyler Eifert
James - Drew Brees
Adam - Aaron Rodgers
C Bunny - Russel Wilson
Abe - Larry Fitzgerald
Jeremy - Ryan Fitzmagic
Marty - Rashad Jennings
Wilson - Allen Hurns
Bill - Matt Ryan

Round 7
Bill - Delanie Walker
Wilson- Michael Crabtree
Marty- Zach Ertz
Jeremy- Jeremy Langford
Abe- Chris Ivory
C Bunny- Derek Carr
Adam- Tavon Austin
James- Gary Barnidge
Beck- Matt Stafford

Round 8
Beck- John Brown
James- Tre Mason
Adam- Brian Hoyer
C Bunny-Travis Kelce
Abe- Jordan Reed
Jeremy- Golden Tate
Marty- Michael Floyd
Wilson- Demarco Murray
Bill- Kamar Aiken

Round 9
Bill- Keyshawn Martin
Wilson- Stefon Diggs
Marty- Tyrod Taylor
Jeremy- Theo Riddick
Abe- Brock Osweiler
C Bunny- Ben Watson
Adam- Charles Sims
James- Cameron Artis-Payne
Beck- Amari Cooper

Round 10
Beck- Denver DST
James- Abdullah
Adam- Kyle Rudolph
C Bunny- Dujuan Harris
Abe- James Jones
Jeremy- Will Tye
Marty- Julius Thomas
Wilson- Austin Seferain-Jenkins
Bill- Carolina DST

Round 11
Bill- Sam Bradford
Wilson- Pittsburgh DST
Marty- Willie Snead
Jeremy- Antonio Gates
Abe- Eric Ebron
C Bunny- Danny Amendola
Adam- Ruben Randle
James- Vance McDonald
Beck- Nate Washington

Round 12
Beck- Jordan Cameron
James- Cincinnati DST
Adam- Detroit DST
C Bunny- Redskins DST
Abe- Brandon LaFell
Jeremy- New Jersey Jets DST
Marty- St Louis DST
Wilson- Teddy Bridgewater
Bill- Heath Miller

Team Beck- Freeman, Johnson, Gore, Evans, Eifert, Palmer, Stafford, J Brown, Cooper, Denver, Washington, Cincinnati, J Cameron

Team James- Marshall, Robinson, D. Thomas, Watkins, Brees, Bortles, Barnidge, CAP, Abudullah, Mason, McDonald,

Team Adam- AP, Hightower, J. Matthews, Austin, Rodgers, Olsen, Sanders, Hoyer, Sims, Rudolph, Randle

Team C Bunny- ODB, Green, L. Murray, Carr, Wilson, Baldwin, C Minchale, Kelce, Watson, Harris, EWashingotn DST

Team Abe- Gurley, White, Megatron,  Ivory, Larry Fitz, Brady, Miller, Reed, Osweiler, Jones, Lafell

Team Jeremy- Hopkins, Decker, Maclin, Langford, Ryan Fitzmagic, Cam, DMC, Tate, Riddick, Tye, Gates, Jets DST

Team Marty- Julio. West, Bryant, Ertz, Jennings, Eli, Williams, Floyd, Taylor, Thomas, Snead, ST Louis DST

Team Wilson- Antonio, Gronk, Martin, Hurns, Lacy, Roethlisberger, Crabtree, Murray, Diggs, ASJ, Pittsburgh, Bridgewater

Team Bill- Deangelo, Cooks, Landry, Walker, Woodhead, Allen, Ryan, Aiken, Martin, Carolina, Bradford, Miller

December 26, 2015

2015 Dirty D Championship preview

Well... I'm in the ship again. This time vs Beckerman's 13-1 team. I guess now is as good of a time as ever to breakdown our matchup. Here are the current lienups as they stand:

What sticks out? Oh Jordan Reed's 1,00,000,000 points in the first half of this Saturday night game thats currently at halftime? Yea. Brutal. BRUTAL. I'll get to this later but ya... if I wrote this entore blog with a salty tone its becuase of Jordan Reed/ The Eagles inability to cover the middle of the field.

First, let's take a week by week look to see how I would have done vs Beckerman this year. As a remind, Beckerman dominated the regualr season at 12-1 and easily took down the #1 seed and highest point total. His only loss was to PAUL. I took down the #2 seed, however my record paled in comparison to Beck as I finished 8-4-2 and 70 points behind. I was still the #2 scoring team, but my point here is that Beck breezed through the season.

If Beck and I played every week this year:

Week 15 Tahiti Loungers 94, Mosey Machine 174

Week 14 Tahiti Loungers 73, Mosey Machine 143**

Week 13 Tahiti Loungers 144, Mosey Machine 121

Week 12 Tahiti Loungers 145, Mosey Machine 117

Week 11 Tahiti Loungers 152, Mosey Machine 115

Week 10 Tahiti Loungers 97, Mosey Machine 113

Week 9 Tahiti Loungers 130, Mosey Machine 134

Week 8 Tahiti Loungers 121, Mosey Machine 157

Week 7 Tahiti Loungers 100, Mosey Machine 193

Week 6 Tahiti Loungers 134, Mosey Machine 107

Week 5 Tahiti Loungers 112, Mosey Machine 129

Week 4 Tahiti Loungers 139, Mosey Machine 89

Week 3 Tahiti Loungers 168, Mosey Machine 171

Week 2 Tahiti Loungers 94, Mosey Machine 126

Week 1 Tahiti Loungers 141, Mosey Machine 175

** Week 14 we didnt actually have matchups as the #1 and #2 seed we had BYES

So yea. Beck would have beat me most weeks this year. His team cooled off significantly Weeks 10-13 but has bounced back nicely in the playoffs. On the other side of the coin, my team has been brutal recently (Losing Rawls and Ingram hurt. PLus Megatron has 2 catches in the past 2 weeks total.)  Thankfully I got that BYE in 14 or I wouldnt be here now, and I also got lucky playing Abe last week is a low low scoring matchup. SO it leaves us with this:

Tom Brady vs Big Ben 

Part of the reason the MM is so good is because of the big Tom Brady year. He carried Beck in the beginning of the season. Luckily for me, he has the JETS on the road this week (Sidebar: Im going to the game. Jeremy had his baby boy today! and graciously gave me his tickets) The Pats are without Edeleman, Amendola, and possibly LaFell. What does that mean? Prob 1,000 dump passes to James White. I don;t expect Tom to have a huge day, but I also dont expect the Pats to bother trying to run the ball so Brady provides an extremly high floor.

Big Ben iis on fire this year. He was hurt for a bit but when he's played, he's been money. He just throws for so many yards.... His 16 game pace this year would easily break Peytons yardage record from 2013. This week Ben has a division game vs rival Baltimore and they need to win. I expect a MONSTER game here from Big Ben. And Im going to need it. Advantage: Tahiti Loungers 

Julio Jones, Jarvis Landry, & Kamar Aiken 
DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Floyd, Calvin Johnson?

It looks like Beck and I will both be starting 3 WRs this week. Let me break down my thoughts on each one:

Julio- The big matchup with my boy Josh Norman. 2 weeks ago Julio actually managed to put up an OK stat line- 15 points- but I contend that as a Julio owner youre looking for more. I don't think he gets to 15 this week, unless the Falcons move him to the slot to avoid Norman. Norman has just been so good.... shutting down everyone. I'm very happy one of the most dangerous players in the league is likely to be more than contained this week.

Landry-  I'm scared. He's a beast. Some people are saying he's hurt or the play calling is detrimental to Landry... but he's just a PPR monster. I expect something along the lines of 8/100/1 from Landry this week .

Aiken- It's a shame Dex Bryant got ruled out because Beck was for sure going to play him, even though that would have been stupid. BUT... Dez is out and Aiken is in. He caught a hail mary last week which padded his stats, but Aiken has had a nice second half of the season, The Ravens should be down and chasing points, and the Steelers Pass D is bad. Unfortunately for me I see something similer to the Landry projection above.

Hopkins- I need a brother to step up please. Hopkins was the best WR in fantasy for a strecth this year, but hasnt been dominant recently. He has yet another new QB this week- Brandon Weededn this time- but that hasnt been the issue. He just needs targets. I really, really need DeAndre to have one of his biggets games of the season. Last game vs TEN he put up a 8/94/1 line... Im afraid I need mroe than that this week. I need multiple TDs and 100+ yards, which he's done twcie this year.

Michael Floyd- Free Agent Pick up stud. Despite sharing the lime light with John Brown and Laryy Fitz, Floyd has been great recently. The most targeted guy on the team. He has a + matchup this week with Sam Shields out, I expect a minimum of 5/80. The TD may not come but the yardage should be there.

Megatron- Bro, WTF. 2 catches in the past two games total. He's banged up, and I'm guessing a decoy. DO I roll with him? DO I sit Megatron? Decisions Decisions. He's playing what could be his last home game vs a terrible team. I have to imagine he gets fed the ball if he plays and is healthy. Right? My other option is rookie Tyler Lockette from Seattle. Who's been very good recently. Yikes. What to do What to do. As I type this line Im now down like 35 to Reed alone, so I will likely roll with who I think has the best upside. And I can't say for sure I think thats Mega.

Overall, though, I'm still giving myself the slight edge here. It's really close, but I'd prefer my trio in Week 16. 

Matt Forte & Todd Gurley 
Denard Robinson & ???? 

Gurley has been fire this year, but basically the worst matchup ever on the road in Seattle. I think he may be OK, but certainly do not envision a big game coming. He hasnt been as great in the past month and Im more concerend with his team than him, BUT if he has no room to run, he cant do it all by himself.

Forte should provide a solid floor, but by splitting time with Langford, he also may not have the chance to blow up.

Denard Robinson is in line for a HUGE game. The Saints suck, he played EVERY snap last week, and he's heavily involved in the passing game. If I do end up winning, this man could be why.

I'm not sure who exactly I will start at RB2. As I mentioned, I was ravaged with RB injuries at the end of the year, and I am picking between: Cameron Artis-Payne, Ameer Abdullah, or Buck Allen. All 3 are rookies. GGGGRREEEAAAATTTT

CAP- Rookie, 15 touches last week, in line for a lot of work, relatively unknown

Buck Allen- Only -1 points last week for Buck! Fumbled early and got benched. Tough matchup, basically wont rush for anything, but he does catches a lot of passes. The concern here of course is another fumble and benching. Hard to trust.

Abdullah- Electric Abdullah had his best game last week. Nothing huge, but this guy has talent. Unfortunatly hes not the passing back (Riddick), or the goal line back (Bell). Abdullah did lead in touches last week, and he can break a long one especially against the awful, awful rush D of San Fran.

Overall I'll have to call this one even. I probably would assume my RBs will outscore Beck's due to Denard alone, but not knowing who my #2 is going to be clearly muddies the waters here. No advantage. 

Jordan Reed vs Zach Miller 

Well, let me just give you the updated stat line on Reed:   9/129/2

Thats not a joke, or my nightmare. That shit is real life and still going as I type this. I honestly cant talk about it or I'll cry. I expected a big game from Reed but his biggest of his career? Go Fuck yourself Jodan Reed.

Zach Miller has never started for my team. I have rolled with Travis Kelce, who's a fraud. I'm sick of his loser output every week and with Alshon out, Z Miller might actually have a pretty good game.

Advantage: You already know 

Kicker and Defense: 

Im tired of typing and that last blurb on Reed killed my spirits. Whatever. We both have great Defenses and Kickers are useless AF so call this one even.

Listen, to re cap, Im down big, Jordan Reed mightmare city.BUT..... all I can think about is about 5 weeks ago I played C Bunny when he had the Dalton/Eifert connection for 3 TDs on Thursday night against me. I came alllll the way back and tied him LATE on MNF that week.

My official prediction, taking into account Reed's career night, is:

Mosey Machine 155
Tahiti Loungers 145

I know I still have a shot, but it's awfully hard to see me actually winning with the game Jordan Reed has had. Sigh. Go Me. I lost in the ship last year, I should win this one. But it will be an uphill battle for sure. C'mon Fantasy Gods..... let me win. I deserve it. I scrambled ALL YEAR after a rough draft, scraped and clawed my way to this point. Time to make it happen.

December 18, 2015

Random Golf Pics from my Phone

As sure as I need air to breathe, I am always looking to clear data off my phone. It's a constant struggle. 

That being said, I take a lot of pictures. My job consists of traveling around New England to visit golf courses and as such, I have a lot of cool pics on my phone I'm looking to keep, but clear from my storage. 

So here are a bunch of random golf related pics, all from 2015, from my phone:

Falmouth CC, Maine

Exeter Golf, NH

Banner CC in CT

Cranwell Golf in Western MA

Copper Hill Golf in CT

Thomson CC in Northern MA- double green

Dante at Crystal Lake Golf Course in MA

Windermere Golf Club Orlando, FL

Championsgate Golf- Florida 

Outside the Golf Channel HQ

Bay Hill putting green Orlando, FL

Eagle Creek Golf Club Orlando, FL

Falmouth CC in Maine 

Belgrade Lakes, Maine 

Louisquissett CC, Rhode Island

Richmond CC, Rhode Island

Northampton CC- Western MA

Hillside CC Rehoboth, MA

Crumpin Fox Club Western, MA

Crumpin Fox

Crumpin Fox #9

Beckerman at Woodbridge CC in CT

Ryan at Woodbridge CC in CT

Jeremy at Woodbridge CC in CT (awful grip)
Me at Woodbridge CC in CT

Ponky Hole #9 Course 1 in Canton, MA

Merrimack Valley- Beautful course in northern  MA 

Fox Hopyard in CT Hole #1 offseason

2015 Dirty D Regular Season review- Playoff teams

*note- I wrote this prior to week 14, the first round of the playoffs.

I didn't write one blog on fantasy football- apologies to my readers from the past who relied on my advice to carry their teams to championships. Just so many of you out there...

Anyway, here is how the 2015 regular season, our 7th season in existence, shook out:

1. Mosey Machine, 12-1, 138 average

Beckerman rebounded from a bad 2014 with a great draft and had no problems in the regular season. His one loss came early- Week 2 vs PAUL, who had his best week of the season. The highlight of Beck's season came in week 7-9, starting with a 193 point bomb he laid on me. The next 2 weeks Beck scored 157 and 134. That was when Todd Gurley broke out, Julio was dominating, Brady had healthy weapons. Since Week 9, Beckerman has slowed down significantly, scoring between 113-121 every week. Still, Beckerman ran away with the #1 seed and earned the first round bye.

2. Tahiti Loungers, 7-4-2, 129 average

My team, of course, looks nothing like it did on draft day. My draft was weak... probably the worst I've had since the league started. Guys like Nelson Agholor, Roddy White, Jimmy Graham, CJ Spiller all let me down. However, being the most active person in the league once again some notable players I was able to pick up off the wiaver wire or as free agents:

Denver Defense (HUGE pick up. #1 defense this year by a wide margin)
Tyrod Taylor
Ben Roethlisberger
Allen Hurns
Blake Bortles
Antonio Andrews
James Starks
Derek Carr
Thomas Rawls
Buck Allen

The QBs are interesting as I drafted Aaron Rodgers in the late 2nd round. Another bad pick. He's currently the #5 QB. However, Jenna dropped Big Ben when he got hurt early on and I scopped him up QUICK. This gave me the ability to move Aaron Rodgers for an upgrade elsewhere. I also then had the freedom to pick up guys like T Mobile and Bortles.

I got criticized by "The Experts" all year for "trading just to trade". I think my final roster is a good piece of evidence for my case that small, strategic trades thats may seem indignicant, add up to a much better larger picture.

Some other really lucky/great moves I made to get to the #2 seed:

I traded Knile Davis back when he was the handcuff to JC for Deangelo Williams. I had drafted Leveon Bell #1 overall, but having Deangelo to fill in for him helped me for weeks.

At one point I traded Keenan Allen away for Julien Edelman. Allen of course sustained a season ending injury a couple weeks later.  I also then traded away Edelman, essentially for Mark Ingram. And of course it caught up to me in the end, yesterday Mark Ingram was placed on seaosn ending IR so I'll need to work without him in the playoffs.

That brings me to Thomas Rawls. A guy i curiously saw sitting on the waiver wire  around week 10 or so. I was wondering why Sean, the Marshawn Lynch owner, had dropped him. I figured he was a good guy to keep as a lotto ticket given Lynch's recentl injury history. Of course it worked out. Rawls is a locked and loaded RB1 for the playoffs, and a big reason why I finished the season strong enough to get the #2 seed and bye.

Lastly, I was able to acquire DeAndre Hopkins in a 2 for 1 deal giving away Stephon Diggs and Deangelo Williams. Campbell needed RB help and at the time, Diggs was beasting, with 3 straight 20+ point performances so it came together. Campbell is still strong at WR despite Diggs fading into a flex option, and has leaned on Deangelo. Real solid trade from 2 champs to help both teams get back in the dance this year.

3. The Godfather, 8-5, 128 average

By far the best season from Abe to date. Another team with a really strong draft, notably at WR (Green, K Allen, A Robinson). This was one of the most consistent teams all year, scoring below the league average just twice. Abe is one of the better owners in the league at making pickups- although he swings and misses a lot, he also makes contact a decent amount. James Jones was a key early seaosn pick up that allowed Abe to trade a WR for help elsewhere, and Michael Crabtree was another sweet grab back in October. It's a shame Abe lost out in points in the last couple weeks to miss out on the bye, but this is a strong lineup with depth that has a solid chance of contending. I would have liked Abe's chances a lot more if he didnt have to play week 14. You basically know what you are getting here something between 120-145 every week.

4. Angry Pirates, 7-5-1, 127 average

The defending champ is in position to try and go back to back. With two big weeks to end the year, C Bunny was able to climb to the #3 spot despite sketchy depth at RB and a struggle through the byes. Weeks 7-10 he went 0-3-1. The good weeks have been fueled by his WR tandem of ODB and Brandon Marshall, who was an excellent value pick in the draft. Campbell has also had 3 "monster" weeks, and carries good momentum into the playoffs.

5. A Pinch Better, 7-6, 109 average

The "worst" team to make the playoffs this year, given that Sean's team was the 4th lowest scoring in the league. I talked about the disgsuting move of dropping Thomas Rawls earlier (he kept Kendall Gaskins over him, and even still somehow is still rostering Gaskins? Wake up Bema) so when Lynch went down, Sean's season was looking grave. However, Sean won the last 2 weeks with modest totals to sneak in. The team Sean started in the regular season started hot- 3-0 and avaeraging over 130 a game. However, since Week 3, Sean hasn't topped 130, and has only been over the league average 3 times. 2 weeks ago it looked like Sean was the team everyone wanted to sneak in so they could beat up on him in the playoffs.


in Fantasy Football, things change QUICKLY. In the past 2 weeks Sean picked up David Johnson (He's a top 5 rb play this week!!!) and Sammy Watkins has stepped up big time. I still don't see enough jucie here for a true D run, but I wouldnt be surprised if Sean's best weeks may be ahead. Still may not be enough, but he has a shot.

6. Victorius Secret, 6-6-1, 118 average

Looking back, Kait had a very strong draft. This is awesome because she did no- and i mean NO- research. The draft was a couple days before our wedding so it wasn't on her radar as much this year. She ended up picking Doug Martin and Mark Ingram, both RB1s. Cam Newtown and Russell Wilson have each been good or great at times, and Megatron has been steady. The problem with kait, of course, is inactivity in season. Who can blame her- she basically saves kids lives every day- but man.... wake up Kait. She slowly had to trade away valuable assets as the injuries and bye weeks piled up. She started 1-4-1 through 6 weeks. Think about that. When youre 1-4-1 you dont think you have a shot at getting in. However, credit to Kait, she took some risks in the trade market, and whatever she did worked out and she got into the playoffs despite finishing with 2 losses. You have to assume the chances are not great for this team to win it all, especially given that kait traded for Edelman and lost him after a couple weeks for the rest of the fantasy season.

Coming soon: season review for non playoff teams.