February 1, 2015

2015 Super Bowl Prediction and Prop Bets

The big day is here.,. it's been 3 years since the Patriots have been in the Super Bowl and it feels like much longer. Maybe that's because they haven't won in 10 years... but I think that changes today .

My official prediction is Patriots 31  Seahawks 23

I don't see the Seahawks scoring more than 25 points unless they get a special teams or defensive TD, which I highly doubt happens. I don't think the defense will be able to get to Tom Brady, and the Patriots should be able to put up at least 28 points.

Other factors that contributed to my prediction:

The Pats have never lost a playoff game with Gronk being fully healthy. He's a game breaker

The Pats are the more motivated team due to #deflategate, #spygate, #haters

The Seahawks played a soft schedule, and they should have lost last week anyway.

This game isn't in Seattle. The Seahawks are much, much better at home.

The Patriots are due

Now, the NFL Prop bets I like the most:

Russell Wilson scores a rushing TD

Marshawn Lynch Over 19 carries

Tim Wright over  0.5 receiving yards

Tom Brady longest rush over 3.5 yards

Yes Patriots convert a 4th down

First score of game: FG

Patriots score over 24.5 points

First TD of game: Gronkowski

Julian Edelman over 6 receptions

The game is a pick em (first time ever in SB) I obviously like the Pats.