December 8, 2023

MB11 Announcement- Dates, Courses, Captains


October 18-20, 2024 @ HOME (Legends Golf Club)

12:20pm Friday- Bestball @ Moorland 

7:00am Saturday Alt Shot @ Parkland

1:00pm Saturday Scramble @ Heathland

8:30am Sunday- Singles @ Heathland


Bomb Squad- Ryan Bebrin & Dante Rizzo

Vibes- Bill Nichols & Paul Taylor

October 23, 2023

Updated All Time MB Stats through MBX

 All Time Winning % (Minimum 5 matches)


Leaders by Format 
(Minimum 2 wins, and greater than .500 record)

Notes by Golfer

Steve Ferretti, 10-1-0
Steve has won 10 out of 11 matches overall, currently on a 8 match win streak (2+ trips). His only loss was 1down in Alt Shot vs Dante/Campbell at MB8. He's undefeated in all other formats.

Peter Fallon, 9-1-1 
9 consecutive victories, 2 perfect trips in a row (8-0-0). Peter's sole loss was on the 18th green on Parkland in Alt Shot at MB8 to Adam and Jimmy Waitz

Mike Coates, 14-7-3
Mike lost Alt shot for the first time in 5 years, but proved again to be a tough out on Sunday... He's 5-1-1 in Singles. Just 1 bestball win in 6 attempts sticks out as his only weak format. 

Dylan Burns, 4-2-1
Dylan's only lost 2 of his 7 matches in MB but after getting pounded by Steve Ferretti on Sunday at MBX he's been relgated for a year. 2 year, both above .500 for Dylan. 

Ken Nee, 7-3-5
Ken's team winning streak has ended. His Friday +Sunday record is spectacular- A combined 5-0-3 in bestball and singles...He's now just 2-3-2 overall in Saturday formats, though. Ken loves to tie... a third of his MB matches overall have ended AS. 

Dante Rizzo, 12-7-2
Dante got his first bestball win in 4 years with Ryan at MBX. Back to back Alt Shot losses bring his record in that format back to 4-2-0. The MB3.0 champ is .500 or better in all formats. 

James Brown, 12-7-3
MBX was the first trip in 6 years James left with an above .500 record. A win on Friday improved his undefeated bestball record to 5-0-1, and he finally got on the board in Alt Shot, converting for the first time in 6 attempts. OGMB Champ. 

Ed Gitlitz, 7-4-3
After losing on Friday at MBX, Ed reeled off 3 wins in a row. He improves to 3-1-0 in alt shot. Bestball (1-2-1) his only losing format in MB career. 

Kurt McGrath, 5-3-3
Kurt has emerged as a Friday threat, improving to 3-0-0 in bestball. He's now  1-1-1 in both alt shot and singles... Kurt has never won a scramble match (0-1-1)

Jimmy Waitz, 5-3-3
Jimmy got his first Sunday win at MBX. He hasn't lost an alt shot match in 3 chances, going 1-0-2, and has now gone over .500 in 2 of his 3 trips to MB

Abe, 14-10-1
The Legend is so back. Abe went 3-1-0 at MBX and his only loss came once again in scramble... he is now 0-4-0 in the format. Different story in all other formats... especially on Alt Shot and Singles where Abe improved to 5-2-0 in both 

Matt Campbell, 8-5-6
Campbell went 1-0-3 at MBX...With the ties he saw his Sunday winning streak come to an end,  and he's still looking for his first bestball win (0-2-3)... With his alt shot win he improves to 3-1-1 in the format. 

Adam Beckvold, 12-9-5
Adam has just 1 bestball win in MB history- it was 6 years ago- but he has tied 4 of them in that span, including at MBX.  He lost for just the second time in Singles, and improved to a tidy 5-2-0 in Alt Shot. 

Dan Bahr 4-0-0
Rookie of the year! We've seen rookies go 4-0-0 before, but this one was a gem. Bahr beat Poch in both Saturday team matches and Bebrin on Sunday for the perfect Weekend. He even carried a vet- Nick- to his only win of the weekend in Alt shot.  

Kevin Ewing 2-0-2
Undefeated rookie season for Kevin at 2-0-2  with wins in the first 2 formats. He fought back to square the scramble match but surrendered a late lead in singles to Coates. 

Marc DeSantis, 3-1-0
Marc had a great rookie weekend, a singles loss to veteran Dan Cosgrove was the only blemish on his 3-1-0 record at MBX

Jimmy Henebry, 5-4-2
Tough MBX for Henebry, going 1-3-0 . Jimmy did remain undefeated in Alt Shot (2-0-1) but has back to back Sunday Losses to Peter and Ken

Craig Mutz, 6-5-0
MBX was good to Craig- he matched the amount of wins he had on the 2 previous trips combined by going 3-1-0... his sole loss on Sunday. Craig is now 2-0-0 in scramble

Beckerman, 11-10-4
The JBMB champ is undefeated in scramble, running his record up to 4-0-1 at MBX. Beck has just 1 Alt shot win in 6 attempts (1-4-1).

Oga, 4-4-4
Oga got hurst mid round Friday at MBX and took the loss with Henebry. It was his only match. Oga's best format in a small sample size is Alt shot where he sits 2-0-1

Crooky, 7-7-1
Crooky had a mediocre MBX- but remains undefeated in scramble at 3-0-0. Sunday struggles continue & with another loss this year he moves to 1-3-0 on the last day of the trip... his 3rd loss in a row on Sundays. 

Bill Nichols, 5-5-1
Another win in the battle of the Bills on Sunday helped Nichols save his weekend and get over .500 in the format (Now 2-1-0). While he remains undefeated in bestball (2-0-1).. He is now 0-3-0 in Alt Shot. 

Fliesser, 5-5-1
Fliesser lost for the first time in bestball and scramble, but has an undefeated record  (2-0-1) on Sundays.

Cole Caron, 1-1-2
After getting blown out Friday, the rest of Cole's 3 matches came down to 18 and he didnt lose any of them. A respectable 1-1-2 rookie weekend- especially with the clutch 1up victory on Sunday at the end 

Jim Duce, 8-8-4
Tough year for Jim: His 4 year alt shot winning streak ended with a loss, he still hasn't won a scramble match (0-1-2), and his Sunday record dips below .500 now at 2-3-1. 

Dan Cosgrove, 11-12-1
Dan's best format is scramble where is improves to 3-1-0. His Friday record stinks- he's now 1-4-1 in bestball with the lone win coming at MB8. He had won 4 straight alt shot matches with Abe at one point but is 0-3-0 since they broke up. Dan's best moment at MBX came on Sunday when he won to move to 3-4-0 all time, & prevented rookie Marc from going undefeated.  

Jeremy Tannenbaum, 10-11-1
Jeremy comes to play on Fridays... he won again in bestball at MBX and improves to 5-1-0 in the format. However... Sunday is a problem for Jeremy. He lost this year again and slides back to just 2-5-0 overall in singles. He last won a singles match at MB8 vs Abe. 

Nick Y, 6-7-2
Nick had a tough MBX.  While he did secure his first alt shot win in 4 attempts.... He lost his perfect bestball record (now 3-1-0), he lost his perfect scramble record (now 2-1-0), and he lost again on Sunday (now 0-3-1 in Singles). 

Bill Poch, 7-9-4
Bill got his first & only win on Friday at MBX. I'm not counting his alt shot loss in the all time stats , since he played his own ball. Somehow, Bill is now 0-3-1 in scramble...and after starting his career 3-0-1 in Singles, he drops to 3-2-1 with the loss at MBX at Pine Needles. 

Artie, 3-4-1
MB007 & MB8 Participant 

Michael Honeywell, 3-4-0
Honewell improved on his rookie season by going 2-2 at MBX... He's now 1-1 in every format except Scramble where he is just 0-1. 

Evan Lum, 2-3-2
Attended MB8 and MBIX and plans on returning in 2024

Ryan Bebrin, 8-12-3
Ryan won his first 2 matches at MBX but lost the last 2. Of course, because he losses every Sunday. Ryan is now a putrid 0-4-1 in Singles. At least his bestball record is strong- he improved to 4-1-2 on Fridays this year but has a losing record in all other formats. 

Marty Leblanc, 8-12-2
Someone get Marty to show up early next year... He improved to a stellar 5-1-0 on Sundays but outside of singles, his lifetime MB record is 3-11-2. Yuck. He's still never won in Scramble... is now 0-3-2. One single win in Bestball (1-4-0)

Andy Haase, 4-6-1
MBX was Andy's 3rd trip, but first in a handful of years. The only format he finds himself above .500 in is Friday Bestball (2-1-0).. He is 2-5-1 in all other formats combined. Andy started his career with a 3-0-0 rookie season and since then has gone 1-6-1 combined. 

Paul Taylor, 5-9-5
Paul, OG on the trip, came into MBX with 3 lifetime wins... and he won 2 of his first 3 matches at MBX. A loss to Abe on Sunday prevented Paul from his first singles win (now 0-5-0). Somehow he actually has a winning record in Friday Bestball, a lifetime 2-1-2 record. 

Jared Tise, 3-1-0
Jared's first match in MB was an instant classic- unfortunately he lost on the 18th green 1down. He won every other match the rest of the weekend, including a heads up win over Adam who was previously 4-1-1 on Sundays before asking to be fed to Jared for brunch at Pine Needles. 

Johnny Kotkowski, 2-5-3
Not at MBX. Winless is Alt Shot & Scramble (0-3-1), Only Singles win vs Jeremy at MBIX, previously lost to Coates & Campbell 

Jamie Bebrin, 2-5-3
0-3-2 in Singles and Bestball. Has not been to MB since MB007. 

Gargano, 1-1-1
Fill in for MBIX

Old Brian, 1-1-0
One year fill in, decided there were better things to do on Sunday and skipped Singles 

Justin Hill, 4-9-2
Hill is now 0-6-1 in bestball and scramble... including 0 points on Fridays at MB. At least he does own a winning Sunday record at 2-1-1, though.  

Danny Richards, 2-5-0
Danny followed up his 0-3-0 rookie season with a much more respectable 2-2-0 at MBX. He's 0-2-0 in bestball and won his first alt shot match this year. 

Dennis Early, 4-12-2
Dennis is brutal on Fridays at MB- he is now 0-5-0 in the format. He's also just 1-4-0 in alt shot, and he lost for the first time in scramble at MBX. He salvaged the weekend with a Sunday win and moved to 2-2-2 in Singles

Alec Abrahamson, 3-9-0
Alec has 3 career wins, 2 of those are in alt shot... he is 2-1-0 lifetime in the format. Alec barely won match on Sunday beating Justin (0 wins) 2&1 in the anchor match.  

Trevor (NC), 1-4-1
Trevor has struggled out of the gate... He started 0-2-0 his rookie season as a fill in and went just 1-2-1 at MBX. His sole MB win came on Friday at Mid Pines with Peter against a couple rookies. 

Spanky, 1-3-0
One year Wonder (MB007). Won Alt shot with Hill, got crushed in the other 3 matches

Cam Cox, 1-3-0
Cam had a rough first couple matches at MB but got his first win in scramble with Bahr vs a team of MB vets. He ran into the Peter buzzsaw on Sunday-but took him all the way to 18- and left his rookie year at 1-3-0

Alex Weibler, 1-3-0
Weibs played awful on Friday and got blown out, but escaped Saturday session with his first win in the scramble round. A loss on Sunday to Jimmy Waitz had to sting... Weibs ends the weekend at just 1-3-0 

Dotts, 0-3-1
Rough debut for Dotts, who managed to scratched out half a point in Alt Shot but went 0-3-0 the rest of the matches. 

Justin Cosgrove, 0-5-1
Justin is now 0-5-1 through 2 years. Not much else to say. 

Joe Vozzella, 0-5-0
Great guy. Not so great at golf. Been on 3 MB trips (JBMB, MB4.0, MBV)- Has never won a match or really been close... but he was a member if the winning team, Fairway to Heaven, at MB4.0

Mike Goose Killer, 0-2-0
One year fill in, left early after going 0-2-0 and hitting a backwards shot off one tee in Alt Shot.

Chris Cote, 4-0-0
Went 4-0-0 at MB007- his only trip 

Sean Cosgrove, 2-0-0
Beat Dante in stroke play (heads up, no handicap) at JBMB to prevent him from winning the trip. Only played 2 matches at MBIX & was not at MBX

October 17, 2023

SUNDAY VIBES: A Comeback and A Kiss at MBX

Facing a 6 point deficit going into the final session, team VIBES pulled off a huge comeback by going 13-7-2 in the 22 singles matches at Pine Needles, resulting in a TIED COMPETITION for the first time ever. Unfortunately we were robbed of what could have been the second sudden death situation in MB History due to a scoring debacle in the anchor group on Sunday. The Bomb Squad and Vibes teams evenly split the 55 available points, 27.5 each  

-Bomb Squad came out hot on Friday, winning the session 7.5 to 3.5

-The alt shot round Saturday morning was about the same, with Bomb Squad winning 7 to 4. 

-A much needed 6-5 victory for Vibes in the scramble session brought the overall score to 19.5 to 13.5 and set the stage the eventual Sunday comeback. 


-Pete Fallon, Steve Ferretti, and rookie Dan Bahr, led the way for their teams with perfect 4-0-0 records on the weekend. 

-James (3-0-1), rookie Kevin (2-0-2), and Vibes captain Campbell (1-0-3) also left MBX undefeated.  

Bestball- Friday at Mid Pines

The opening session was a drubbing.. essentially 3 of the matches were over at the turn and it was looking bad for Vibes right out of the gates. However, their captains stepped up and with their backs to the wall at the end of the match. Down 2,  Ken chipped in for a birdie on 17, and, of course, that dogg Campbell drained an 8 footer on the 18th green to win the hole, square the match, and put Vibes on the board in the annual captains bestball matchup. 

The marquee matchup of the session lived up the hype. James won the first two holes for Bomb Squad to take a quick 2up lead, and the legendary MAGL duo of Brown and Poch never trailed. The match was AS at least twice on the back 9... Both Vibes guys Dan Cosgrove and rookie Jared Tise would not back down without a fight, making multiple birdies on the back 9. With the match AS through 17 and 30 guys behind the green, Bill won the 18th hole for the Bomb Squad. This was Jared's only loss on the weekend. James improved to a glistening 5-0-1 in bestball. 

Andy SLAYED in his return match to MB with an 8&6 drubbing against Marty and Coates. I'm not sure if Dylan hit any golf shots or if he just cleaned Andy's clubs but either way these 2 had one of the easiest victories we've seen in bestball over the years. 

Do haters fuel HoneyweLLLL?? Mr. Irrelevant and Steve won on the 17th green vs Ed/Danny, after the Trooper took a LOT of heat from "some people" on Thursday night. Nice response, sir. And, not to bury the lead... but this marked Steve's SIXTH WIN in a row. Wild stuff. As mentioned he finished the weekend 4-0-0 and is currently on a 9 match win streak. Impressive stuff really, no matter how you slice it. AND Steve went with pick #28 in the draft. Unreal value. 

4 Rookies @ Mid Pines 
(Weibs, Cole, Marc, Dotts)

Old Friends Peter/Trevor took the rookies from New England out to the back of the shed for an ass whopping. Cole and Weibs lost their inaugural match 6&5 because they couldn't figure how to putt or chip on Bermuda grass... not unlike almost every rookie in MB History. Getting waxed on Friday because you can't chip/putt on this grass is basically a rite of passage of sorts, for this trip.  

Paul (won with Kurt) & Justin Cosgrove (Lost with Dennis)

Kevin's played enough golf down South to get it, though, and him and Jeremy pummeled Dennis and Justin Cosgrove on the front 9, winning I think the first 5 holes? Something silly like that. Dennis loves going down big early in matches. Some could say it's his manifest destiny. Vibes actually almost came back in this one, but fell short and lost 3&2.

Another rookie won won his first match Friday was Marc, alongside his boy Jimmy Waitz. They seemingly cruised to a 3&2 victory with equal contributions vs the NY based team of Beckerman/Fliesser who couldn't get any momentum in the match. 

Ryan and Dante won 4&3 (duh) vs Nick & Cam. 

Saturday Morning- Southern Pines Alt Shot

The weather took a downward turn after being perfect on Friday, and the boys had to deal with rain & CPOs throughout the entirety of the morning alt shot session. Bomb Squad's duo of Duce/Jeremy fell short in their bid to move to 3-0-0 in the format with a 4&2 loss to Steve and Crooky. 

Shower Curtain Coates entered the match with 5 consecutive alt shot victories... but today he took another the L against his big bro James, who was previously winless in the format.  Weibs moved to 0-2-0 on the weekend...Credit to Ed for requesting this Bomb Squad pairing from jump street 6 months ago & coming through with steady play in the 3&2 victory. 

In what was expected to be a close match with a lot of talent- Adam & Peter destroyed Captain Ken and rookie Cam 8&6. Peter slayed all weekend but this was- surprisingly- Adam's lone win at MBX.

Danny Richards and Kevin Ewing also put a beat down on Marty and Fliesser in this format, winning 7&5 and for those counting at home... Marty stood at 0-2-0 with losses on the 12th and 13th greens, although to be fair it sounded like Fliesser put them in some tough spots throughout the round. 

Dan Cosgrove and Bill Nichols have a history of playing against each other (Dan won heads up at MB007, Bill won bestball at MBIX) but this morning they were a team. It doesn't sound like they played particularly well but it also doesn't sound like it mattered, Henebry/Bebrin ran out to a quick lead. Closer to the turn Vibes gained some momentum with a win on #7 and in a great position on #8. But then Ryan hit a miraculous chip on #8 and Dan Cosgrove putted the ball off the green. A match that was looking like a little comeback just went back to 4up Bomb Squad through 9 and Ryan/Henebry ended up wining by that 4 hole margin, 4&2. 

So much rain at one point

Dennis/Hill have lost all 3 matches they have played together in MB:

-Loss 4&2 to Duce/Crooky at MB007 in bestball

-Loss 5&3to Ed/Jeremy at MB8 in bestball

-Loss 6&4 to James/Paul at MBIX in bestball

They asked to play the Abe's on Friday at MBX but instead got them in this session on Saturday Morning in NC. Well... they lost. Again. CT Sucks. MA rules. Abes win 3&2.... If you ever see Hill/Dennis team (any format) on your MB schedule it's super safe to just write down a W and you'll prob be done early, too.  

Bill Poch lost his partner Oga and unfortunately didn't get to play a real Alt Shot match... he lost to the  Bahr/Nick Vibes team. It's a challenge to play the full 36 alone at MB and the vibes were just too high in the Bahr/Nick cart for Poch to overcome... he lost 4&3. This would end up being Nick's lone win & point at MBX. 

In this session, Team Vibes also scratched out half a point in 2 different matches they were down late in: 

-Kurt/Beck went 4 down early, and found themselves 2 down with 3 to play. They won 16, halved 17, and won on 18 when Dotts missed the makeable match winning putt, but did enough with Trevor to earn his first (and only) half point of the trip anyway. 

-Paul/Cole, 3 down 3 to play, capped off the comeback with an 8 foot putt from Paul on the 18th green to square the match with Jimmy and Dylan who, rumor has it, were NOT on speaking terms for some period of time after this collapse. 

After this second session, everyone on Bomb Squad had earned at least half a point (Excluding Oga)

Saturday Afternoon- Scramble @ Southern Dunes

The low point of the competition for team VIBES was probably between these two rounds, given the score was 14.5 to 7.5. BUT... this is where the comeback started. Vibes won this session 6-5. The theme of this session was most certainly "Vibes guys finally got on the board"... Cam, Weibs, Coates, Dan Cosgrove, Hill, and Marty all had goose eggs before, but secured at least half a point in the afternoon session. 

The most lopsided match in this session was was a total surprise- Poch/Bebrin lost 7&6 to the rookie duo of Bahr and Cam. We're talking like, 18 years of MB experience vs 0 and it wasn't a close match, Bahr stayed hot pushing his record to 3-0-0 and Cam earned his first win. Vibes played lights out in this matchup starting with a 20 foot birdie putt on Hole  #1, kickstarting the wire-to-wire victory. 

Kevin & James have been trying to play a scramble match for 8+ years and got their shot vs Captain Campbell and Marty... and let me tell you this was a MATCH. Vibes was in control most of the match- although they did forfeit a lead at one point- but put the heat on by winning the 16th hole to go dormie (2up to 2 go)... Bomb Squad won both 17 and 18 with up and downs from the bunker. Plural.  James hit the 2 gorgeous sand shots and Kevin nailed both putts dead center to secure the half point. Absolute stones- neither team deserved to lose this match. Marty's bid to win his first ever scramble match fell short yet again, he is now 0-3-2 in the format. 

Dante/Craig vs Ken/Nick was a nail biter. Vibes was 3up at the turn, but won 0 holes on the back. Craig contributed with an amazing recovery shot he hit to 5 feet on Hole 14. On 15, the teams tied with 2 natural birdies from Ken and Dante. On 16, Craig pulled a bunker shot out of his ass to help win the hole and take the lead for good. #1 pick of the draft (Dante) threw an absolute DART to 3 inches to win the 18th before Vibes even had a chance to chip. This ended a tough day for Ken who was entering Sunday with 0 wins (0-2-1) at MBX. 

Veteran Paul Taylor carried rookie Weibs to his first MB victory in the scramble round (not really, but lets run with it) which had to feel good getting a point on the board before Sunday for Weibs. Paul's weekend record to this point... 2-0-1 !! 

Steve ran his record to 3-0-0 with another MB win vs Jimmy Waitz. Some people were hoping a veteran like Jimmy would be able to carry a struggling rookie teammate (Dotts) to victory but those people were disappointed. Vibes was 2up through 10.. this is when Coates hit the bar, ate enough food for 2-3 people, got his BAC up to 11%, and played "just about perfect" 2 man scramble as the lead shot. 

Marc and Dylan stayed hot with a 5&3 win over Fliesser/Justin Cosgrove. Marc, a rookie, left the course Saturday Night 3-0-0. This win also locked in a winning record for Dylan on the weekend by standing at 2-0-1 going into Sunday.

Two of Bomb Squad's longer hitters, Andy & Duce struggled off the tee in this match. Had it not been for a hot putter from captain Duce, Vibes would have won in a landslide. Hill/Cole dormied Andy & Jim on the 16th green, but Bomb Squad fought back to win the last 2 holes and square the match.

Dan Cosgrove got his first point of the weekend, partnering with Crooky and taking down the all-Dedham duo of Adam/Alec 4&2. Cosgrove hit 13 fairways and Crooky came through with some putts on the green... At one point Vibes was 6up in the match, despite Alec playing well. Adam was just "meh" and ran out of holes in the wire-to-wire loss. 

Ed wrapped up a 2-0-0 day by winning 3&2 with Jeremy against Dennis/Honeywell. He even consumed a beer during this round! The Vibes team played well enough to keep things close but there never seemed to be much doubt in this match. Dennis had a lot of Dennis moments where he said something that made no sense but said it with 100% confidence. For example, Dennis thinks no one can get a draw to stop on the green. Really questionable stuff. 2 losses to Jeremy in 2 days for Dennis. 

Beckerman ran his scramble record to 4-0-1... still has not lost a scramble match in MB History! Vibes stayed slightly ahead on the back and forth front 9 but the flood gates opened when Beckerman chipped a ball on 11 close enough for a tap in birdie but Jared followed it up with a better chip that dropped for a natural eagle! After that it was a birdie brigade from Vibes and they won the match 3&2. 

Bomb Squad left the 3rd session with a 6 point lead.. it was 19.5 to 13.5 going into Sunday. 

Sunday Heads Up Singles- Pine Needles

My goodness, what a golf course.  Clearly the boss of the trio we played, Pine Needles delivered in every way. We had good weather. Everyone, for the most part, seemed physically ready to go and excited to play.  

To clinch, Bomb Squad needed 8.5 out of the 22 points available on Sunday. They got just 8. Here's how. 

Ed and Beck led it off, with Ed continuing his solid play from the previous day and winning 3&2. Beckerman has now won just 3 of his last 12 MB matches...In the same foursome, Marty earned his first win of the weekend with a decisive victory over Andy, 5&3. Marty is now an impressive 5-1-0 in Sunday Singles. 

Next out was  Captain Adam who was begging to play Jared- a golf pro- all weekend. Traditionally Adam slays at MB, especially on Sundays where he enter this match as a lifetime 4-1-1 singles player. Jared doesn't make many mistakes, though, and when he does you likely are going to as well. And this match didn't seem close, Adam lost 5&4 and ended the weekend 1-2-1. Jared bounced back after starting 0-1 to win 3 consecutive matches and a 3-1-0 rookie season. 

With them were two of the best- Captain Campbell and Dante the Difference Maker. A great match that was tied until it ended and I suppose it's great that neither lost, but then again neither of them won either and clearly this made a difference in the overall. Match ended AS. 

Kevin and Coates squared off, in a tight battle that Kevin likely should have won but it seems like he left the door open and Coates kicked it down when he needed to with some clutch moments. A 3 putt on the 18th green for Kevin secured the half point for Vibes and Coates. Marty is still the only person to beat Coates on Sunday in MB. 

Another requested matchup: Jeremy wanted to be "fed" Fliesser. But what he got "fed" was a big L in a matchup the Bomb Squad expected to win. The match was close at the turn but Jeremy had a bad 4-5 hole stretch and Fliesser took advantage. He played the best golf of the weekend at Pine Needles, and won the match 5&4

Peter capped off his 4-0-0 weekend with a clutch 1up win vs Cam who lost his singles debut to the hottest golfer on the team. I'm sure Cam is itching to get back to MB and improve on his 1-3-0 record from this weekend. In the same foursome we got the Bill vs Bill re-match the crowd was begging for, and Nichols delivered for the Vibes in an important matchup between 2 of the teams best players. The match ended 4&3. 

Next up on the Vibes Sunday hit were Marc & Henebry. Dan Cosgrove won on the 14th green vs Marc to prevent him from the perfect rookie weekend... and Ken got his big win vs Henebry on the 15th green and... holy shit at this point in the competition the lead had shrunk to a mere 2 points with 12 matches left on the course. 

James vs Nick Sunday pairing was obviously one of the more anticipated matchups, a pairing that featured back to back picks near the top of the draft.  Bad/sloppy/uncharacteristic mistakes on the greens cost James a handful of holes on the front 9 and Nick emerged with a 3up lead though 6- the largest lead of the match. A tap in birdie for James on hole 7- a long par 4-seemed to change momentum a little... soon after this Nick missed multiple 50/50 putts... a couple times he needed a fairly simple up and down to win or push a hole and just wasn't able to make it happen. James made a 12 foot par putt to win the 15th hole and go 2up. Credit to Nick for stepping up to the 16th hole- a par 3- and hitting hit best shot of the day... a dart to 10 feet. Nick rolled in the birdie to go 1down with 2 to go. The match came down to 18 when James dropped the 4 foot match winning putt in the middle of the middle of the middle of the hole for a gritty 1up victory. 

The other match in this group did not go as well for the Bomb Squad. Ryan did not lose this matchup, Bahr won it. It was a back and forth battle on the front 9 but early on the back 9 Bahr won 3 holes in a row to take a lead he would  never yield. Ryan won one hole while dormied but it was too little too late. Ryan Bebrin lost again in Singles and it's unfortunately become a pattern:

MBV: Loss to Adam 4&3

MB007: AS vs Jamie 

MB8: Loss 5&4 vs Oga 

MBIX: Loss 8&7 vs Dante 

MBX: Loss 4&3 vs Bahr

The matches in the next three foursomes went dead split down the middle, with Vibes winning one of the matches and Bomb Squad winning the other. Kurt beat Trevor 2&1, but Weibs lost to Waitz 3&2.  Then it was Hill stomping out Craig 6&4, but Danny taking care of Crooky 3&2.  

Abe recovering on a tee box Sunday Afternoon after losing the previous hole to Paul's 11 net 10. 

Following them was an epic foursome and anticipated matchup of Paul vs Abe. The scoreboard reads 2&1 but Abe actually won 2up. Paul won with an 11 net 10... while he was dormied on 17. The match trudged on to the 18th hole where there was no drama, and THE Legend improved to a 3-1 record for the weekend. Paul missed out on a shot to go undefeated, but still had a great weekend on the course overall. 

Dennis made a MAJOR redemption move on Sunday in this singles re-match. These two went AS on Sunday at MB007. Dennis teed off standing 0-3 on the weekend and AGAIN found himself 5 down on the front 9. but this time he stepped up and fought allllll the way back to win 1up on 18 vs the co-captain (Duce) of the Bomb Squad. Given the real time score of the competition, this was without a doubt one the full points Bomb Squad absolutely needed to get. 

This left just 4 matches out on the course, but with Alpha Steve already embarrassing the fuck out of Beta Dylan (6&5, lol)  the real time scoring update was:

Bomb Squad 26.5  

Vibes 25.5 

Cole then won his match 1up vs Dotts, which tied the whole thing up 26.5 to 26.5.... I promise as admin in the future we will implement real time leaderboards so moments like Cole winning his match on 18 can get the proper fame they deserve. Not enough people are talking about Cole and Dennis coming clutch at the very end. Cole was 2up on the front but ended up being 2 down with 4 to play... he won holes 15, 16, pushed 17, and won 18 to finish 1up on the day. 

Last on the course with the entire weekend competition tied was the formidable anchor grouping... Alec's 2 matches vs Justin Cosgrove and Honeywell. We know what happened here... Alec lost to Honeywell but beat Justin 2&1 and the final matches in brought the score to 27.5 to 27.5. 

While yet to be set in stone, these 2 teams are going to face off again next year when we return to Legends on October 18-20, 2024. 

At some point I will update the all time stats and leaderboards and send out trends and facts amongst individuals in a separate blog. 

Random pics and other things about this trip:

-Most guys played practice round at Longleaf Or Cradle/Pinehurts #3. Abe Adam and Alec got murdered at Tobacco Road. 

-We had a full group dinner on Thursday night in the loge at Mid Pines Quailty of the food was low, vibes and excitement were off the charts 

-Friday Night & Saturday night most guys went to hibachi or Longhorns or other area restaurants or ordered pizzas in

-This trip did not have split tees so the gap between when the first group started and the last group started was wider than usual. 

-Service people mostly were assholes, but the golf people around the courses were great

-No beverage carts and minimal turn house exposure = not as many mid day naps for guys like you usually see 

-We need a live scoring option (and commitment to update in real time) for MB11 and onward