October 30, 2012

Dirty D Week 8 Power Ranks

I took last week off from Power Ranks because of all the major trades that went down. We are 8 Weeks through the regular season, with 5 to go before the fantasy playoffs. 

Below is a chart with each teams total points from the past 3 weeks. (Weeks 6-7-8)

1.Tahiti Loungers (Previous #1)- I was one of the teams that made a couple major moves last week.

I swapped the guys on the left for the guys on the right. I gave up a lot of players to acquire the guys I wanted- Martin and Welker. One of them rewarded me this week and one was a let down. Looking past my close loss this week (lost by 10, got outscored 19-1 at the kicker position), though, I'm running out there with 3 legit WR1s, Foster, Martin, Hernandez and of course Aaron Rodgers. With Crabtree and Titus Young on my bench, I all the sudden have incredible WR depth, deepest in the league. With the Pats on bye this week, and the Packers on bye the week after, now is the time to be playing my team, if ever. Jenna and Bill have the honors. 

I got Gronk'd hard this week after trashing him in past Power Ranks. 

2. Team Ice Cream (Previous #3)- I had a tough time deciding the #2 team. It came down between Bill and Adam's team but what gave Adam the edge is his TE. Believe it or not, VD is getting owned by Heath Miller this year. Also, Adam's team is going to get a boost soon with DeMarco Murray hopefully returning, and quietly Trent Richardson has produced top 5 RB numbers. Looks like Wilson was right, Adam picking Trent with the second to last pick in the 4th round (47th overall) was a huge steal. Its very scary to see RG3, AJ Green and Victor Cruz at the top of this lineup. 

3. Crossing Guards (Previous #2)- Bill made a trade with Donny last week, sending Run DMC and James Jones for Demaryius Thomas and Fred Jackson. I thought the trade worked well for both teams, DMC should outproduce F Jax the rest for the year although thats no guarantee and plus he's always an injury ?. I love Thomas a lot more than Jones so I do like Bill's return slightly better. Mostly a laterally move. The other move Bill made was more significant, he traded Dez Bryant away for Eli Manning. I like this move a lot, even though we saw Romo play much better this past weekend, I think Eli is the guy to go with down the stretch. I expect Alfred Morris' 5 points to be a season low from this point forward- he's a rock. AP, Morris and F Jax- 3 headed monster:

4. Victorious Secret (Previous #4)- Another team that made a big move. Kait upgraded her rapist QB for the ultimate man, Tom Brady. She also acquire super talent Randall Cobb along with Greg Jennings AND Ahmad "my foot hurts" Bradshaw. It did come at a price, however. Kait gave Abe her Saints- Sproles and Colston, along with Desean Jackson. She is still rolling with Mccoy, Spiller,  Bradshaw which is a very strong stable of Rbs. Squeaking out a 2 point win over the Patriots was a big sigh of relief! If Andre comes to play this team could end up winning it all. 

5. The Godfather (Previous #6)- As mentioned Abe cashed in on what may be the pick up of the year in Randall Cobb. (Him or Alfred Morris right now.) Charles-Sproles is a deadly combo at the RB slot, although we saw this past week that there may be weeks where JC is quiet and we've seen the same from Sproles. I do think the move was a positive one for The Godfather. This past week Abe finally saw a Win come his way- for the first time in a few weeks he didn't play a team with a monster score. This next week is a critical one for Abe- Donny is missing Gronk and Abe has a very hard schedule down the stretch so Abe really, REALLY needs a follow up performance from his team. 

6. A1 Providers (Previous #7)- All alone in first place after a HUGE trade that vaulted Paul to the Win. Paul moved Welker for Denarius Moore, Steven Ridley and Jaquizz Rodgers. The move was greatly needed- Paul had the worst RBs in the league. Moore seems to be even better than we all thought- a weekly WR2- and as long as the Pats stick with Ridley this team will look solid. It was pretty huge for Paul to Score 133 points even with a pedestrian performance from Brees. Witten had a career game and all the sudden Paul has depth an another position. Still needs another WR though because after V Jax and Moore, theres no one. Paul has a HORSE of a schedule coming up, but likely only needs 1-2 more wins for a playoff appearance based on his good fortunes thus far. Just middle of the road in total scoring (6th) but only has the 2nd least points against him. 

Pauls checking out the view from the top for the first time this season.

7. A Pinch Better (Previous #11)- Sean's team can be a dangerous one in my eyes. Rice and Lynch are a real tough 1-2 RB punch- unfortunately after those 2 guys there are no serviceable RBs on this roster right now. There is a awful lot of stock in the Dallas WR corp when you own Austin and Dez- it's hard to trust THAT much of my team on the arm of Tony Romo. Especially with TD-less Steve Smith as your 3rd WR. Also, if Vick loses his job this team is going to be scrambling. 

At least he has the hob for this Monday night vs the porous NO Saints D

8. Eat More Chicken (Previous #5)- The past 3 weeks for this team have been really ugly- I don't know if it is the bye weeks that are draining the points form this team or what but the bleeding needs to stop and very, very quickly. This week Jenna is playing my team currently without anyone to slot into the RB2 spot. Calvin Johnson has been one of the most disappointing players this season and while we are all waiting for the inevitable breakout, Jenna can no longer afford to sit back and watch her team pile up the losses. She has major holes and 2 stud WRs that can/should be moved. 

9. Angry Pirates (Previous #10)- I don't know who is let down by this team more- Campbell or me. Every week I think it is going to be "the week" Campbell breaks the streak, but something always goes wrong. It may actually be pretty foolish of me to rank this team this high, but trotting out Stafford/Brown/Decker/Mathews/Reggie as a base 5 is very solid. I expect Stafford to have a huge 2nd half and this team is going to win eventually, just so happens one of the coldest teams in the league is on tap this week with the rental guys so hopefully for Campbell's sake he gets on the board!  

10. Comeback Story. (Previous #12)- Donny has quietly put together a winning campaign this year, despite a couple major injuries to his squad (MJD and Amendola.) It is possible that I am still underestimating this team by ranking the, 10, especially after a 134 point win against me this week- but the 3 game win streak is more than likely coming to an end this week at the hands of the Godfather. Gronk fueled Donny's team to his win vs me but will be on a bye this week. Last week, by the way, is WHY Gronk was a 1st round pick and needs to do more of that moving forward for Comeback Story to stay in the 130s and 140s. 

11. Boston Patriots (Previous #9)- The frustration continues for Mr B. A 2 point loss to his own daughter must be real hard to swallow. Frank Gore looked on track for the Win Monday Night, but the AZ defense folded and Mr. B lost another very close matchup. This team looks great on paper but with the 10th highest overall score, something needs to change or your looking at a consolation team. Team Ice Cream and league rival-Adam is on deck this week so a win could not only save the season for these Patriots, but it may be enough to vault him into playoff contention because a winnable matchup with the Pirates is on deck for Mr B in Week 10. 

2012 Boston Patriots: Look good on paper but nothing special.  

12. the rental guys. (Previous #8)- This team as mentioned has been very cold as of late. The 121 Dan put up this week to beat Adam was huge, although I expect that to be one of the higher end scores for Dan the rest of the season. This team is 4-4 so they could certainly advance to the playoffs with a little luck but it will be tough for Dan. Outside of Campbell, Dan has has the lowest point total in the league. This week Dan has favorable matchups with Cam facing off against the better younger version of him in RG3, and his Bears playing one of the worst teams the league in the Titans. Hopefully they can take advantage  because Dan needs a couple wins badly. He also has one of the toughest schedules down the stretch. 
With Forte and Marshall on the roster, Dan has too much invested in Cry Baby Cutler for my taste. 

October 24, 2012

Just found out Gary Bettman made $8mill last year?!?!?!

Here is where Bettman's salary would rank him among the NHL's top salary cap hits:
1. Alex Ovechkin: $9,538,462
2. Evgeni Malkin: $8,700,000
3. Sidney Crosby: $8,700,000
4. Eric Staal: $8,250,000
5. Gary Bettman: $7,980,000
6. Shea Weber: $7,857,143
7. Rick Nash: $7,800,000
8. Vincent Lecavalier: $7,727,273
9. Zach Parise: $7,538,462
10. Ryan Suter: $7,538,462

Also, soft spoken Davd Krejci told the Czech media yesterday that Bettman treats the NHL players like animals hahahaha. 

October 19, 2012

Week 6 Power "Bomb" Rankings

The Power “Bomb” Rankings

What’s going on bloggers? My name is Adam “Bomb”. I was James’ random freshman roommate from college. I work at an Ice Cream plant in Roslindale called “Puritan Ice Cream”, hence the team name. There’s always a ton of discussion about how and where James’ ranks people in the power rankings. I volunteered to write my own power rankings so others could get a different opinion for once. I actually haven’t read James’ rankings from week 6 despite the fact they’ve been out for a few days now. I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to work on this. I want this to be completely uninfluenced and all of these thoughts are my take on the current team ranks.

It was a HUGE week for me going up against James. I was #1 and he was a close #2. Sadly, I lost despite a well played 131 points. Anyways, here they are. Read em’ and weep!

1.      Tahiti Loungers - ALL HAIL THE CHEESE! Are u f’ing with me!? James drops a heat wave on Team Ice Cream and melts the current weekly high score. Thank god “Legatron” missed about 3 fg’s and Denarius Moore rode the pine. Is there a TD this team didn’t have!? Christ, even Arian the Barbarian was shut down but spoon-fed 2 freebies. I’m still not impressed with Mathews. Not for all the hype he got. This team is really loving Angry Pirates generosity, trading him both Rodgers and Nelson. The Loungers stole 1st from me and the point lead by 8! What do u want me to do vs. the season high 169? “What does New HighScore mean? Is that good? Did I break it?”


2.      Crossing Guards – Look both ways before crossing Whiting Ave in The Dirty D, cuz this team will run your ass over! The Pirates never stood a chance (per usual). Bill is crushing teams with his “mercy” grip. Nice to see Romo remembered what team he was playing for this week. At one point before the GB game started, I was leading the week in points. Next thing u know Bill had 148 with some wild stat correction to Dez… Percy is AMAZING. Love that fucking dude. Put him in as kicker so he can find even more ways to score points. I bet he could motion, catch the snap, and throw himself a td pass. Everyone else just did what was expected. Bill’s such a savage that James Jones sitting on his bench with 18 was almost his best play. The rich just keep getting richer…


3.      Team Ice Cream – A disappointing effort even with a strong 131 points. Both Richardson and Murray were off to a great start then BOOM injuries. The worst part of the injuries was that the filler in both games was handling the work with ease! I wasn’t too happy with Green or RG3’s performances for awhile, but then they proved why they are the #1 and #2 fantasy scorers. Too fast too furious. James was NOT happy. Then the GB game started… Thankfully Cbell traded Jordy to James on the week that I play him. Actually, fuck u very much Pirates. Despite the 41 point bomb Jordy dropped on me, the worst part of the trade has yet to come… I made a few coaching calls that really shit the bed for me. Starting Andre Roberts to spite James and choosing to pick up Chandler over Gresham lost me about 25 points, but that’s football gentleman. Wasn’t winning either way.


4.      Victorious Secret – The Philadelphia Victorious Secrets dominated this week. Kait dropped a 157 bomb on The Godfather and crushed his “high” spirits. They duked it out on Monday night, but Gates dropped a massive haymaker on Floyd’s chin. Finally Gates wakes from his slumber. The newest member to the Secret, Jeremy Maclin, had a huge 27 point day along with fellow teammates Djax and of course McCoy. When everyone shows up to play this team is DANGEROUS. Kait even had Colston and Sproles sitting on a BYE week. I think Kait will rise up the ranks to compete at another shot this year. Pretty easy schedule the rest of the way. Hopefully she can make it through this next week with everyone absent on BYE’s. Dan is in HATE mode and all his players are coming back fresh. Dan deems this matchup “the karma bowl” due to their trade.


5.      A Pinch Better – This fucking team… I don’t know. So fragile at RB. Lynch is solid with a few skittles, but after him it’s hit or miss CJ and PT loser. I don’t know wtf  Grant is even doing on a roster but he’s riding the pine on this bench. I love the Eli-Cruz connection. Giants are a high powered throwing team and these 2 love to hook up. Kinda like The Pirates and Guards. The receiving corps is the obvious strength of this team. A lot of high floor, high ceiling wideouts. TE is a headache with 2 mediocre options (I feel your pain). All in all this team is just…blah. Can’t hate too much though, Sean has the 3rd highest point total in the league with 768!? Looks like another win coming up this week for APB with the Patriots missing Peyton and Julio to BYE’s.


6.      A1 Providers – Paul is sitting pretty in 2nd place right meow. I was gonna rank Paul higher because of it, but then I looked at his roster and stats. He has the 7th most points for and the 11th most points against by only 4 points. Paul always manages to win even with BYE’s in. This kid can’t be stopped. The first year he played the undefeated #1 team with 3 BYE’s in and still left with a W. I’m nervous for this team though. There’s a storm brewing down the stretch for the Providers. The rest of their season goes like this; EatMoreChicken, APB, Guards, Secret, Loungers, Ice Cream, The Godfather. FUCK THAT! Easily the hardest remaining schedule. To go along with that, Providers is also CRAZY thin at RB rostering only 3. J-stew and Carolina can’t get anything on the ground. Bolden is nice, but doesn’t get enough looks as a backup on a pass heavy offense. When you’re leaning on Turner as your RB1 you know your legs are gonna buckle. It won’t be long before Quizz takes over. Pierre Garcon is a clown right now, taking forever to come back. Welker and Vjax have been super solid however, and Hawkins shows a lot of upside. Thankfully for Paul, Drew Brees comes back to carry this team (and any team he plays for). I hope there’s still a lot of pixie dust left in Paul’s magic bag.


7.      Jenna – This team couldn’t get any Luck if they drafted the starter for Indy. Cursed with matchup nightmares, this team has been overachieving like crazy this year and yet still a disappointment. The lineup couldn’t look any better (well maybe if u didn’t draft 3 QB’s and waste precious picks, but nevertheless). Finally the black sheep team gets a fair matchup and doesn’t have to score 150 to win. Instead they only have to score 100… and EPIC FAIL. At least both WR’s suited up for Jenna on Sunday, but c’mon it’s Megatron and Fitz… Those 2 always rape and pillage. Not a great game for the Falcons so that hurt Matty Ice and T-gonz both finishing with 8. Just average games from the 2 RB’s and a poor performance out of Mr. Mendenhall in the flex. Shonn Greene shot out of a cannon and had 40 points on the lumber. Who wants to start that fucking loser though? Her special teams were a bust too, only scoring 8 points combined. This team needed those early season wins. Gonna be a hard climb back into contention, especially with the Falcons and McGahee on a BYE this week. EMC has the roster to pull it off. I’m rooting for ya newbie!


8.      The Rental Guys – THANK GOD this week is over! Let’s just pretend it never happened. Practically Dan’s entire roster was taking a week off. Cam, Forte, Bmarsh, and M. Bush were all on BYE’s. Ryan Williams and newly acquired Donald Brown were both hurt and forced Dan to pick-up 2 FA to fill his empty spots. He chose both AZ Cardinals since they would split time, but it seems only 1 was worth the spot. I’m glad this team is looking into its weakness and hoarding upside backs for hopes of a gem. If only this team kept thinking more like this… All these mid-late range teams all have a thin RB corps. Coincidence? I think not. Look at the top teams holding onto their stud RB’s with a chokehold. At least the Rental Guys had Hartline to fall back on… too bad nobody was there to catch him. That loser put up a big fat doughnut in the flex hole. We all expected a loss from this team this week considering the circumstances. Expect a MASSIVE bounce back from this team with a completely refreshed lineup. Only putting up 62 points is just flat out embarrassing though. That’s why this team is sitting here. If his 2 WR’s Wayne and Bmarsh keep producing like they are Dan will need to call the Viagra Help Hotline to get rid of his boner. GL to Kait this week, I think sacrificing a virgin to the fantasy gods is in order. What goes around comes around, right Dan? I just wanna get one more laugh in at Dan this week. His players scored; 6,11,14,8,2,6,0,6,9. YAY D/ST and K!


9.      Comeback Story – Here comes the COMEBACK! Donny with a HUGE 4 point win over EMC keeps his head afloat. I really like this team and its potential. The QB battle on this team must be getting annoying. Finally dropped Wilson with confidence and Luck only scores a miserable 5 points. Bowe had a terrible game and wants out of KC VERY badly… I hate the questionable call Donny made in the absence of MJD. He started James Starks (I know, WTF!? Gross.) over potential playmakers D. Richardson, McCluster, and even Robert Turbin. This team is just under performing and not meshing at the same time. Tough matchup and BYE’s this week against the Guards. Hopefully Donny can put up a decent score to give himself a chance. Comeback Story needs it’s MOJO back and I think Austin Powers can help him find it.


10.  The Godfather – Just can’t catch a break. Both 1st year teams are running into brick walls. They post good numbers every week and still get man handled. Abe scored 127 points with Jamaal Charles posting the lowest score (6)… Brady (21), Bradshaw ( 20), Cobb (19, This dude is a fucking ANIMAL), Rudolph (19), Stevie “Money Sandwich” Johnson (14), Floyd in the flex with (11). The only issue is that I feel like this is a “high” performance from all of his players and this trend won’t continue. Tough matchup this week vs. Ice Cream with no JC from KC. Something has to happen if this team wants a playoff berth. The Godfather’s falling too far too fast and needs to sell his soul for a win!


11.  The Boston Patriots – Julio Julio, wherefore art thou Julio. No seriously, where the fuck did u go!? Such an dominant force and recently he’s just been a shadow to Roddy. Jimmy Graham has been disappointing as well. Great pick-up on Celek earlier in the season. I had my eye on him all off season. Too bad the Patriots first 2 draft picks are kind of busts right meow. Again, another team really shallow at RB. Gore has been impressive, but Gore is Gore and it’s only time until he slows down and loses carries or gets hurt. Frankie Glass, ya know? After Gore comes BenFumbles GreenEllis. No more Patriots, no more ball discipline. I’m not a huge believer in his run game. No real upside to him, just a decent base. That’s it though. Totally screwed if one goes down (Gore). 2 backup RB’s on the bench. There’s some optimism for both, but it’s a slight reach. Kenny Britt seems to be back to his formal self again or at least close to it. This team should start to make some noise as long as his RB’s can stay healthy/produce. Tough matchup vs. Sean with Peyton, Julio, and Celek out on BYE’s.


12.  The Angry Pirates – Who wants a shot at the CHAMP!? Bill took more than a shot at the Champ. He beat him into oblivion. I actually LOVE Cbell’s team, but they can’t produce at the same time and they have been so up and down. The Pirates keep making trades and re-selling the players once he’s warmed them up. Back to the Decker/Jordy trade. Cbell lost out on 20 points, which blows, but remember I said there was a kicker? The Pirates play the Loungers this week and Decker has a BYE. Not only did Cbell fuck himself this week (still would’ve got smoked with the extra 20), but now he has to sit him against his last owner. PWNED. On the very dim bright side, Decker managed to score 21 points so it’s not like the trade was a bust (hahahaha). The Pirates have A LOT of depth but nobody to lead the way. Even though he’s been trading up the wazoo, the Pirates need to obtain a STAR player that can win him a game. He still hasn’t won yet, remember? Until then I have to leave u here, at the bottom of the ranks. KO’d from the Big Daddy Diesel Powerbomb Bill buried u with. Another biggest blowout… How can u look at urself in the mirror? From Champ to chump.

October 16, 2012

Dirty D Week 6 Power Ranks

1.Tahiti Loungers (last week #1)- Oh Lordy, Lordy- am I thankful for Jordy! The Rodgers-Nelson connection this week was exactly what I was picturing when trading for Jordy. The 81 points between those 2 were actually enough to beat Dan's entire team this week. (Actually If I was playing Dan I would have won by over 100 points! haha) This week my team had an INSANE amount of touchdowns, which pretty much pushed me over the top for highest score for far this season at 169.  Between my QB. WR, and TEs, I had 6 passing, 6 receiving, and 3 rushing TDs. Next up for me on the schedule is last place Campbell. 

2. Crossing Guards (last week #4)- Bill's team had another very strong week with close to 150 points. This team is labeled for the playoffs. Actually, the way Bills roster is built (kinda shitty QB, INCREDIBLE depth at both the WR and RB positions, beast TE) reminds me a lot of how I like to build my team. Lets take a closer look at positional rankings within our league and where Bill stacks up:

WR Core Ranking:

1. Bill (Percy, Dez, Nicks, Jones, Hixon)
2. James (Roddy, Jordy, Torrey Smith, Denarious Moore)
3. Jenna (Megatron, Fitz, Lance Moore)
4. Donny (Bowe, Lloyd, Thomas, Amendola)
5. Mr B (Julio, Wallace, Britt, Washington)
6. Dan (Marshall, Wayne, Boldin, Hartline)
7. Kait (Colston, Andre, Maclin, D Jax)

RB Core Ranking:

1. Kait (Mccoy, Sproles, Spiller, Green)
2. Bill (AP, DMC, Morris, Ballard)
3. Adam (Rice, Murray, T Rich, WIlson)
4. James (Foster/Tate, Mathews, Quizz, Hunter)
5. Campbell (Bush, Martin, Ridley, Leshoure)

So you can see I LOVE the core of Bill's team. His QB/TE combo is Romo/V Davis. This is the only reason why I can't and won't rank Bill's team ahead of mine. Rodgers/Hernandez is too much better. But, overall, these top 2 teams are close.

3. Team Ice Cream (last week #3)- Tough loss for Adam, in more ways than one. Obviously the130+ point showing is always tough when you lose, but more importantly Adam suffered another couple injuries this week. T Richardson only has a rib injury... he should be fine. But I am concerned with DeMarco Murray, who left with a foot injury. He has all but been ruled out for next week, and my fear is that this injury can and will linger all season. It's eerily similar to the McFadden foot injury from last season, which started out as something that didn't look too bad but DMC ended up sitting out the last 8 weeks of the year. I don't know if the Murray injury is THAT serious but the strength of Adams team lies within his depth at RB, his STUD QB, and AJ Green. Also, Murray is known to be an "injury prone" player but hopefully he can shake this one off quickly. RG3 is electric, but still an injury risk with his style of play. AJ Green is the #1 fantasy WR this year and that was an excellent pick by Adam, especially because all of his other wide receivers are trash. Kendall Wright as your 2nd best option is not ideal. The one other thing I'll say about this team is that Jermichael Finley screwed Adam, again. He needs to be replaced, at least for now. (and not with Scott Chandler. He is not Allen Iverson.) 

4. Victorious Secret (last week #7)- Finally, an appropriate showing for this stacked roster. This week was especially a big win for Kait with 2 of her best players, Colston and Sproles, on a bye. This upcoming week is another challenge for Kait, as the rest of her entire team has the week off. Anyway there are 2 things I want to discuss to justify this high ranking, despite the fact that Kait is only 8th in points. First, she had a major trade this week that significantly improved her team. Donald Brown is nothing more than a flex player at best, she was able to flip him for Jeremy Maclin who flashed his play-making ability this weekend and scored 27 points. Secondly, it is time we all re-evaluate Ben Roethlisberger. I've written here in the past Kait is a QB-upgrade away from the top tier of the rankings... but is that really necessary? This season Big Ben has weekly scores of 15-19-33-13-BYE-19. If you account for the bye week, Big Ben has had almost identical fantasy seasons to Matt Ryan, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. The Steelers offense under their new OC is not going to stop passing, and Big Ben looks on target this year. He is more than capable of being a reliable Fantasy QB1 and everyone is/has underestimated him this year.

5. Eat More Chicken (last week #2)- It seems like each week one of the "really good" teams falters. Week 3 it was my team. Last week it was Adams. This week: Jenna's. She still scored just over 90 points, but we got a glimpse of what may happen later this year when the weather turns cold and the Falcons aren't running track vs everyone. The Shonn Greene bust-out performance is much needed for this team- If he could ever keep it up than I'd feel much better about the RBs on this team. All this bad luck is going to catch up to Jenna, this upcoming week T Gonz, Ryan, and McGahee are all on bye and if Jenna drops to 2-5 she is going to need Dan-luck to have any shot at the playoffs. You're probably looking at the best team that won't make the playoffs right here. Good thing you drafted Rivers to screw people over/trade him, though. 

6. The Godfather (last week #9)- Abe had a tough loss this week, scoring 120+ but falling short. That happens a lot in Fantasy Football, but it's getting unfair for Abe. 3 of the 4 losses Abe has suffered have come when his opponents have had their highest scoring week. So apparently the Godfather brings out the best in his opponents and to be honest, that makes a lot of sense. No one wants to lose to the rookie, so anyone playing Abe has probably had discussions with the players themselves, and let them know that they simply NEED to show up vs the Godfather. Joking aside, though, this team is getting better by the week. Charles didn't even show up this week and Abe still had a beast score. For the time being, while Bradshaw is dominating, I will keep Abe in the top half of the league. The past 4 weeks Abe actually has the second highest score, so his team is really one that is playing well despite his 2-4 record. Such is fantasy football.

7. A1 Providers (last week #6)- Paul just keeps riding that luck train. The epitome of luck, Paul only has the 7th highest total in points but he sits atop the league with a 5-1 record. Even this week, a 1 point win, was lucky... considering he left Pierre Garcon in his lineup when Garcon was inactive. I'm still not ranking this team any higher than right here. While it is true Paul is going to have a hard time MISSING the playoffs this year, I still think the luck runs out eventually. If Paul had any sort of RB crew at all I could make a case for the team, but when your trotting out Turner, Bolden, and J Stew as your top 3 backs, I just can't really take your roster THAT seriously. It will be interesting to see if Paul can pull off a trade (Maybe Welker or Brees?) that will even out his team.  

8. the rental guys. (last week #8)- Yikes. This week, Dan scored a record low 62 points this season. Cam, Marshall, Forte, and Bush were all on bye, so you HAVE to take that into consideration, but outside of that there is still nothing really going on for the rental guys. Pettigrew is just a name- he has been surpassed by at least 12 other weekly TE options. Trading Maclin for Donald Brown, even if he didn't get injured, is an awful downgrade. Dan has now "sold low" on Jordy Nelson, Doug Martin, and Jeremy Maclin and I think that is going to be too much to overcome. Hartline and Boldin are two WR I would never feel comfortable trotting out there...Both are shaky flex plays at best in my book. Maybe, MAYBE Cam Newton figured something out during the bye week, but it is hard to ignore how ineffective he has been for a full season now. If you take his last 16 games, he is OUTSIDE the top 10 in fantasy QBs. This team is 10th in total points and its going to be a struggle to makes the playoffs. 2012* may finally be the year that math wins and Dan doesn't make the playoffs as one of the lowest scoring teams. 

9. Boston Patriots (last week #11)- Another heart-breaker for Mr B.  Peyton Manning fell 1 point shy on MNF and Mr B dropped to 2-4 with another pretty gross week. This team has been remarkably consistent in the 100-115 range and while that will always be good for a few wins, it most certainly will not be good enough to drive this team to the playoffs. I think there is a lot of talent on this roster and with a few shrewd moves the Patriots could rise in these rankings, but as stated before the trade history here is virtually non-existent. Until this team makes moves, expect more mediocrity.  

10. Angry Pirates (last week #10)- I refuse to rank Campbell's team lower than this. Yes, he had ANOTHER sub-100 week but this roster is very solid. Seriously Campbell has built a stable of decent running backs, he has 2 very consistent and capable WR in Brown and Decker, and he has Stafford at the helm who just HAS to start playing better, right? Anyway I don't know if Campbell is done wheeling and dealing, but if he is, his roster as is will crush a lot of playoff dreams down the stretch. Weeks 9-13 Campbell will have at least 3-4 chances to knock out teams so I hope he stays the course. Easily the best 0-6 team ever. Has to be. 

11. A Pinch Better (last week #5)- Biggest drop of the week in the ranks goes to Sean. In the past 4 weeks Sean is the 5th lowest scoring team, and I really think this week was more of what you can expect moving forward. Yes, he has Eli and Cruz, the latter which is a Man amongst boys but I just don't trust Lynch, obviously CJ?K is a scrub, and Sean has the worst bench in the league. The one player Sean has that I may not give enough credit to is Steve Smith. He is just not my type of guy to own (deep threat, non ppr dude) and I admit, I probably shouldn't be ranking Sean's team THIS low, but fact is I would rather have probably any other roster in the league over this one. I hate this team.

12. Comeback Story. (last week #12)- The bottom of the ranks remains unchanged. Donny has gotten pretty lucky this season, however, with 2 of his wins coming by virtue of 107 an 97 point performances. 2nd least amount of points in the league, but a 3-3 record. The good thing here is that Donny has basically been given a second chance on the season; I hope he goes the way of Campbell and makes some major moves to shake things up because as is, this roster is incredibly boring and uninspiring. 

October 11, 2012

Eric Decker vs Jordy Nelson

I just traded away Eric Decker for Jordy Nelson in a PPR league. Decker has outscored Jordy thus far, and he is probably the more consistent player, but I like Jordy's upside and plus I have his QB Rodgers and I wanted that connection.

What do you think? Who scores more fantasy points from now until the end of Week 16?

Leave your vote in the comment section below.

October 9, 2012

Dirty D Week 5 Power Ranks

1. Tahiti Loungers (last week #2)- Ryan Mathews is a beast. Anyone who doesn't think so didn't watch the game Sunday night. He's the same fantasy player as Darren McFadden and has established himself as a weekly top 5 back until further notice. I've decided to put in print what I've believed for years: Arian Foster is the best weekly bet for a TD in the NFL. I think I heard last night he has 39 TDs in 40 career games. Decker, Smith, and White all had slow games for me, I still scored 126 points and the return of Aaron Hernandez couldn't be better timed with the black unicorn banged up and a HUGE matchup with Team Ice Cream this week. Want more proof this isn't a "homer" pick? Since I made the major trade(s) to acquire Rodgers and White, my team has scored the most points (421) in the league. The next highest scorer in that time frame (3 weeks) is my sister, Jenna at 406.  

2. Eat More Chicken (last week #3)- Jenna squeaked out a very, VERY close matchup with a 137-136 win over Campbell. Through 5 weeks this team has scored more than any other- but with some terrible luck Jenna only has 2 wins. I highly doubt this team can keep up the scoring pace, the starting lineup is very good- but this team has literally no depth and I can't see how that won't catch up to her.  She DID survive this past week with Megatron on bye, and the return of Mendenhall couldn't have been more perfectly timed. This team can't really withstand anymore injuries. We'll see how long Jenna remains up here in the upper-echelon of the Power Ranks but for now, everyone else (especially the Burlones and the Cosgroves) can sit back and watch the Brown family dominate. 

3. Team Ice Cream (last week #1)- Out of nowhere, Adam laid an egg and scored the lowest score of the week with only 87 points. What's more concerning is the injuries to RG3 and Finley. Both seem to be OK, both claim to be ready to suit up next week. Finley let's just face it is a middling TE option. He has a long track record of dropping passes and even though he is dripping with potential... it ain't happenin. RG3 just takes way too many hits, Adam does have Vick as a backup so its not a huge drop off but it's playing with fire when both your Qbs are small and mobile and take a lot of hits. If anyone one of the WR outside of AJ Green on this team starts producing, I would feel better about this roster moving forward (And there are plenty of them on this team with the potential to bust out). This week's matchup vs my team should be a really entertaining one and would be a very good win for Adam. Hopefully the 87 points was but a blip on the radar, let us not forget Adam came out to a blistering start last year too, only to finish in 2nd to last place. I don't see that happening this year but it HAS to be in his head. 

4. Crossing Guards (last week #8)-  The GM of the week award goes to Bill for sure. Half of his team was on a bye, so Bill made moves (acquired AP, Romo) and pulled out the biggest blow out of the week vs the only undefeated team. Romo is very, very shaky but I think coming out of the bye the Cowboys will figure some stuff out and he will be better. This team is pretty stacked, I'd def take bets w/ anyone who thinks Bill isn't making the playoffs this year. Bill has 3 straight weeks with a completely full roster and semi-weak opponents so this is the part of the schedule where Bill can pile up W's. 

5. A Pinch Better (last week #4)- I really dislike this team. If I were to make a list of a team roster's I'd like to own, this would be last. Victor Cruz is a God amongst men, but after that I want to scratch my eyes out when looking at this horrible team. I suppose Marshawn Lynch is solid too but I've never liked him. I don't know how Sean is the 3rd highest scoring team, but I do know that this team will never win the championship as is. The only positive thing I have to say about this organization is that I know Sean is trying to make moves like crazy to fix his team. He has AWFUL trade etiquette, so trade partners beware; Sean is a scum bag when it comes to trading and he may verbally agree to a trade but his word means very little. He is super shady when it comes to betting and trading.  

6. A1 Providers (last week #6)- Paul dropped a BOMB on Donny this week, another win fueled largely by Brees/Welker. I struggle to rank this team any higher, though. Benson is going to be out the rest of the season and it won't be long until Turner hits a wall and this team starts to decline. It's nice that Paul has stacked up 4 wins already though (largely the result of the easiest schedule so far), he is going to be close to the playoff bubble I think. This week will be a challenge for Paul because Brees is on a bye, so we will see if he can survive a week without one of the cornerstones of his roster. (My prediction is he loses to the Boston Patriots this week, FTR)

7. Victorious Secret (last week #5)- Another gross week for Kait. What's up with team? It's the opposite of A Pinch Better. I LOVE this roster, but nothing is coming together for Kait. Colston has really come one the past couple weeks, but per usual the QB position has been an enigma for Kait. In year's past Kait has leaned on that stud QB, but unless a major move is on the horizon Kait is going to have to learn to win with her elite RB/WR combos. I think she has enough fire power to get by with what she has, but a QB upgrade would be the move to make for this team. The RB depth here is exceptional.

8. the rental guys (last week #7)- Dan is a notorious complainer. He likes to chirp me via text all the time but isn't man enough to publicize his opinions or thoughts for everyone else to see. I can't say I blame him for avoiding accountability... In the past he has cried "trade rape" and in nearly every occasion he has been wrong and made to look a fool. SO I made a deal with him, I would not say anything about his team anymore and he agreed not to bitch/comment about my power rankings. He says I am a homer for ranking my team so favorably, I counter with the idea that I back up all my opinions with fact and these are my own personal rankings anyway. Hate on hater. 

9. The Godfather (last week #11)- Huge Week for Abe. This is clearly a Boom-or-Bust team, and Abe proved it with the highest week of the season so far at 162. If any of the WR on Abe's team wanted to step up and play, his team would be much more dangerous. However, if the status quo remains here, your looking at a 6-7 Jeckyll and Hyde type team that will cause headaches for both Abe and some of his opponents. I would be working the trade market pretty hard if I were Abe.  

10. Angry Pirates (last week #12)- Campbell lost again and fell to 0-5. The playoffs at this point are probably nothing but a dream. However, this is most certainly NOT the worst team in the league anymore. Campbell made another major move before this week and is trotting out a damn competitive lineup from now on. I'm sure the people below Campbell on this list will be upset with the leap frog but I predict Campbell finishing much closer to the middle of the pack in total points. Right now he is dead last since this past week was the first time he's broken 100 this year.   

11. Boston Patriots (last week #9)- This team is probably pretty frustrating to own. On paper, it looks more than solid. Mike Wallace, Jimmy Graham, and the Lawfirm all disappointed again this week... and you know the clock is ticking on Mr. Frank Glass. This team is good, but outside of that Week 1 outburst of 150 points this team has averaged just 105, which will get you a loss 90% of the time. I have some concerns and Mr. B isn't known for his in-season trading, unfortunately a move or 2 may be necessary for this team to get back in the playoff discussion. 

12. Comeback Story. (last week #10)- This team has too many uninspiring efforts to be ranked higher than this. The  140 point showing  in Week 2 was 26 points higher than any week Donny has had yet, and may very well be this team's ceiling. The WR depth on this team is really strong, however If I owned this team I would have been making moves weeks ago. MJD isn't good enough to carry this team on his back and every other RB on this team is garbage. Andrew Luck could maybe establish himself as a viable fantasy starter, but the fact remains he is a rookie and WILL have those games where he looks awful. And, let's face it,  Gronk in the first round was a reach and is hurting this team. Now that I have awarded this team the low spot on the ranks, maybe now there will be a chance for an amazing comeback story.... Just don't bet on it.