August 9, 2023

MBX Team Update: Bomb Squad vs Team Vibes


Team rosters have been updated and essentially finalized. Here are the changes since the draft in April:

Bomb Squad- No Changes

Team Vibes- 

-Artie OUT, Dan Bahr (ROOKIE) IN

-Sean OUT, Cam Cox (ROOKIE) IN

This changes the balance of the teams slightly, with 2 kinda shitty golfers being replaced with 2 good golfers for Vibes... Both Cox and Bahr are between 9-11 handicap or so. It also give Team Vibes a whopping 5 Rookies for fact 5 of the top 10 players on this team are rookies. Just 2 rookies on the Bomb Squad, both outside the top 10 on the team. 

Avg Handicap 

Bomb Squad- 14.9

Vibes- 16.2

All Time MB Records Combined

Bomb Squad- 101-94-31 (.51794 winning %)

Vibes- 88-82-32 (.51764 winning %)

(Virtually the same)

MB Years Experience 

Bomb Squad- 78

Vibes- 74

Friday pairings and matches will be a part of the next official announcement