August 9, 2023

MBX Team Update: Bomb Squad vs Team Vibes


Team rosters have been updated and essentially finalized. Here are the changes since the draft in April:

Bomb Squad- No Changes

Team Vibes- 

-Artie OUT, Dan Bahr (ROOKIE) IN

-Sean OUT, Cam Cox (ROOKIE) IN

This changes the balance of the teams slightly, with 2 kinda shitty golfers being replaced with 2 good golfers for Vibes... Both Cox and Bahr are between 9-11 handicap or so. It also give Team Vibes a whopping 5 Rookies for fact 5 of the top 10 players on this team are rookies. Just 2 rookies on the Bomb Squad, both outside the top 10 on the team. 

Avg Handicap 

Bomb Squad- 14.9

Vibes- 16.2

All Time MB Records Combined

Bomb Squad- 101-94-31 (.51794 winning %)

Vibes- 88-82-32 (.51764 winning %)

(Virtually the same)

MB Years Experience 

Bomb Squad- 78

Vibes- 74

Friday pairings and matches will be a part of the next official announcement 

April 20, 2023

MBX Draft Results & Team Stats

 MBX Draft Results- from 4/15/23 @ New England CC

Adam and Duce won the captains match (over Ken and Campbell) and the right to pick #1 overall. Here are the results from his year's draft and a personal note for each pick

1. Dante Rizzo- No surprise to see Dante go #1, despite being injured. 

2. Jared Tise*- Lot of pressure for a rookie. Should be a tough out for anyone on the course, though 

3. Bill Poch- Thought this was where Jimmy would go but Bill is as solid of a pick as you can make for a team building block. 

4. Bill Nichols- First big surprise of the draft here, strictly because Jimmy H was still on the board. Bill is a great addition to any team 

5. Jimmy H- Steal. The lowest handicapped golfer on the trip, has just one loss in 2 years. Honestly wouldn't have blinked if he went #1.  

6. Nick Y- Saw him drive to the course with Ken, so. Great pick! No one was chanting "reach" when the pick was made, that's all in your head. 

7. James Brown-  Figured I'd go at 5 or 6, so. Shoulder officially chipped. Thank you. 

8. Dan Cosgrove- Solid pick, interesting to see Dan go 4 spots ahead of Marty given recent history, and Peter given the handicap differential.

9. Peter Fallon- Another steal, if only by one draft spot. YoY improvement multiple years in a row.

10. Kurt- Kurt sneaks into the top 10 because Ken likes Kurt more than Campbell likes Ryan and Marty. 

11. Ryan Bebrin- Value pick. Ryan's been solid every format but singles. 

12. Marty- Good pick, Marty has been a killer on Sundays and plays a lot of golf 

13. Trevor- Somewhat flying blind, but he's local to the courses and a low-ish handicap player so it's an intriguing pick 

14. Paul Taylor- LOL. What to say here. A 30+ handicap golfer going here is the definition of compounding mistakes. Campbell took his friend Jared so Ken took his friends Bill and Nick and Kurt and so Campbell wanted his friend Paul. Somewhere along the way they forgot they were drafting a golf team, it seems.  Great lockerroom guy, though. For all the time we spend in the lockerooms together

15. Ogga- Crazy value. Single digit handicapper being picked after.... 6? double digiters. Ogga's never lost a bestball or alt shot match

16. Weibler *- Great pick. I've only played with Weibs once but he's very solid

17. Kevin Ewing *- The right time for Kevin to go off the board. Not sure he's a better golfer than Cole but think he will excel in the MB format 

18. Cole Caron *- The 3rd of 3 rookie picks in a row, a very good pick. Will be tied to Weibler forever in MB history 

19. Abe- This man once went 3 years in a row without losing a match in MB. New Swing. Looking to get back to the "shit shit shit dart putt- bogey, net par" days

20. Beck- Just 2-6-3 over the last few years, but you know what you get with Beck which is likely why he was chosen here over some other guys with maybe more potential. 

21. Jimmy Waitz- Was surprised Ken/Campbell didnt go with the Weibs/Cole/Jimmy combo back to back to back picks so again Ada/Duce team got a good value pick here. We know Jimmy's still improving too

22. Coates- tHe aLl tImE wInS lEader not chosen in the top 20 is hilarious. Coates has had a lot of success in alt shot and singles so it's a fine pick at this spot 

23. Marc desantis*- Don't think Marc would be going this low if everyone knew him more, feels like a value pick. I believe he's a better golfer than the 4 guys who went before him

24. Dennis- Here's your tier break. Most of the next handful of guys are all pretty much the same. Dennis has a brutal MB history but has been golfing more and more so this is a pretty sound pick

25. Danny Richards- Wild card, I think. Don't know much about Danny's game. Kid's an athlete though so I like the pick 

26. Justin Hill- Assumingly to pair up with Dennis, again, which never works, but hey maybe this time! I love Hill

27. Dylan Burns- Sneaky solid pick here, joins Marc and Jimmy on the other side of Cole and Weibs. Reunited with Adam. 

28. Steve Ferretti- Has a sim, if you were unaware, so. Probably a good pick given the potential to improve here

29. Andy Haase- This one is crazy. Andy should have went 5-6 picks earlier. I suppose the idea that he isn't 100% in for the trip is the reason he fell but, my goodness. What a steal at this point in the draft. 

30. Fliesser- Good pick, Fliesser draft stock drops solely because he isnt a regular in the group. Handicap wise, big steal. 

31. Craig Mutz- Eessh. Banking on the fact Craigs taking lessons and plays a bunch, I guess. Couple guys on the board with significantly better handicaps. 

32. Justin Cosgrove- Another lockerroom guy for the non existent lockerroom. I thought Justin would go last. Borderline non golfer. 

33. Jeremy- Steal. Sure, Jeremy can't beat Abe or Paul but he's a MB vet and is way better than the two guys above him in the draft. Keeps door open for a Duce/Jeremy Alt shot pairing, again. 

34. Sean Cosgrove- Solid pick here. minus the fact that Sean is 50/50 for MB. If he goes, this is a great pick. 

35. Ed Gitlitz- Another guy who's handicap is way lower than plenty others drafted ahead. Steal. 

36. Crooky- No issues with this pick. Played with Crooky once and he was pretty solid. 

37. Alec Abe- Fell this low due to a 1-6-0 record at MB and a 100MPH swing on every shot including flop shots from the fringe. 

38. Artie- Was the only Spread Eagle player to struggle at MB8 (0-3-1)

39. Evan Lum- Was expecting to go last. He's not THAT bad of a golfer. Value if he goes on the trip. 

40. Honeywell- Trooper Irrelevant. All this guy needs is more time on the course to be actually solid, but unlikely to find that time in 2023, unfortunately. 

Adam/Duce team: 

Ken/Campbell team 

Average Handicap 
Adam/Duce 14.9
Ken/CBell 17.1

Team all time record
Adam/Duce 101-94-31
Ken/CBell 93-86-32

MBIX Record 
Adam/Duce 23-27-6
Ken/CBell  24-18-9

Most Punchable Face Votes 
Adam/Duce - 11 
Ken/Campbell- 19 (Including #1 and 3 of the top 4)

-Both teams have exactly 78 years of MB experience 

-Adam/Duce have 7 of the top 10 golfers by handicap 

-Ken/CBell have 6 of the bottom 8 golfers by handicap (and the worst 4) 

March 8, 2022

MB9- Team rosters released

 MB9- We can't quit Legends 

This Fall will be the 9th annual Myrtle Beach trip. We have 6 rookies on the roster... 40 people which will make up 10 teams of 4 each. 

Friday's round is likely to be either a Best Ball 2 Man Match Play (traditional) or a team stroke event. 

Saturday morning on Heathland will potentially be 2 Man Alt Shot Match Play again, or, something else. 

Saturday afternoon round at Moorland will be a 4 Man team scramble. 

Sunday, as per tradition, will be Heads Up Singles match play. 

Team Captains are TBD as I don't care who the captains of the foursomes are, I will leave that up to each team to decided. The name in bold is who I have marked as captain for now. 

We will likely set up the schedule for the first 3 rounds ahead of time and, per tradition, have Sunday singles either be drawn or picked Saturday Night. 

Any player trades amongst teams must be mutually agreed upon and cause little to no conflict. 

November 10, 2020

The 2020 Masters- Fall Edition

 Tiger will be defending his green jacket in front of an Autumn backdrop this year. No fans. Earlier tee times (daylight savings). Go Tiger Go! 

Masters Fantasy rules

-10 for winner
+5 for MC


Round 1
Campbell- Bryson Dechambeau
Dante- Dustin Johnson 
Marty-  Justin Thomas
Beck-  Rory McIlroy
Abe- Jon Rahm
Jeremy- Brooks Koepka
James- Xander Schauffle
Dan- Tony Finau
Paul- Tiger Woods 
Bill- Patrick Cantlay
Ryan- Patrick Reed 
Johnny- Hideki Matsuyama

Round 2
Johnny- Collin Morikawa
Ryan- Matthew Wolff 
Bill- Louis Oosthuizen
Paul- Jason Day
Dan- Tyrell Hatton
James- Bubba Watson
Jeremy- Webb Simpson
Abe- Rickie Fowler
Beck- Jordan Spieth
Marty- Gary Woodland
Dante- Adam Scott 
Campbell- Tommy Fleetwood

Round 3
Campbell- Scotty Scheffler
Dante- Justin Rose 
Marty- Kevin Na
Beck- Lee Westwood
Abe- Phil Mickelson
Jeremy- Matthew Fitzpatrick
James- Francisco Molinari 
Dan- Sungajae Im 
Paul-Bernd Weisberger
Bill- Paul Casey 
Ryan-  Jason Kokrak
Johnny- Ian Poulter

Round 4
Johnny- Kevin Kisner 
Ryan- Matt Kuchar
Bill- Sebastian Munoz
Paul- Marc Leishman
Dan- Lanto Griffin
James- Cameron Champ
Jeremy- Cameron Smith
Abe- Brendon Todd
Beck- Max Homa
Marty- Abraham Ancer
Dante- Erik van Rooyen
Campbell- Corey Connors

October 19, 2020

Spread Eagles walk the Doggs at Legends - Updated all time MB stats

Spread Eagles walk the Doggs at Legends  - maybe a blog recap coming-  TBD 

MB007 Final Scoreboard: 

Every official match play in MB history:

OGMB- JB/Beck 5&4 over Adam/Paul - scramble

OGMB- Ry/Jeremy 7&6 over Abe/Campbell- scramble

JBMB- JB/Adam 2&1 over Dante/Bill- scramble

JBMB- Bunny/Beckerman over Jeremy/Marty scramble

3.0- Dante/JB 2&1 over Jamie/Ryan scramble

3.0- Jeremy 2up over Bunny heads up

3.0- Dan/# over Marty/Abe scramble

3.0-  Beck/Adam over Bill scramble

4.0- JB/Abe 3&2 over Jamie/Marty - best ball

4.0- Dante/Jeremy 4&3 over Bill/Dan- best ball

4.0- Adam/Paul 6&5 over #/Mike best ball

4.0- Ryan/Beckerman 4&3 over Brian/Joe best ball

4.0- Dante/Paul 3 & 2 over James/Mike Alt shot

4.0- Dan/Abe 3 &2 over Jeremy/Marty alt shot

4.0- Adam/Brian 3&2 over Ryan/# alt shot

4.0- Bill/Beck 6&4 over Jamie/Joe alt shot

4.0- # 3&2over Joe/Paul-  best ball

4.0- Adam 2up over Dan heads up

4.0- Bill 5&4 over Jamie heads up

4.0- JB 3&2 over Dante heads up

4.0-Marty 7&6 over Beck heads up

4.0- Abe 2&1 over Jeremy heads up

V- JB/Campbell AS Jamie/Jeremy alt shot

V- Dante/Marty 1up over Bill/Beck alt shot

V- Ryan/Dan 8&6 over Adam/Duce alt shot

V- Abe/Coates 5&4 over Paul alt shot

V- Dante 3&2 over James heads up

V- Dan 8&7 over Jeremy heads up *MB record singles loss*

V- Marty 2&1 over # heads up

V- Beck 4&3 over Duce heads up

V- Abe 6&5 over Paul heads up

V- Adam 4&3 over Ryan heads up

V- Campbell 7&6 over Joe heads up

V- Bill 5&4 over Jamie heads up

6.9- James/Ryan/Dan AS Adam/Johnny best ball

6.9- Bill/Campbell AS Dante/Paul best ball

6.9- Abe/Andy 9&7 over Jeremy Ed best ball *new MB record loss*

6.9- Beck/Coates 2up over Dennis/Duce best ball

6.9- Dante/Adam 2&1 over James/Bill alt shot

6.9- Duce/Ed (3up head start) 2&1 over Campbell/Ryan alt shot

6.9- Andy/Coates 6&4 over Jeremy/Dennis alt shot

6.9- Abe/Dan 2&1 over Johnny/Paul alt shot

6.9- James 5&4 over Ed heads up

6.9- Bill 4&2 over Adam heads up

6.9- Abe 2&1 over Paul heads up

6.9- Dante 1.5&1 over Dan (4.5up head start) heads up

6.9- Andy 5&4 over Duce

6.9- Beck 8&7 over Dennis heads up

6.9- Coates 4&3 over Jeremy heads up

6.9- Campbell 2up over Johnny heads up

007- Abe/Adam AS Jamie/Coates bestball

007- Duce/Crooky 4&2 over Dennis/Justin bestball

007- Ken/Artie 8&6 over  Spanky/Andy bestball

007- Ryan/Beckerman AS Bill Nichols/Ogga bestball

007- Nick Y/Cote 3&2 over Dan/Marty bestball

007- Dan/Abe 1UP over Nick Y/Bill Nichols alt shot 

007- Duce/Cote 5&3 over Andy/Beck alt shot 

007- Justin/Spanky 2UP over Artie/Crooky alt shot 

007- Jamie/Ogga 1UP over Marty/Adam alt shot 

007- Ken/Coates 7&6 over Dennis/Ryan alt shot 

007- Coates/Crooky 3&1 over Justin/Abe scramble 

007- Jamie/Cote 1UP over Dan/Ryan scramble 

007- Bill Nichols/Artie 6&5 over Adam/Spanky scramble 

007- Nick Y/Ken 2UP over Andy/Marty scramble 

007- Dennis/Beck 7&5 over Ogga/Duce scramble 

007- Crooky 9&8 over Spanky head ups 

007- Cote 4&2 over Andy heads up 

007- Justin AS Artie heads up 

007- Dennis AS Duce heads up 

007- Ryan AS Jamie heads up 

007- Abe 1up over Nick Y heads up 

007- Adam 1up over Ogga heads up 

007- Dan 5&3 over Bill Nichols heads up 

007- Coates 3&1 over Beckerman heads up 

007- Ken 3&2 over Marty heads up 

All Time MB Champions

OGMB: James

JBMB: Beck

MB 3.0: Dante

MB 4.0: Fairway to Heaven


MB6.9: #reVOLT

MB007: Spread Eagles 

All time MB Match Play records, sorted by points won:

Abe 10-3-1

Beck 9-4-1

Adam 8-5-2

#Coates 8-3-1

Dante 7-2-1

Dan 7-5-1

James 6-3-2

Bill Poch 4-5-1

Ryan 3-6-3

Campbell 3-3-2

Chris Cote 4-0-0

Ken Nee 4-0-0

Duce 3-5-1

Crooky 3-1-0

Jamie 2-6-3

Jeremy 3-7-1

Andy 3-4-0

Marty 3-8-0

Artie 2-1-1

Paul 2-6-1

Nick Y 2-2-0

Bill Nichols 1-2-1

Ogga 1-2-1 

Justin Hill 1-2-1

Dennis 1-5-1

Old Brian 1-1-0

Ed 1-2-0

Spanky 1-3-0

Johnny 0-2-1

Mike Goose killer 0-2-0

Uncle Joe 0-4-0

Course list:

OGMB: Heritage Plantation, Heathland, Moorland, Parkland

JBMB: Eagles Nest, Myrtlewood Pinehills, Myrtlewood Palmetto, Pine Lakes

MB 3.0: River Oaks, True Blue, Heathland, Parkland, Moorland

MB 4.0: Caledonia, River Oaks, The Witch, Man O'War, Wizard

MBV: True Blue, River Oaks, Heritage, Heathland, Moorland, Parkland

MB6.9: Oyster Bay, Dye, Fazio, Norman, Love courses at Barefoot

MB007: Moorland, Heathland, Parkland, Moorland 

October 9, 2020

MB007 Updated tee times / Friday Pairings


ONE WEEK AWAY. Tee Time schedule for the weekend can be found below 

Thursday Practice Round- $37 due at check in- At River Oaks Golf Club 

Tee times: 1:16, 1:24, 1:32, 1:40, 1:48

Friday Tee Times (Moorland)- Best Ball Match Play 

12:20- Adam Beckvold/Brian Abrahamson vs Jamie Bebrin/ Mike Coates 

12:28- Dennis Early/ Justin Hill vs Jim Doucette/ Crooky 

12:36- Andy Haase/Spanky vs Ken Nee/Artie

12:44- Ryan Bebrin/Beckerman vs Bill Nichols/ Ogga 

12:52-  Marty Leblanc/Dan Cosgrove vs Nick Y/Chris Cote 

Saturday AM- Alternate Shot Heathland - Matchups/pairings to be decided Friday Night 






2 Man Scramble Match Play, Parkland- Matchups/pairings to be decided Friday Night 






Sunday Tee Times-  Singles Matchplay, Moorland- Matchups to be decided Saturday Night