September 20, 2017

2017 Myrtle Beach (MB 4.0) Golf Trip Preview


JBMB 2.0

Myrtle Blog 3.0 

Since 2014, a group of my friends have been going down to Myrtle Beach every year for your classic buddies long weekend trip. The golf stay and play packages are wildly cheap, it's relatively easy to get there, and it's Jeremy Guaranteed to be a great time for everyone.

This year's version of the trip is different in that we have 16 golfers and a "Ryder Cup" style golf format. We've always had individual winners of MB trips (shout out to myself for winning in '14, Beck for winning in '15 and Dante for winning last year) but this year is different.

There has been a standing feud between 4 golfers, with plans to settle those differences at MB 4.0, prior to the  decision to make it a team event. This served as the genesis of each team, with Abe and Dan captaining one side, and Jeremy and Marty captaining the other.

Brain Abrahamson- Let's talk about Abe first as he's most always #last on any list.  Abe is transitioning.  Not from male to female like you may guess, but from a righty golfer to a lefty golfer. That's right folks. Abe, who used to always swing right handed, but cross gripped, finally woke up and realized he's a natural lefty on the links. I believe his game was about as good as it could get right handed (not that great) but turning to the other side of the ball opens new doors for Abe. The switch was made about 60 days in advance to Myrtle Beach, and to his credit Abe has been playing a lot and figuring it out. While its pretty risky to switch sides post talking a ton of shit to both Marty and Jeremy, it's also something that gives Abe some intrigue heading into MB.

Dan Cosgrove- Dan lives in Millis, MA and recently was able to reduce his rent when his girlfriend Stacey moved in. This was critical for Dan as he has also been renting space in Jeremy Tannenbaum's head since the first day he met him, with an even larger space in 2017 than ever before. These two talked the most shit between MB 3.0 and now. Dan is possibly the most improved golfer of the year as well, nbd but he did win his bank golf league this year. He also came very close to a MAGL victory this Summer. Big things may be in store for Dan at MB 4.0.

Jeremy Tannenbaum- People think I'm the heel of the group, but Jeremy is the real heel (credit to me for using wrestling terms). Always feuding with someone, always getting rattled and shook up by someone from Dedham, MA.  To his credit, Jeremy walked the walked after murdering Matt Campbell at MB 3.0. While it was a slim 2up victory, it essentially knocked Bunny out of MB 4.0.... immediately after losing to Jeremy, Campbell decided to get married on the weekend we normally go to MB so that he could conveniently miss the trip and not have to hear about his viking sized loss to such a lanky Jets fan. Jeremy, the most improved golfer between MB 1.0 and MB 3.0 may have hit a wall this year as his stats have seem to plateaued a bit, but the real test of his 2017 season comes in MB.

Marty EL Leblanc- The most disappointing golfer in MB history. Has finished in last place 50% of the trips he's been on. When I think of Marty playing golf, it reminds me of the 75 year old seniors who pull out Driver for any tee shot over 175 yards. Marty probably hits a 7 wood from 150.  All the old rich golfers who suck but play really nice courses all the time. Facts are facts, this is not biased at all. I should mention that Marty and myself have a side bet on his opening tee shot of MB. I bet him a barstool t shirt that it wouldn't go 200 yards. I reached out to the pro at the course and he sent me a pic from the first tee. Below you'll see what it will look like for Marty, with 15 guys intently watching behind him. Given this is the first shot of the trip, it could set the tone either way depending on the result. No pressure though.


This is the first time we've done a draft, and there were a handful of surprises, right away. Dan/Abe drew the first pick, below are the results. We initially had 13 golfers, held the draft, and agreed any extra players we got for the trip would go into a "supplement" draft".

Abe/Dan #1 overall pick: Bill Poch
Bill has been great in 2017, leading the league in MAGL wins for the season. With an overall consistent game, Bill is especially good off the tee and does a good job avoiding blow up holes. His wardrobe is an exact copy of what you would find in Jordan Spieth's closet. Bill will look to be better than past MB's and back up his #1 overall selection.

Jeremy/Marty #2 pick- Dante Rizzo
This is where the draft truly got weird, with the author of this blog doubling as the victim of the back stabbing associated with this pick. #TeamVolt (RIPIP) was ripped apart when Jeremy and Marty passed over me at this spot, a questionable move when considering the competition is not just a long drive contest, but a series of actual golf matches. That being said, Dante is more than deserving of the #2 overall spot given his length off the tee, potential to go low, and general bad assness. This trip also serves as Dante's 40th b day celebration, and there is no doubt if his team is to have success, Dante will have to play very well. Dante has shot everything from a 78 to a 102 down at MB, so it will be interesting to see how 4.0 goes for DJ.

Abe/Dan #3 pick: James Brown
I thought it was possible that Dan and Abe would pass on me at #1, but never thought Jeremy and Marty would let me slip past #2 as the founder and only talented golfer on #TeamVolt. Do these guys forget that haters fuel me? My guess is we will look back and call it the biggest mistake in MB history. I am more than ready to help my team win in whatever capacity they need me too. If I finish any less than 4-0 in my 4 matches I'll be disappointed. My hope is that I get to play Dante in the Sunday Singles and show the world that when you pass on me, you lose. Marty sucks. Jeremy sucks.

Jeremy/Marty #4 pick- Adam Beckvold
Adam Beckvold's golf game. Such a rubik's cube. After disappointing in the first couple MB's, Adam had a nice rebound last year and almost won. I personally would have selected Ryan Bebrin in this spot but it's a a close call. Adam excels at any team format, specifically scrambles. Typically Adam will play well on his own for stretches of time, but find a hole or two per round that escalate his score quickly. A great ball striker,  the grass down south only helps Adam's game. Traditionally an average putter, more recently Adam has been better with the flat stick and could make some noise for this team. If he can control the long ball, he's very dangerous. If not, it could get ugly. Adam typically plays good golf between October and February and bad golf between March and September so we'll see if #offseasonAdam shows up yet again.

Abe/Dan #5 pick: Ryan Bebrin
VALUE PICK!!!!! Ryan is no worse than the 3rd or 4th best golfer on this trip. Is he a bald dad with stale/crusty fashion sense? Yes. Does he struggle when trying to talk trash and stay up past 10pm? Yes. But Ryan is a good golfer. Abe/Dan selected Ryan and with him comes the BBA- The Better Bebrin Advantage. One major flaw though, is that Ryan is NOT available for the Sunday Single matches. Huge bummer there, but with a great overall game and temperament on the course, Ryan is poised for success Friday and Saturday. I'm certainly happy to have him on my team.

Jeremy/Marty #6 pick- Jamie Bebrin
Jamie Bebrin is basically the same golfer as Adam. Lot of talent, but problems harnessing it. The last time I played with Jamie he was STRIPING drives off the tee at the range, but by the 7th hole had put the big stick in the bag for good. Jamie also has a maniacal laugh after he hits a bad shot and it's creepy how he laughs but is also breaking clubs over his knee at the same time. He's another player who excels at scramble formatting and talking to him self on the course.

Abe/Dan #7 pick: Beckerman
Beckerman. Runner up in 14 and Winner in 15. What doesn't this kid win? Beckerman is traditionally short off the tee, but after that has a solid game. Known as the 2nd shot king. Beck is a sneaky pick for best dressed in the group. He plays alot and doesn't take gimmies anymore, As long as he can stay conscious, Beck should be a solid contribution to the team/trip.

Jeremy/Marty #8 pick- Paul Taylor
The Kid. The Captain. Paul is a lot of things but its a stretch to call him a golfer. This guy normally plays.... 18-36 holes total every year. He's a lefty, and a hardo, and although he has the ability to shoot 125+ on any given day, he's actually been getting a little better at golf over the years. Paul excels at team games simply because he's fun to play with but also because he is not a great golfer and to play out his own ball every hole is sometimes a long adventure.

Abe/Dan #9 pick: #Playoff Mike
#snubbed. Yes, #Mike was/is slightly injured, but the fact that Paul was picked before # in the draft is probably going to be something to watch unfold as the weekend goes along. A healthy # is similar to Beckerman, with potential to be even a little better. Since the draft took place, # has actually teed it up a half dozen amount of times, turning in respectable scores each round. Clearly a huge advantage for this team is picking up # over Paul, the 2 cannot be compared in Golf. Even a injured # should be able to take care of a healthy Paul. That being said, as last pick in the draft, # has a lot to prove.

We had 3 people join the trip after the initial draft. Below are the results

Jeremy/Marty #10 pick- Brian
Brian is almost a total X factor on this trip. I played golf with him once, in a scramble earlier this year, and from what I remember he's a good overall player and has a better than average short game. I believe he's shorter off the tee... but that may be the best fit for this team as they have multiple long ball hitters already. Brian is one of the older guys on the trip, but recently told me him and his buddies have been going to Myrtle for 20+ years SOOOOOOO I think he's going to fit in quite well.

Abe/Dan #11 pick: Mike
Another wild card. I played with him in the same scramble as Brian (btw we came in second place at -10, Shaker Hills, nbd) and distinctly remember Mike being able to hit very long drives. He's the type of player that doesnt play too much, but if he did he'd be real solid. I expect some really good moments from Mike, who is about the average age of everyone on the trip.

Jeremy/Marty #12 pick- Joe Vozzella
Joe came to JBMB2.0 and is best remembered for his short shorts! Ha. just kidding. Kind of. Joe is (like Paul) NOT really a golfer. He is however athletic, and simply by playing a handful of times in the past couple years he's already gotten a lot better. It is not surprising to see him picked last, as he is not really good at any one thing on the course. However, Joe is awesome and a fun guy to play with so really anything he contributes is all bonus for this team.

The Schedule 

Friday October 20th- The Witch Golf Club
4 man Best Ball Match play  
Winning team gets 1 point. Half a point each if the match is square after 18.

The Witch Golf Club spans more than 500 scenic acres between Myrtle Beach and Conway, creating a course that is both enchanting and challenging. Just as the classic film "The Wizard of Oz" featured good witches and bad witches, this layout lives up to its name with beautiful scenery and course craftsmanship, as well as deceptively dangerous holes that can scare the best of handicaps.

Designed by renowned architect Dan Maples, this 4.5-star course, according to Golf Digest, sits among dense forests and pristine wetlands, far removed from the homes, hotels, development and distractions that surrounds other links on the Grand Strand. With more than 4,000 feet of bridgework required to navigate the lowcountry layout, golfers of all skill levels will be taken by The Witch's natural beauty and put to a difficult test by the course's cleverly conceived configuration.

Here is the first hole.... the tee shot that Marty has to hit it 200 yards or he loses his man card and a bet for a barstool t shirt:

And the rest of the course:

12:36 tee time- Jamie/Marty vs JB/Abe
12:44 tee time- Jeremy/Dante vs Bill/Dan
12:52 tee time- Adam/Paul vs Mike/#
1:00 tee time- Brian/Joe vs Ryan/Beck

Man O War Golf Club
Saturday October 21 AM- Alternate Shot 
Saturday October 21 PM- 4 man Scramble 

Arm yourselves with the right clubs to take along to Man O’ War Golf Club in the Carolina Forest section of Myrtle Beach, where the golf course awaits with both daunting drama and divine design.

In 1996, world-renowned architect Dan Maples mapped out a battlefield of back-to-back island greens, including an unforgettable island on No. 9, and an overall par-72, 18-hole layout that dangerously winds around a 100-acre lake. The nearly 7,000-yard Man O’ War golf course is also a fine specimen of beauty, seeded with Bentgrass greens and Bermuda grass across the fairways, tees and rough. The greens here, in fact, are among the area’s largest, with an average 10,000 square feet per putting surface.

Alternate shot match play- 
Winning team gets 1 point
1/2 a point each if the match is squared after 18

8:04 tee time- Jeremy/Marty vs Abe/Dan
8:12 tee time- Adam/Brian vs #Mike/Ryan
8:20 tee time- Dante/Paul vs JB/Mike
8:28 tee time- Joe/Jamie vs Bill/Beck

4 Man Scramble stroke play 
Each team will break up into two separate foursomes. The combined score of each teams foursomes is what matters. Whichever team has the lower score, they will receive half a point for every stroke they are ahead, up to a total of 4 points possible.

1:32pm tee time- TBD
1:40pm tee time- TBD
1:48pm tee time- TBD
1:56pm tee time- TBD

Sunday Singles- The Wizard Golf Club

The Wizard Golf Club in Myrtle Beach offers yet another award-winning layout from Mystical Golf, which also boasts sister courses The Witch and Man O' War golf clubs. Another Myrtle Beach masterpiece designed by renowned architect Dan Maples, The Wizard is known for its dramatic changes in elevation that you won't find one most flat courses in the coastal region.

More than 1 million cubic yards of dirt were moved to form this layout of gently rolling hills and berms in the heart of the South Carolina lowcountry. The grounds' natural terrain of dense woodlands and pristine wetlands add to The Wizard's mystical beauty. Golfers of all skill levels will find themselves enchanted by this course's use of natural water hazards, bridgework and island greens.

Heads up Match Play- Sunday October 22

Matchups to be determined by Captains after Saturday events are over, Winning side gets 1 point for their team, Halved matches result in half a point per side. Due to 2 players leaving, one matchup is already set (Joe is being traded to Abe/Dan's team and will play against Paul)

10:20 tee time- Joe Vozella vs Paul Taylor
10:28 tee time- TBD
10:36 tee time- TBD
10:44 tee time- TBD


This trip we will be staying at Windsor Green Villas, which is cool because it is right near all the courses. Basically right across the street from Legends, where we have been twice.

Address: 4921 Windsor Green Way, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579