March 13, 2013

Wes Welker /Danny Amendola

Wow. So as everyone in the entire world knows, Wes Welker signed a 2 year $12 Million dollar deal today with the Broncos. Needless to say this is WAY less than everyone thought he would make on the open market. I mentioned in an earlier blog I thought Welker would garner a 4 year deal in the neighborhood of $30 Million, but apparently I was way off. I fully expected Welker to leave the Patriots, based on the idea that he is going to be 32 when the 2013 season starts, the Patriots have already spent a lot of money on pass catchers (Gronk and A Hern), but most importantly I was thinking the Patriots need to allocate their available cap dollars to the defensive side of the ball. Well, when the news came down that Welker had a deal on the table from the Broncos, he went back to the Patriots and gave them a chance to match the offer (We later found out the Pats offered him 2 years, $10 Million) which they obviously did not do.

When the deal was reported as 2 years, before the money was announced,  the consensus was the deal  MUST be at LEAST equal to $16 Million the Pats extended to Welker (for a 2 year deal) last year and he turned down. Instead word came out that it was just $12 Mill which was shocking. The Patriots clearly did not want Welker back, and even offering him the 2/10 deal is a slap in the face.

I have no idea why the Patriots would not be willing to pay Welker $12 Million for just 2 years. HEre's why:

-He is completely healthy and coming off a 120 catch campaign, which isn't an outlier season for him

-The Pats have like, no wide receivers on the roster.

-He has unique rapport with Tom Brady

-He knows the system

-He is ridiculously durable, he works hard, he in almost every way is a perfect "Patriot."

Sure, he's dropped a couple big passes in the last couple years, but guess what, all the great WR do that sometimes. That's NO reason not to bring the most productive WR in franchise history back on a team friendly deal. Tom Brady is reportedly disgusted with the Patriots and extremely upset that they didn't pay Wes the measly $6 Mil. Also let's not forget the fact that Welker knows the Pats playbook inside and out & now the Broncos have ALLLLL that info.

Word is the Pats are talking to Danny Amendola. Great. I love him. he's solid. He's very well may be the second coming of Welker,  but  the sheer fact that it will take at least 1 full season to get on the same page as Brady is reason enough to have doubts that this was a smart move. Brady's clock is ticking and Wes signing on for 2 more years would have been perfect. Also two other random thoughts: 1. The Patriots brought is Chad Ochostinko two years ago for... $6 Mill !!!! WTF??? 2. Welker goes from one HOF QB to another. AT least HE recognizes he is a system player and not a WR to build around 3. Robert Kraft lost a lot of respect with me and other fans. Why the fuck would he say 2 days ago he wants Welker to be a Patriot for life if he knew that their best offer was 2/10? What am I missing here? Hey idiot, just don't say anything at all!!!

UPDATE: PATS SIGN AMENDOLA to a 5 year $31 Million deal. Wow. This is bizarre. He makes more money than welker now!!! $10 Mill guarenteed. They BETTER be right about this guy!!!

Ok. Enough about this move from the Pats side of it. Now, let's move on the fun part:


...and the NFL backed that up today. Obviously Welker is 32 and when you extend a contract you have to take age into consideration, but NOT when its just a 2 year deal and we're talking about one of the most durable players in the league. For a reference point,  here is the updated list of the top paid WR in the NFL by average annual salary in $Millions:

Megatron- 18.8
Larry Fitz- 14.1
Mike Wallace- 12
Dwayne Bowe- 11.2
Percy Harvin- 11.2
Vincent Jackson- 11.1
Devin Hester- 10.2
Andre Johnson- 9.7
DeSean Jackson- 9.4
Santonio Holmes- 9
Brandon Marshall- 8.9
Pierre Garcon- 8.5
Miles Austin- 7.7
Stevie Johnson- 7.3
Marques Colston- 7.3
Antonio Brown- 7.2
Roddy White- 7.1
Steve Smith- 7.5
Robert Meachem- 6.5
Anquan Boldin- 6.3
Brian Hartline- 6.2


Thats right people. Not even in the top 20 WR by salary and he just signed a deal today, and everyone knows free agents are overpaid. So:

The Taylor with athletic talent
Brian W
and everyone else I cant think of that fought with me about this forever-

you all can suck it. The entire NFL agrees with me.

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