January 14, 2015

AFC East QBs since 2001

Here in New England we are lucky to have Tom Brady. Consistently one of the best QBs in the league EVERY year. We are also lucky to be in the AFC East.... overall a horrible division thanks to the other members of the group- Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, and of course the NY Jets.

Here is a list of all the QBs who have started for these teams since Thomas Edward Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe in Week 3 of the 2001 season:

Miami Dolphins

Jay Fielder (2001-2004)
Ray Lucas (2002)
Brian Greise (2003)
AJ Feely (2004)
Sage Rosenfelds (2004-2005)
Gus Frerotte (2005)
Joey Harrington (2006)
Daunte Culpepper (2006)
Cleo Lemon (2006-2007)
Trent Green (2007)
John Beck (2007)
Chad Pennington (2008-2010)
Chad Henne (2009-2011)
Tyler Thigpen (2010)
Matt Moore (2011)
Ryan Tannehill (2012-2014)

Buffalo Bills

Alex Van Pelt (2001)
Rob Johnson (2001)
Drew Bledsoe (2002-2004)
JP Losman (2005-2008)
Kelly Holcomb (2005)
Trent Edwards (2007-2010)
Ryan Fitzpatrick (2009-2012)
Brian Brohm (2009-2010)
Thad Lewis (2013)
Jeff Tuel (2013)
EJ Manual (2013-2014)
Kyle Orton (2014)

NY Jets 

Vinny Testaverde (2001-2005)
Chad Pennington (2002-2007)
Quincy Carter (2004)
Brooks Bollinger (2005)
Kellen Clemens (2007-2009)
Brett Favre (2008)
Mark Sanchez (2009-2012)
Greg McElroy (2012)
Geno Smith (2013-2014)
Michael Vick (2014)

and for comparison, the NE Patriots: 

Tom Brady (2001-2014)
Drew Bledsoe (2001)
Matt Cassel (2008)

...and that's it. 38 starting QBs for everyone else in the division. The only games Brady didn't start was the AFCCG  in 2001 playoffs (due to injury, Bledsoe started but Brady returned as the starter for the Super Bowl) and the last 15 games of 2008 (he tore his ACL in Week 1).

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