March 8, 2022

MB9- Team rosters released

 MB9- We can't quit Legends 

This Fall will be the 9th annual Myrtle Beach trip. We have 6 rookies on the roster... 40 people which will make up 10 teams of 4 each. 

Friday's round is likely to be either a Best Ball 2 Man Match Play (traditional) or a team stroke event. 

Saturday morning on Heathland will potentially be 2 Man Alt Shot Match Play again, or, something else. 

Saturday afternoon round at Moorland will be a 4 Man team scramble. 

Sunday, as per tradition, will be Heads Up Singles match play. 

Team Captains are TBD as I don't care who the captains of the foursomes are, I will leave that up to each team to decided. The name in bold is who I have marked as captain for now. 

We will likely set up the schedule for the first 3 rounds ahead of time and, per tradition, have Sunday singles either be drawn or picked Saturday Night. 

Any player trades amongst teams must be mutually agreed upon and cause little to no conflict. 


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