October 23, 2023

Updated All Time MB Stats through MBX

 All Time Winning % (Minimum 5 matches)


Leaders by Format 
(Minimum 2 wins, and greater than .500 record)

Notes by Golfer

Steve Ferretti, 10-1-0
Steve has won 10 out of 11 matches overall, currently on a 8 match win streak (2+ trips). His only loss was 1down in Alt Shot vs Dante/Campbell at MB8. He's undefeated in all other formats.

Peter Fallon, 9-1-1 
9 consecutive victories, 2 perfect trips in a row (8-0-0). Peter's sole loss was on the 18th green on Parkland in Alt Shot at MB8 to Adam and Jimmy Waitz

Mike Coates, 14-7-3
Mike lost Alt shot for the first time in 5 years, but proved again to be a tough out on Sunday... He's 5-1-1 in Singles. Just 1 bestball win in 6 attempts sticks out as his only weak format. 

Dylan Burns, 4-2-1
Dylan's only lost 2 of his 7 matches in MB but after getting pounded by Steve Ferretti on Sunday at MBX he's been relgated for a year. 2 year, both above .500 for Dylan. 

Ken Nee, 7-3-5
Ken's team winning streak has ended. His Friday +Sunday record is spectacular- A combined 5-0-3 in bestball and singles...He's now just 2-3-2 overall in Saturday formats, though. Ken loves to tie... a third of his MB matches overall have ended AS. 

Dante Rizzo, 12-7-2
Dante got his first bestball win in 4 years with Ryan at MBX. Back to back Alt Shot losses bring his record in that format back to 4-2-0. The MB3.0 champ is .500 or better in all formats. 

James Brown, 12-7-3
MBX was the first trip in 6 years James left with an above .500 record. A win on Friday improved his undefeated bestball record to 5-0-1, and he finally got on the board in Alt Shot, converting for the first time in 6 attempts. OGMB Champ. 

Ed Gitlitz, 7-4-3
After losing on Friday at MBX, Ed reeled off 3 wins in a row. He improves to 3-1-0 in alt shot. Bestball (1-2-1) his only losing format in MB career. 

Kurt McGrath, 5-3-3
Kurt has emerged as a Friday threat, improving to 3-0-0 in bestball. He's now  1-1-1 in both alt shot and singles... Kurt has never won a scramble match (0-1-1)

Jimmy Waitz, 5-3-3
Jimmy got his first Sunday win at MBX. He hasn't lost an alt shot match in 3 chances, going 1-0-2, and has now gone over .500 in 2 of his 3 trips to MB

Abe, 14-10-1
The Legend is so back. Abe went 3-1-0 at MBX and his only loss came once again in scramble... he is now 0-4-0 in the format. Different story in all other formats... especially on Alt Shot and Singles where Abe improved to 5-2-0 in both 

Matt Campbell, 8-5-6
Campbell went 1-0-3 at MBX...With the ties he saw his Sunday winning streak come to an end,  and he's still looking for his first bestball win (0-2-3)... With his alt shot win he improves to 3-1-1 in the format. 

Adam Beckvold, 12-9-5
Adam has just 1 bestball win in MB history- it was 6 years ago- but he has tied 4 of them in that span, including at MBX.  He lost for just the second time in Singles, and improved to a tidy 5-2-0 in Alt Shot. 

Dan Bahr 4-0-0
Rookie of the year! We've seen rookies go 4-0-0 before, but this one was a gem. Bahr beat Poch in both Saturday team matches and Bebrin on Sunday for the perfect Weekend. He even carried a vet- Nick- to his only win of the weekend in Alt shot.  

Kevin Ewing 2-0-2
Undefeated rookie season for Kevin at 2-0-2  with wins in the first 2 formats. He fought back to square the scramble match but surrendered a late lead in singles to Coates. 

Marc DeSantis, 3-1-0
Marc had a great rookie weekend, a singles loss to veteran Dan Cosgrove was the only blemish on his 3-1-0 record at MBX

Jimmy Henebry, 5-4-2
Tough MBX for Henebry, going 1-3-0 . Jimmy did remain undefeated in Alt Shot (2-0-1) but has back to back Sunday Losses to Peter and Ken

Craig Mutz, 6-5-0
MBX was good to Craig- he matched the amount of wins he had on the 2 previous trips combined by going 3-1-0... his sole loss on Sunday. Craig is now 2-0-0 in scramble

Beckerman, 11-10-4
The JBMB champ is undefeated in scramble, running his record up to 4-0-1 at MBX. Beck has just 1 Alt shot win in 6 attempts (1-4-1).

Oga, 4-4-4
Oga got hurst mid round Friday at MBX and took the loss with Henebry. It was his only match. Oga's best format in a small sample size is Alt shot where he sits 2-0-1

Crooky, 7-7-1
Crooky had a mediocre MBX- but remains undefeated in scramble at 3-0-0. Sunday struggles continue & with another loss this year he moves to 1-3-0 on the last day of the trip... his 3rd loss in a row on Sundays. 

Bill Nichols, 5-5-1
Another win in the battle of the Bills on Sunday helped Nichols save his weekend and get over .500 in the format (Now 2-1-0). While he remains undefeated in bestball (2-0-1).. He is now 0-3-0 in Alt Shot. 

Fliesser, 5-5-1
Fliesser lost for the first time in bestball and scramble, but has an undefeated record  (2-0-1) on Sundays.

Cole Caron, 1-1-2
After getting blown out Friday, the rest of Cole's 3 matches came down to 18 and he didnt lose any of them. A respectable 1-1-2 rookie weekend- especially with the clutch 1up victory on Sunday at the end 

Jim Duce, 8-8-4
Tough year for Jim: His 4 year alt shot winning streak ended with a loss, he still hasn't won a scramble match (0-1-2), and his Sunday record dips below .500 now at 2-3-1. 

Dan Cosgrove, 11-12-1
Dan's best format is scramble where is improves to 3-1-0. His Friday record stinks- he's now 1-4-1 in bestball with the lone win coming at MB8. He had won 4 straight alt shot matches with Abe at one point but is 0-3-0 since they broke up. Dan's best moment at MBX came on Sunday when he won to move to 3-4-0 all time, & prevented rookie Marc from going undefeated.  

Jeremy Tannenbaum, 10-11-1
Jeremy comes to play on Fridays... he won again in bestball at MBX and improves to 5-1-0 in the format. However... Sunday is a problem for Jeremy. He lost this year again and slides back to just 2-5-0 overall in singles. He last won a singles match at MB8 vs Abe. 

Nick Y, 6-7-2
Nick had a tough MBX.  While he did secure his first alt shot win in 4 attempts.... He lost his perfect bestball record (now 3-1-0), he lost his perfect scramble record (now 2-1-0), and he lost again on Sunday (now 0-3-1 in Singles). 

Bill Poch, 7-9-4
Bill got his first & only win on Friday at MBX. I'm not counting his alt shot loss in the all time stats , since he played his own ball. Somehow, Bill is now 0-3-1 in scramble...and after starting his career 3-0-1 in Singles, he drops to 3-2-1 with the loss at MBX at Pine Needles. 

Artie, 3-4-1
MB007 & MB8 Participant 

Michael Honeywell, 3-4-0
Honewell improved on his rookie season by going 2-2 at MBX... He's now 1-1 in every format except Scramble where he is just 0-1. 

Evan Lum, 2-3-2
Attended MB8 and MBIX and plans on returning in 2024

Ryan Bebrin, 8-12-3
Ryan won his first 2 matches at MBX but lost the last 2. Of course, because he losses every Sunday. Ryan is now a putrid 0-4-1 in Singles. At least his bestball record is strong- he improved to 4-1-2 on Fridays this year but has a losing record in all other formats. 

Marty Leblanc, 8-12-2
Someone get Marty to show up early next year... He improved to a stellar 5-1-0 on Sundays but outside of singles, his lifetime MB record is 3-11-2. Yuck. He's still never won in Scramble... is now 0-3-2. One single win in Bestball (1-4-0)

Andy Haase, 4-6-1
MBX was Andy's 3rd trip, but first in a handful of years. The only format he finds himself above .500 in is Friday Bestball (2-1-0).. He is 2-5-1 in all other formats combined. Andy started his career with a 3-0-0 rookie season and since then has gone 1-6-1 combined. 

Paul Taylor, 5-9-5
Paul, OG on the trip, came into MBX with 3 lifetime wins... and he won 2 of his first 3 matches at MBX. A loss to Abe on Sunday prevented Paul from his first singles win (now 0-5-0). Somehow he actually has a winning record in Friday Bestball, a lifetime 2-1-2 record. 

Jared Tise, 3-1-0
Jared's first match in MB was an instant classic- unfortunately he lost on the 18th green 1down. He won every other match the rest of the weekend, including a heads up win over Adam who was previously 4-1-1 on Sundays before asking to be fed to Jared for brunch at Pine Needles. 

Johnny Kotkowski, 2-5-3
Not at MBX. Winless is Alt Shot & Scramble (0-3-1), Only Singles win vs Jeremy at MBIX, previously lost to Coates & Campbell 

Jamie Bebrin, 2-5-3
0-3-2 in Singles and Bestball. Has not been to MB since MB007. 

Gargano, 1-1-1
Fill in for MBIX

Old Brian, 1-1-0
One year fill in, decided there were better things to do on Sunday and skipped Singles 

Justin Hill, 4-9-2
Hill is now 0-6-1 in bestball and scramble... including 0 points on Fridays at MB. At least he does own a winning Sunday record at 2-1-1, though.  

Danny Richards, 2-5-0
Danny followed up his 0-3-0 rookie season with a much more respectable 2-2-0 at MBX. He's 0-2-0 in bestball and won his first alt shot match this year. 

Dennis Early, 4-12-2
Dennis is brutal on Fridays at MB- he is now 0-5-0 in the format. He's also just 1-4-0 in alt shot, and he lost for the first time in scramble at MBX. He salvaged the weekend with a Sunday win and moved to 2-2-2 in Singles

Alec Abrahamson, 3-9-0
Alec has 3 career wins, 2 of those are in alt shot... he is 2-1-0 lifetime in the format. Alec barely won match on Sunday beating Justin (0 wins) 2&1 in the anchor match.  

Trevor (NC), 1-4-1
Trevor has struggled out of the gate... He started 0-2-0 his rookie season as a fill in and went just 1-2-1 at MBX. His sole MB win came on Friday at Mid Pines with Peter against a couple rookies. 

Spanky, 1-3-0
One year Wonder (MB007). Won Alt shot with Hill, got crushed in the other 3 matches

Cam Cox, 1-3-0
Cam had a rough first couple matches at MB but got his first win in scramble with Bahr vs a team of MB vets. He ran into the Peter buzzsaw on Sunday-but took him all the way to 18- and left his rookie year at 1-3-0

Alex Weibler, 1-3-0
Weibs played awful on Friday and got blown out, but escaped Saturday session with his first win in the scramble round. A loss on Sunday to Jimmy Waitz had to sting... Weibs ends the weekend at just 1-3-0 

Dotts, 0-3-1
Rough debut for Dotts, who managed to scratched out half a point in Alt Shot but went 0-3-0 the rest of the matches. 

Justin Cosgrove, 0-5-1
Justin is now 0-5-1 through 2 years. Not much else to say. 

Joe Vozzella, 0-5-0
Great guy. Not so great at golf. Been on 3 MB trips (JBMB, MB4.0, MBV)- Has never won a match or really been close... but he was a member if the winning team, Fairway to Heaven, at MB4.0

Mike Goose Killer, 0-2-0
One year fill in, left early after going 0-2-0 and hitting a backwards shot off one tee in Alt Shot.

Chris Cote, 4-0-0
Went 4-0-0 at MB007- his only trip 

Sean Cosgrove, 2-0-0
Beat Dante in stroke play (heads up, no handicap) at JBMB to prevent him from winning the trip. Only played 2 matches at MBIX & was not at MBX

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