April 4, 2015

What exactly is GolfNow?

I've recently accepted a position as Market Sales Manger in New England for GolfNow. What exactly is GolfNow? I'm glad you asked.

GolfNow is a technology company specializing in golf related products and services with the most powerful distribution platform in golf. Founded in 2001 and backed by Golf Channel and Comcast, GolfNow.com currently has nearly 3 million bookers and over 8,000 course partners in 9 countries around the globe. Last year, 13.4 million rounds of golf were booked through GolfNow. Simply put, we help courses sell more rounds and grow revenue with the golfer's best interest in mind. Our "big hairy audacious goal" is to facilitate every booking of every round of golf, everywhere!

 (video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLVzdQ5srw4)

Each year, GolfNow runs over 10,000 TV spots across the Comcast/ NBC Sports family of networks- including the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Kentucky Derby, and even the Super Bowl! You've probably heard or seen the commercials, where we encourage golfers to get off the couch and Go Play! We are one of the most recognized brands in golf, and the exposure and reach we provide for our course partners is unmatched. We have over 1,000 affiliates that help us book rounds including Southwest Airlines, GolfSmith, and most recently, Yelp!

GolfNow is also the #1 tee sheet, point of sale, web site, and booking engine provider in the industry! We make it easy for golfers to book rounds at the right price for them. Much like the sports, hotel, airline, and transportation (Uber) industries, GolfNow encourages revenue management using dynamic pricing for our course partners. This year our goal is to book 15 million rounds of golf through our platform.

I've personally been a user and fan of GolfNow for a few years. I've booked many rounds on GolfNow in the past, but the reason why I wanted this job so badly is because New England is one of the more underdeveloped markets in the country and I strongly believe in the value of GolfNow. It's no secret the golf industry has been in decline since economic depression around 2008. In most areas, including New England, supply has exceeded demand- mostly due to the astronomical amount of golf courses that were built during the "Tiger Boom" of the early 2000s. The two main reasons people don't golf more often are time and cost. GolfNow is addressing these issues by launching initiatives such as "Play 9" and "Play Fast." In 2014, Play 9 helped participating courses book over 500,000+ nine hole rounds, generating millions in revenue.

To stay competitive in today's mobile, on line world, it's important for golf courses to provide the ability to book tee times on line 24/7/365. Today's consumer is savvy; 81% of all shoppers conduct online research before buying. I know I do. It's very important for any company to provide an easy and enjoyable experience on line, across every platform (not just desktop websites.) Golf courses are always looking for new customers and on average, the GolfNow user plays 6 new courses every year! Nearly 40% of reviewers (on an amazing site we own, golfadvisor.com have indicated that the round they booked through GolfNow was the first time they have ever played that course.  I'm so excited to help introduce area courses to a whole universe of golfers who may not even know they exist. We have some BEAUTIFUL courses in New England, and GolfNow gives everyone a chance to play these tracks at the right price for them. So....family, friends, fellow golfers, get out there and Go Play!

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