October 19, 2020

Spread Eagles walk the Doggs at Legends - Updated all time MB stats

Spread Eagles walk the Doggs at Legends  - maybe a blog recap coming-  TBD 

MB007 Final Scoreboard: 

Every official match play in MB history:

OGMB- JB/Beck 5&4 over Adam/Paul - scramble

OGMB- Ry/Jeremy 7&6 over Abe/Campbell- scramble

JBMB- JB/Adam 2&1 over Dante/Bill- scramble

JBMB- Bunny/Beckerman over Jeremy/Marty scramble

3.0- Dante/JB 2&1 over Jamie/Ryan scramble

3.0- Jeremy 2up over Bunny heads up

3.0- Dan/# over Marty/Abe scramble

3.0-  Beck/Adam over Bill scramble

4.0- JB/Abe 3&2 over Jamie/Marty - best ball

4.0- Dante/Jeremy 4&3 over Bill/Dan- best ball

4.0- Adam/Paul 6&5 over #/Mike best ball

4.0- Ryan/Beckerman 4&3 over Brian/Joe best ball

4.0- Dante/Paul 3 & 2 over James/Mike Alt shot

4.0- Dan/Abe 3 &2 over Jeremy/Marty alt shot

4.0- Adam/Brian 3&2 over Ryan/# alt shot

4.0- Bill/Beck 6&4 over Jamie/Joe alt shot

4.0- # 3&2over Joe/Paul-  best ball

4.0- Adam 2up over Dan heads up

4.0- Bill 5&4 over Jamie heads up

4.0- JB 3&2 over Dante heads up

4.0-Marty 7&6 over Beck heads up

4.0- Abe 2&1 over Jeremy heads up

V- JB/Campbell AS Jamie/Jeremy alt shot

V- Dante/Marty 1up over Bill/Beck alt shot

V- Ryan/Dan 8&6 over Adam/Duce alt shot

V- Abe/Coates 5&4 over Paul alt shot

V- Dante 3&2 over James heads up

V- Dan 8&7 over Jeremy heads up *MB record singles loss*

V- Marty 2&1 over # heads up

V- Beck 4&3 over Duce heads up

V- Abe 6&5 over Paul heads up

V- Adam 4&3 over Ryan heads up

V- Campbell 7&6 over Joe heads up

V- Bill 5&4 over Jamie heads up

6.9- James/Ryan/Dan AS Adam/Johnny best ball

6.9- Bill/Campbell AS Dante/Paul best ball

6.9- Abe/Andy 9&7 over Jeremy Ed best ball *new MB record loss*

6.9- Beck/Coates 2up over Dennis/Duce best ball

6.9- Dante/Adam 2&1 over James/Bill alt shot

6.9- Duce/Ed (3up head start) 2&1 over Campbell/Ryan alt shot

6.9- Andy/Coates 6&4 over Jeremy/Dennis alt shot

6.9- Abe/Dan 2&1 over Johnny/Paul alt shot

6.9- James 5&4 over Ed heads up

6.9- Bill 4&2 over Adam heads up

6.9- Abe 2&1 over Paul heads up

6.9- Dante 1.5&1 over Dan (4.5up head start) heads up

6.9- Andy 5&4 over Duce

6.9- Beck 8&7 over Dennis heads up

6.9- Coates 4&3 over Jeremy heads up

6.9- Campbell 2up over Johnny heads up

007- Abe/Adam AS Jamie/Coates bestball

007- Duce/Crooky 4&2 over Dennis/Justin bestball

007- Ken/Artie 8&6 over  Spanky/Andy bestball

007- Ryan/Beckerman AS Bill Nichols/Ogga bestball

007- Nick Y/Cote 3&2 over Dan/Marty bestball

007- Dan/Abe 1UP over Nick Y/Bill Nichols alt shot 

007- Duce/Cote 5&3 over Andy/Beck alt shot 

007- Justin/Spanky 2UP over Artie/Crooky alt shot 

007- Jamie/Ogga 1UP over Marty/Adam alt shot 

007- Ken/Coates 7&6 over Dennis/Ryan alt shot 

007- Coates/Crooky 3&1 over Justin/Abe scramble 

007- Jamie/Cote 1UP over Dan/Ryan scramble 

007- Bill Nichols/Artie 6&5 over Adam/Spanky scramble 

007- Nick Y/Ken 2UP over Andy/Marty scramble 

007- Dennis/Beck 7&5 over Ogga/Duce scramble 

007- Crooky 9&8 over Spanky head ups 

007- Cote 4&2 over Andy heads up 

007- Justin AS Artie heads up 

007- Dennis AS Duce heads up 

007- Ryan AS Jamie heads up 

007- Abe 1up over Nick Y heads up 

007- Adam 1up over Ogga heads up 

007- Dan 5&3 over Bill Nichols heads up 

007- Coates 3&1 over Beckerman heads up 

007- Ken 3&2 over Marty heads up 

All Time MB Champions

OGMB: James

JBMB: Beck

MB 3.0: Dante

MB 4.0: Fairway to Heaven


MB6.9: #reVOLT

MB007: Spread Eagles 

All time MB Match Play records, sorted by points won:

Abe 10-3-1

Beck 9-4-1

Adam 8-5-2

#Coates 8-3-1

Dante 7-2-1

Dan 7-5-1

James 6-3-2

Bill Poch 4-5-1

Ryan 3-6-3

Campbell 3-3-2

Chris Cote 4-0-0

Ken Nee 4-0-0

Duce 3-5-1

Crooky 3-1-0

Jamie 2-6-3

Jeremy 3-7-1

Andy 3-4-0

Marty 3-8-0

Artie 2-1-1

Paul 2-6-1

Nick Y 2-2-0

Bill Nichols 1-2-1

Ogga 1-2-1 

Justin Hill 1-2-1

Dennis 1-5-1

Old Brian 1-1-0

Ed 1-2-0

Spanky 1-3-0

Johnny 0-2-1

Mike Goose killer 0-2-0

Uncle Joe 0-4-0

Course list:

OGMB: Heritage Plantation, Heathland, Moorland, Parkland

JBMB: Eagles Nest, Myrtlewood Pinehills, Myrtlewood Palmetto, Pine Lakes

MB 3.0: River Oaks, True Blue, Heathland, Parkland, Moorland

MB 4.0: Caledonia, River Oaks, The Witch, Man O'War, Wizard

MBV: True Blue, River Oaks, Heritage, Heathland, Moorland, Parkland

MB6.9: Oyster Bay, Dye, Fazio, Norman, Love courses at Barefoot

MB007: Moorland, Heathland, Parkland, Moorland 


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