June 10, 2013

12 down, 4 to go. Cup Predictions Here

As we all know by now, the Bruins completely dismantled the Penguins with a 4-0 sweep in the Eastern Conference Finals, obviously. Who didn't see that one coming? 

Crosby, Malkin, Igninla, Neal, and  Letang were all held pointless in the series. As in none of these clowns scored or even had an assist.... Wait....unless you want to count the series ending goal that Iginla deflected into his own net. Sweet decision bro. great call going with Pitt. Enjoy the Presidents trophy. 

The Penguins never had the lead in the entire series at any point. This is not a typo. 

Rask stopped 134/136 shots and recorded 2 shutouts. 

The Bruins PP went 0 for 13 in the series, although their PK was a perfect 15/15. Get Chara off that PP1 Unit and let him rest! 

In the West, the Blackhawks took down the defending champion Kings, who I have said multiple times remind me a lot of the Bruins. That being said, I think the Bruins are a much deeper team and better defensively than the Kings. Quick I admit is better than Rask (blog to follow comparing those two) but the team defense of the Bruins is suffocating. Ask those stars from Pittsburgh what it’s like to try to get through the Bruins. Aint happenin. 

When it comes to picking a winner for the Stanley Cup, I fail to see how anyone can pick against the Bruins. What else do they need to do to prove the doubters? They beat teams with great goalies. They beat teams with great forwards. They beat teams that are fast. They beat teams that (foolishly) try to play physically with them. They have the experience/leadership that ensures they wont take any games off. 99% of the roster has already won a Cup. 

To me, it’s a complete no brainer. I do not mean to trash the Hawks in this blog… more that I’m lifting the Bruins up way above them. For the record, as of this writing, I really like the Hawks. I respect Toews' game. Patrick Kane is NASTY. I like some of their D men and I truly fear Hossa in this round. (One of my former favorite players)

So, if you want to pick the Hawks, I guess that’s OK. But anyone picking the Blackhawks to beat the Bruins in anything less than 7 games is on crazy pills. Why you ask? 


Yea that’s right. 10 friggin years since a team has beat the Bruins in a series before the 7th game. It’s pretty insane to think about. Obviously this team is vastly different than the 2003 roster… so if you want to just talk about Claude Julien's Bruins, well, now we can say “Julien has never lost a series that hasn’t gone 7 games as Bruins coach.” Boom. Fire him for sure. Right everyone? 

Here are ALL of the Bruins recent playoff series outcomes in backwards order:

2013 ECF- Beat Pitt in 4
2013 ESF- Beat Rangers in 5
2013 EQF- Beat Leafs in 7
2012 EQF- Loss to Capitals in 7 
2011 SCF- Beat Canucks in 7 (LOL)
2011 ECF- Beat Lightning in 7
2011 ESF- Beat Flyers in 4
2011 EQF- Beat Canadiens in 7 (LOL)
2010 ESF- Loss to Flyers in 7
2010 EQF- Beat Sabres in 6
2009 ESF- Loss to Hurricanes in 7 
2009 EQF- Beat Canadiens in 4
2008 EQF- Loss to Canadiens in 7
---Claude is hired----
2007- Missed Playoffs
2006- Missed Playoffs
2005- Lockout/Kill/Fail
2004 EQF- Loss to Canadiens in 7 
2003 EQF- Loss to Devils in 5 games 

Like I said… incredibly impressive. This team goes the distance, so it's foolish to pick the Hawks in anything except 7 games. 


Overall I think each game will be close, like it was with the Penguins. Sure, the Bruins won that series 4-0, but like the coach said, it wasn’t a 4-0 series. 2 of the games could have gone either way.  I think something similar will happen in the Stanley Cup Final. Close games, but I like the Bruins to take it down. I’d love to see the hawks extend the series to Game 6 so that the Bruins hopefully have a chance to wreck my bank account and win the cup on home ice. However, I think the Bruins have finally figured out that "killer instinct" thing they were missing the past few seasons and will make fairly quick work of the Hawks.  

Bruins win the Cup in 5 Games!! (just got chills typing that)

as Dave Goucher would say..."Get the Duckboats ready !"


  1. Great comments James. I love all your stat knowledge about our Bruins. I agree we will win but I fear the stress of a game 7. Really want to see a cup win in Boston but I will take it anywhere we can get it. I love our team, no one guy does it all or tries to do it all, it is truly a "Bruin Team ". Love mom

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