February 3, 2012

Giants-Patriots Part 2 : A Jets Fans Perspective

Written by guest writer, JETS fan Jeremy Tannenbomb

            It was four years ago I had to deal with the Giants and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. It was an easy decision for whom to root for, the Giants. I was in Massachusetts at school and I dealt with annoying Boston fans on a daily basis. It didn’t help the Yankees had been overtaken by the Red Sox for that short period of time. Plus, I would never root for the Patriots, as they are the Jets rival. This year is different. I know I have to root for the Giants but it won’t be as easy as it was 4 years ago.

            Let’s rewind to week 16. Jets vs. Giants, with both teams needing a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Needless to say, it was a horrible game and the Jets were on their way to a terrible collapse. I then started to realize how much I hate Giants fans. They seem just as obnoxious as Patriots fans. The Jets are apparently the Giants little brother, they own OUR stadium, etc. We are not rivals. We play once every four years. Go about your business and worry about your own division and conference. It doesn’t help that I deal with trash talking from Giants fans a lot because of what my fat Jets coach says. Still, after all this, I still can’t root for the Patriots over the Giants. I only hate Giants fans, not the team. Patriots, I hate both.

            The AFC was very weak this year in my opinion. Once the playoffs seedings were set it was easy to see the Patriots cruising to yet another Super Bowl. Especially if they avoided the Steelers, who had crushed them earlier in the season (Thanks Tebow, maybe you should have lost to Big Ben…). I figure, well I don’t mind rooting for 5 of the 6 teams in the NFC granted the Patriots should make the Super Bowl. What are the odds the Giants actually make it all the way to the Super Bowl and face off against the Patriots? Well that is exactly what happened. My football worst nightmare has come true, again. What the hell, the Giants weren’t even good half the season and got very lucky along the way. Tony Romo overthrows a pass to Miles Austin by half a yard or Dan Bailey imploding. A 3 yard pass to Victor Cruz that ends up going for 99 yards because the Jets can’t make a simple tackle. A miracle hail mary at the end of the half against the Packers to gain all momentum. Kyle Williams, being a clown. Why did all those things go the Giants way!?! The NFL hates me, that’s why.

            Ok enough complaining. Time to break this game down irrationally.

Why the Patriots will win:

1.     God Season – Mrs. Kraft unfortunately passed away before the season started. I am telling you, these things matter.

2.     Revenge – Giants ended their perfect season 4 years ago in the Super Bowl, as well as defeating them in New England this season. You are telling me that isn’t constantly on Brady’s mind?

3.     Tom Brady – I hate the guy. For people to say Eli Manning and Tom Brady are on the same level is absurd. Brady is miles ahead of Eli and I would take him every day of the week over Eli.

4.     Reverse Nobody Believes in us factor – The Patriots are favored. They have the better coach and the better QB. Yet for some reason, all I hear is every expert and analyst picking the Giants to win this game.

Why the Giants will win:

1.     Better team – Coach and QB aside. It is plain and simple. The Giants are a much more well-rounded team. From their WR’s to their entire Defense. It is not even close. The Patriots are going to have Julian Edelman covering Manningham. The guy is a WR playing CB. I don’t like those odds.

2.     QB Pressure – When the Jets have been successful against the Patriots it is because they got pressure on Brady. He is very uncomfortable moving around the pocket. JPP, Tuck, and Osi are going to be all over Brady. That should help take out the one thing that makes the Patriots who they are.

3.     Nobody Believes in us factor – They beat them in the Super Bowl, they beat them this season in New England. They are the better team right now. Yet they are underdogs in the game. Queue up the passionate Nobody Believe in us speech pre-game.

Where does this leave us? With a very good game. It pains me to say it, but it’s true. I can’t imagine this game being lopsided. I made it clear I am rooting for the Giants, because when in doubt, NY over Boston every day of the year. Also, I know the field isn’t going to open up and swallow both teams 

(Something like this-around the 1:25 mark).

 Here is my prediction: Giants 27, Patriots 24. More importantly, almost time for Pitchers and Catchers. Go Yankees.