November 26, 2012

Dirty D Playoff Clinching Scenarios

Well, we are entering the last week of the regular season and only 1 team has clinched a playoff spot. Bill, Campbell, Jenna, and Mr. B are all eliminated but play very important matchups vs potential playoff teams. 

Adam, Kait, Sean, Dan, and Paul are all tied for 2nd place. Donny is half a game behind them and Abe is alive but needs help sitting in 8th place right now a full game behind the large 2nd-6th place pack. Below is each team's clinching scenario. 

Tahiti Loungers (9-3, 1546 )
Next Weeks Opponent: the rental guys

I've clinched the #1 seed and regular season crown. 4th consecutive year to qualify for the playoffs. First time I've finished in 1st place in this league. 

Team Ice Cream (7-5, 1593)
Next week's opponent: Angry Pirates

Adam leads the 5-way tie for 2nd place with a commanding points total, the highest in the league. If Adam takes care of business next week vs Campbell (with a win,) he will be the #2 seed and clinch a bye in 1st round of the playoffs, setting up a potential rematch of the 2010 championship vs. me.  If Adam loses, he would no longer be able to get the #2 seed, however, because of his towering points total,  he would clinch a playoff berth if any of the following teams lose: comeback story, A Pinch Better, A1 Providers, the rental guys, The Godfather. Point is, Adam has pretty much already clinched a spot in the playoffs and grabs the #2 seed & bye with a win. 

Victorious Secret (7-5, 1507)
Next Week's Opponent: Comeback Story

Kait has been hot in the past few weeks and built her points total up enough to create a decent amount of breathing room entering the last week. She would clinch a playoff spot with a win.She would clinch the #2 seed and a 1st round bye if She wins and Adam also loses. If Kait loses, she would need a loss from ANY of the following teams to clinch: Sean, Paul, Dan

A Pinch Better (7-5, 1453)
Next Week's Opponent: Eat More Chicken

Same goes for Sean. If he wins, he is in the playoffs. If he loses he would need  2 people below him to also lose or he could get jumped. 

the rental guys (7-5, 1407)
Next Week's Opponent: Tahiti Loungers

Dan clinches a playoff berth with a win. If he loses, he would need Donny to lose or else Dan is eliminated. 

A1 Providers (6-4-2, 1395)
Next Week's Opponent: The Godfather

Paul clinches a playoff berth with a win. If he loses, he would need both Dan & Donny to lose or else Paul is eliminated. 

comeback story (6-5-1, 1283)
Next Week's Opponent: Victorious Secret

Pretty simple for Donny. If he wins, he is in the playoffs for a 2nd consecutive year, despite a very low point total. If he loses, he is out and Adam Kait Dan and Sean all clinch a playoff spot. 

The Godfather (6-6, 1497)
Next Week's Opponent: A1 Providers

To clinch a playoff berth, first and foremost Abe needs to beat Paul. If he does that, he would clinch a spot in the playoffs if Dan, Paul, Sean, Donny or Adam lose. Basically every single matchup would have to go against Abe for him to miss the playoffs, IF he beats Paul. If he loses to Paul, Abe is eliminated and Paul clinches a playoff spot. 

The Crossing Guards (5-6-1, 1457)- What a sudden, disappointing end to Bill's season (0-3-1 the past 4 weeks). Bill had a lot of bad luck down the stretch and has to wait another year to try again for the playoffs.

Boston Patriots (4-6-2, 1380)- Another tough season for Mr. B. He had a solid roster all year but again, this is fantasy football and bad luck struck too early and too often.

Eat More Chicken (3-9, 1433)- Such a brutal start to the season, Jenna came out scorching hot but lost very high matchups and got too far behind. Philip Rivers burned a roster spot the entire year.

Angry Pirates (2-10, 1181)- From champ to chump, Campbell began the season with an epic 10 game losing streak before recently turning it around with a mini 2 game win streak. Credit to the owner for not mailing it in. 

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