February 3, 2014

Leftover Super Bowl Thoughts

Well, that was a blood bath. The Seahawks destroyed the Broncos 43-8 and here are some takeaways from the game:

1. Steroids Defense still wins championships

Despite 2013 being the most offensive season in NFL history, the league's best defensive unit- the Seahawks- proved that Defense still rules in the NFL. The Broncos were THE best offense in NFL history, and they got shut down last night. Here are the past few NFL champs-

2013- Seahawks- #1 in team defense
2012- Ravens- #12 in team defense
2011- Giants- #25 in team defense
2010- Packers- #2 in team defense
2009- Saints- #20 in team defense
2008- Steelers- #1 in team defense
2007- Giants- #17 in team defense

OK- I thought it would be a little better than that... but the teams that ranked lower- 2011 Giants, 2009 Saints, and 2007 Giants, all played GREAT defense in the playoffs/Super Bowl. The Giants beat Brady twice and the 09 Saints took down Peyton.

Point is- You need your defense to play great in the playoffs/SuperBowl if you want to win the big game. You cant be the Chip Kelly 2013 Eagles and expect to win the Super Bowl.

2. Peyton Manning is definitely a big game choker

Most mis-leading stat of all time: Manning set the Super Bowl record for completions yesterday. Make no mistake about it, though, he was bad. The whole team was bad so it's not just his fault... but he really sucked. Every throw downfield was gross. Peyton is basically the offensive coordinator- and he couldn't read the defense at all. There's NO WAY one of the best QBs of all time should be ending a career with just 1 super bowl win, especially because his teams always make the playoffs. That's choke city. The Broncos

3. That Pats would have gotten throttled by Seattle

Just throwing this in there for any delusional/homer Patriots fans.  No one was beating the Seahawks yesterday.

4. Russell Wilson- Amazing QB

This guy is so much like young Brady its crazy. Made some very important 3rd down conversions early in the game. 0 turnovers. Rarely missed a throw. Made a few nice downfield reads. Didn't try to do too much. Let his defense win the game for him. Sound like Brady from the early 2000s? I think so. Guy's here to stay and I would be pretty surprised if he doesn't win another Super Bowl or ten at some point.

5. Percy Harvin

Percy Harvin had an incredible TD return to open the 2nd half. This guy barely played at all this year, much to my own personal disappointment. One of my favorite players in the league, I KNEW he would be an X factor in the game. Way too dangerous of a player not to be. He also had a huge run in the first quarter, and finished with 5 catches as well. Swiss. Army. Knife.

6. Predictions

It was odd to me that sooooo many people were picking the Broncos. They were of course the flashy, easy pick, but still. They eeked out wins vs the Pats and Chargers, neither of which were really that great of teams this year. On the other side you had the Seahawks who took down the Saints and 49ers. The ONLY way you could pick against Seattle is if you believed in the idea that they were a different team on the road... but it was pretty easy to tell that Haters Fueled the Seahawks to victory here. And yes I'm damn proud of the fact that I predicted a Seahawks victory with 51 total points. Spot on. Also, the people you read on this blog- Adam-Jeremy-Wilson-Myself- we all predicted a Seahawks victory so clearly this is the best sports blog of all time.

7. Meme time!!!

For Jeremy-

And... the #1 Classic Meme of all time....

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