February 10, 2014

My reaction to the Michael Sam news

Missou DE Michael Sam came out of the closet yesterday and publicly announced he is gay. This guy is a prospect for the NFL this year and is projected as a 4th round pick.

My reaction to him coming out:

Yawn. Who cares? I mean, I understand that this is big news because somehow no active NFL player has come out of the closet yet, but still... this isn't really football news. Of course there is a sports angle to this... How will the team that drafts Sam deal with the media frenzy surrounding him?  What about the possible backlash of disrupting the culture of an NFL lockerroom? How will his actual draft stock be effected from this news?

Who knows. And who cares? Its 2014. Any person who discriminates against gay people is joke anyway. Grow Up. As a Pats fan, I want players who can play football, irregardless of their sexual orientation. In fact, I'd be really happy if the Pats ended up drafting this guy... he won defensive player of the year award in the SEC this past year... is that good?

 Like the late Al Davis used to say...

PS- Sports blogging in February sucksssssssssss

PPS- Gay people love me. Our male receptionist at work the other day even told me my facial hair was "handsome."

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