December 23, 2019

Updated All Time Dirty D Standings

Updated All Time Dirty D Standings 2009-2019

The 2019 season, our 11th, is in the books. Dedham's adopted son (me) has finally won back the D.  I was able to close out strong with a dominating win over Abe, who had his best season in this league by far. The Boston Patriots- drafted by the late Mr B- made a magical run to the #1 seed, but unfortunately fell just short and came in 3rd place. Mr B. finishes 2nd and 3rd in his last 2 seasons of the league. He ends his fantasy career on a four year playoff appearance run. Very sad to see an original owner leave, Mr B. will be missed by all. Next year we will be changing to fractional scoring, which is all the guy ever wanted in our league. He would be proud. We will have at least 1 new owner in 2020.

Championship Game History
2009- Dan beat Sean
2010- James beat Adam
2011- Campbell beat Kait
2012- James beat Sean (2)
2013- James beat Adam (3)
2014- Campbell beat James (2)
2015- Beckerman beat James
2016- Dan beat James (2)
2017- Kait beat Adam (1)
2018- Beckerman beat Mr. B (2)
2019- James beat Abe (4)

Playoff Appearances
10 (out of 11)- James
7 (out of 11)- Dan
7 (out of 11)- Sean
6 (out of 11)- Adam
6 (out of 11)-  Mr. B
4 (out of 4)- Jeremy
4 (out of 11)- Campbell
4 (out of 11)- Kait
4 (out of 8)- Abe
4 (out of 11)- Bill
3 (out of 11)- Paul
2 (out of 6)- Beckerman
1 (out of 3)- Caleb
1 (out of 4)- Jenna
1 (out of 6)- Donny
0 (out of 3)- Trevor

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