October 16, 2023

MBX Scoring Issue- Needs it's own damn blog

MBX Scoring Issue/Stat Correction

*This shit took so long to figure out, the actual MBX blog will be slightly delayed. But here's what happened*

There was a scoring issue in the anchor match on Sunday. Alec, Justin and Honeywell played as a threesome. The Captains decided to allow Alec to play two matches simultaneously... one against Honeywell, one against Justin Cosgrove. Honeywell won his match with ease. 

We all thought Justin Cosgrove closed out his match 2up with an electric (long) putt on 18. In fact- he lost 2&1. 

-Alec was the only person in the group who kept any kind of score 

-All 3 players somehow incorrectly played under the rule that the max score they could take was a "double par" (meaning an 8 on a par 4, a10 on a par 5) 

-One example of a wildly unfair advantage under these conditions: 

Alec scored a legitimate 7 on Hole 14, which is a Par 4. Justin did not finish the hole, because he already was at 8 strokes before he even got to the green. He picked up his ball.  Alec gave Justin an 8/7 (Justin was stroking on the hole) and incorrectly marked the hole AS, thinking Justin's max of 8 turns into a 7 with the stroke and matches his own legit 7. Clearly a ridiculous and remarkably unbelievable way to score a golf match with strokes on what is likely the hardest course any of these guys have ever played. 

Beckerman brought up what I think is an important question... What even initiated a recounting of the match?

On the drive home on Monday morning, the boys were chatting about different things that happened on Sunday in their matches. Abe mentioned on the 17th hole, he and Paul both scored 11s but Paul won the hole with his 11 net 10,  because he was stroking.  This caused Alec to speak up and mention he fucked up how he scored all their high scoring holes, because they didn't think anyone was allowed to score more than double par. 

This lead to a long conversation behind closed doors with Ken, Campbell, Adam, Duce, and myself with all information from all parties involved. 

The 4 Captains & I agreed that it was clear Alec beat Justin and the most fair course of action was to apply a stat correction that reflected what actually took place. 

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  1. Great strategy to delay having to talk about the collapse by the Bum Squad