January 22, 2012

Boston TE party

Finally, game day has arrived. It feels like we’ve been waiting for this game for a lot longer than a week.  I’ve been reading tons of news stories on this game all week, and the more I think about it the more convinced I am the Patriots cant lose. For 2 reasons:

1.     They can’t lose because if they do, that means Brady & Belichick are somewhat normal. If you’re from the same school of thought that I am, that both Brady and Belichick are at the top of the respective jobs in all time NFL history- then you agree with me that they cannot lose this game. I have no idea how the Ravens plan on stopping Gronk, but if they do, rest assured knowing Hernandez and Welker will more than pick up the slack. 1 thing I am worried about, though, is Hernandez’ health. I do not like this concussion problem he has dealt with all week. If AH absorbs a big hit early on, and gets knocked out of the game, I won’t be near as comfortable.

2.     They can’t lose because this is a revenge game. I’m a big believer in the revenge factor, as a lot of my close friends probably know. If you thought 'Brady looked angry last week, just wait until tonight. He is going to light it up. He is 6-1 all time vs the Ravens with that 1 loss coming at home in the playoffs. I fully expect Brady to have a monster game. I know the Ravens are good, but I’m guessing Ed Reed probably won’t sniff the ball at all today (Last week Brady avoided Champ Bailey like the plague.)

Basically I just do not see the Ravens being able to stop our pass attack. The pats D is a bend-don’t-break type of squad, which should be alright. As long as our DBs keep everything in front of them (Torrey Smith is very fast) we should be fine. Ray Rice is a stud but he isn’t unstoppable. Pats take the lead early, force the Ravens to throw, and Flacco folds in the pressure.

Pats win 33-23

NFC game- Should be a GREAT game. It’s real tough going against the 49ers at home after last weeks miraculous win, but honestly with a gun to my head I’ll take the Giants. They know how to win on the road. They have a near-elite QB in Eli. They have an asshole coach who won’t let them turn the ball over. They have experience. & the world is destined to see the Pats-Giants re-match game.  

Giants win 31-27

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