January 5, 2012

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to the 1st entry of my new Sports Blog. I need to write this post to clarify a few things:

-I am not a great writer. Don’t expect world class language from this blog. Also, I may use some vulgar language from time to time but Ill try to keep it mostly PG 13.

-This is also my first blog ro internet posting experience. Bear with me. I'm sure over the next few weeks I'll get the hang of it and things will look better.

-I usually have very strong opinions & I’m working on admitting when I am wrong.
There will be a decent amount of personal stories & I will be referencing a bunch of inside jokes from time to time. I will also probably have tons of posts about fantasy football, so you will get to know a few of my close friends by name. I argue with them a lot, but it’s all in good nature.

-I highly recommend and I really hope I get a lot of comments from my readers. Feel free to offer a differing opinion. I will try my best to always respond. I promote accountability so feel free to point out when I’m wrong or mistaken as well. Also- If there is something you would like me to write about, just let me know.

-I am hoping to have guest writers from time to time. If you want to write something, let me know first, then send it to me and I’ll post it for you on my blog. I already have an idea where I want to get my friends Jeremy and Wilson to do a mock NFL draft in early April, I know they have done this before and I thought it was great.

My very brief sports background:

Like all kids, I played a bunch of sports when I was growing up. I was raised as a Boston sports fan in multiple states. I currently play Ice Hockey, Dodgeball, Golf, Tennis, Racquetball, Running, Skiing, and Beer Pong. I wish I still played baseball & I also have some football experience. I was the light-weight (115 lbs or less) B team QB in 7th and 8th grade, I don’t think I ever threw a TD pass but I do think I ran one in once. In high school, I played double back up Cornerback, and I routinely got annihilated at practice. I started working at a golf course when I was 14 and my first Summer golfing I got a hole in one at Banbury golf course in Eagle, ID on hole #16. Even with the Ace, I still shot a 103 that day. I also have a new found love of racquet sports- both tennis and racquetball are 2 of my favorite sports to play, and I really wish I played both much more often.

In 2009 I graduated from UMass & got a B.S. in Sport Management. The best decision I ever made up to that point in my life was to take the leap of faith, move across the country, and go to UMass. I was also an ice hockey ref during high school. Also, I played in the annual Church basketball weekend tournament for 2 years in high school, I applied for a scholarship for college when I was a SR and was awarded $200, so technically, I went to college on a basketball scholarship. At Umass, 1 winter my friends & I decided to play intramural b-ball, & in our 2nd game of the season we played some guys from the football team. 1 minute into the game I was the only defender back on a 3-1 fast break, and one of the huge black wide receivers decided to dunk the ball, and he shattered the backboard all over me and him. It was pretty cool and the league called the game a tie so I think it was a moral victory. We lost every other game. I played on a co-ed intramural volleyball team one Fall and that team ALSO lost every game. Ouch.

Oh, and I worked for the Bruins during the 2010-11 season, I got a ring, and then in late June after we won the cup I walked into Mr. Peter Chiarelli’s office and before I even sat down he said “Pack your things & get out of my face cuz your fuckin fired!”

Ok well that last line is a joke, it didn’t actually go down like that- but I did get laid off, which sucks, but at least I can say I have more rings than Dan Marino, Charles Barkley, Barry Sanders, Alex Ovechkin, Lebron James, WES WELKER (hopefully not for long,) and Ted Williams combined.


  1. Didn't your friend Sterling finish higher than you in your FF league? Is it true you didn't even make Playoffs in your FF league?

    That being said, how can anything you post about FF be credible? Maybe you should leave that to Sterling and your other friends.

    This would be one of those times you just have to admit it..
    "-I highly recommend and I really hope I get a lot of comments from my readers. Feel free to offer a differing opinion. I will try my best to always respond. I promote accountability so feel free to point out when I’m wrong or mistaken as well."

  2. Hahah not only did you take your fantasy credibility away but you also took all your other sports credibility away considering you have never won any single game in any sport you have ever played haha

  3. Truth- Sterling DID finish ahead of me in fantasy football this year, despite the fact he said my pick of Jimmy Graham was the worst in the entire draft.

    And Dan- While my intramural track record is shady, when I was a freshman at Umass my hockey team won the championship and I was voted co-MVP! Ask Adam he was there