April 23, 2013

2013 NFL Mock Draft

Last year, we did our first annual NFL Mock Draft. Click Here to see it.

Below is our 2013 NFL Mock Draft. Same people as last year:

James Brown @jrbro0 
Jeremy Tannenbomb @JeremyGuarantee
Matt Wilson @mwilson46

Only difference this year is Jeremy is married and no longer tries to defend the Jets as a respectable NFL franchise. Without further adieu...

1. Kansas City Chiefs- Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M 

This pick is all but locked in. Multiple sources are reporting that the Chiefs have decided on Joeckel... and you certainly cannot blame them. While it is somewhat strange for an Offensive Tackle to go first overall, this is about as close to a sure thing as their is. Joeckel is 6' 6" and 300+ lbs, but at the same time very quick and agile. He has the chance to be a shut-down pass protector in the NFL, and he has shown improvement with run blocking throughout his collegiate career as well. Last year he completely dominated ALL-SEC DE Sam Montgomery as well as Auburn's best DE Corey Lemonier in the 2 biggest games of the season. As a Junior in 2011, Joeckel did an excellent job protecting the Dolphins future NFL QB Ryan Tannehill. The chiefs recently traded for Alex Smith, they KNOW he needs time and protection to even have a chance at success. Current OT Branden Albert has 1 year left on his contract and the Chiefs are currently trying to shop him to the Dolphins, with the idea of replacing him at next week's draft. (James)

With this #1 overall selection, Joeckel will:

-Become the first player selected #1 overall in Texas A&M history.  The highest selection from Texas A &M before this was at #2 overall, most recently in 2011 when the Broncos selected some dude name Von Miller

-Break the streak of Qb's at #1 overall. Luck, Newton, Bradford, Stafford were the last four #1 overall picks

-Become the first ever #1 pick for the Chiefs. AKA they have never selected a player at #1 overall before

2. Jacksonville Jaguars- Dion Jordan, DL/LB, Oregon

One of the main reasons that I have Dion Jordan going with this pick is that I just refuse to believe Geno Smith will go 2nd. It's possible he is worse than Blaine Gabbert. If I were the Jaguars, I would rather grab Tim Tebow and call it a day. Meanwhile, the Jaguars just hired a defensive mind from Seattle. What do we know about Seattle? They were fast, physical, and did a good job rushing the passer. This proved to be a successful formula for the Seahawks and it would seem natural that this will be the plan in Jacksonville. The Seahawks also focused on grabbing impact pass rushers, like Bruce Irvin at #15 last year, and juiced up some later round picks (Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman) to be the ballhawks. Most people seem to believe Jordan is the bigger impact player as opposed to Ezekiel Ansah, so look for this to be the Jaguars choice. (Wilson)

3. Oakland Raiders- Ezekial Ansah, DE, BYU

When I saw that there were 4 individual players that had more sacks than the Raiders last year, 12, it seemed fairly obvious they need a dominant pass rusher. He had 4.5 sacks and batted down 9 passes last year. He has a knack for finding the QB and looks to be one of the best players in this draft at rushing the passer. What is crazy to me is that he came here from Ghana in 2008 to join BYU track and had never before seen a football game. Now he is about to be a top 5 pick in the NFL Draft. (Jeremy)

4. Philadelphia Eagles- Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

With Jordan off the board I am going to guess the Eagles roll the dice on Geno Smith. Their current QBs,Michael Vick and Nick Foles, are nothing special...and I think Chip Kelly wants to draft Smith for 2014 and beyond. Apparently, the entire front office, including Owner Jeffery Lurie, went to West Virginia's Pro day. The coach is on record saying he loves Smith. I don't necessarily agree with it, but all signs point to this being a real possibility. (James)

5. Detroit Lions- Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

So your team has a franchise quarterback in Matt Stafford, the best receiver in football Calvin Johnson, and you've signed a play-making running back in Reggie Bush. Both the quarterback and running back have a reputation of being injury prone. Then, your left-tackle retires. Sounds like you need to find a way to protect your assets. Eric Fisher is the guy that still has a slim chance (as of the day this is written) of dethroning Luke Joeckel from the #1 spot, and the Lions would do well to grab him at #5. The defense is still awful and could use a shutdown corner for games against the Packers and Lions, but the Lions have a lot of money tied up in Stafford and Megatron. Now they need to make sure their stars are on the field and producing. (Wilson)

6. Cleveland Browns- Dee Milliner, CB, Roll Tide

I think this pick is a prime candidate to be traded. I also thought if Geno Smith was available they could take a chance on him here. Anyways, in this scenario I think Dee Milliner is the right pick. The Browns were tied for 2nd most passing touchdowns allowed last season. Put him alongside Joe Haden and you are looking at potentially the best starting CB duo in the league (assuming the Jets trade Revis and Haden doesn't get hurt or suspended). (Jeremy)

7. Arizona Cardinals- Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

The Cardinals usually stick to the "draft the best player available" mantra, so Johnson is the pick in this scenario. Their entire offensive line sucks, so it's a major need to address in this draft. They recently acquired Carson Palmer, and unless they want to pick in the top 5 again they need to give him some sort of protection so he can get the ball to Larry Fitz.(James)

8. Buffalo Bills- Chance Warmack, OG, Roll Tide

I hate that I have this pick. The Bills are so dumb that they could do anything. If they take Nassib, I don't even know. This is one of those picks that could be/should be traded. I think a team looking for Tavon Austin could move up into this range. Instead, I will say that the Bills will grab Chance Warmack with the pick. He was a key reason why the Alabama running game was so good. With Kevin Kolb, the Bills will be looking to run the ball with their pair of backs. Warmack will fill a void left by Andy Levitre, who has left for the Tennessee Titans. (Wilson)

9. Jew York Jets- Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! Would love to have grabbed Warmack if he were available, but he's not so they go with the next best thing in Cooper. The last time they were rebuilding in the draft they took Mangold and D'Brick in the 1st round and they are the staples of their offense (so sad). The addition of Willie Colon shoud be good for the O-line if he can stay healthy but somehow Vlad Ducasse still projects as their starter on the right side and he might be the worst ever 2nd Rd pick in the history of the NFL and the worst OG ever. Barkevious Mingo at DE would be the other option at this pick as he would give the Jets a tremendous pass rusher on the edges. I don't want any of the QBs at this spot as I think they will be there in the 2nd rd if they want or if Revis is dealt they'll have another 1st rd pick (hopefully). I don't think the Jets need to do anything crazy here because I don't think they plan on trying to win this year or next, which is why Cooper is the right pick to strengthen up their O-line and build around their protection. It won't matter who is at QB if Vlad Ducasse is a starter. (Jeremy)

10. Tennessee Titans- Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

The Titans are probably going with an offensive lineman or CB with this pick. I think they may take a gamble on the corner, plus they need more help on the defensive side of the ball. They DO need better QB play from Locker to compete, but they should address that later in the draft and go for Rhodes with this pick. (James)

11. San Diego Chargers- Star Latulelei, DT Utah

Latulelei has been mocked pretty close to the top of some drafts before, but injury concerns may allow him to fall. If this mock falls into place, Latulelei falls into the laps of the Chargers who could really use a big nose tackle to help stop the run. Some will debate whether he or Shariff Floyd should be the first DT off the board, but Latulelei's slightly bigger build makes him a fit in the 3-4 scheme of San Diego. The Chargers would really like one of the offensive lineman to fall to them, but that doesn't happen here. I think it would be reaching to see DJ Fluker go with this pick. (Wilson)

12. Miami Dolphins- D.J. Fluker, OT Roll Tide

I think they would have been a candidate to take Rhodes in this spot but with him off the board they reach slightly with Fluker. They need to replace Jake Long on their line. They are going to need him to step in right away, fill Long's big shoes, and protect 2nd year QB Tannehill if this team is going to improve. (Jeremy)

13. Jew York Jets- Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU

Well Revis is now officially gone from NY and shipped off to Tampa. The Jets get this pick and a conditional 4th round pick next season. I think this deal had to be done at this point. They could have gone with Mingo with the 9th overall pick so this makes sense here. He is a dominant pass rusher which is exactly what the Jets defense needs. He fits in perfectly to Rex Ryan's defensive schemes (for this season atleast, farewell Rex). Let's hope he doesn't turn out like Vernon Gholston and maybe the Jets will have one of the better defensive lines in football in the foreseeable future with Mingo, Wilkerson, and Coples. (Jeremy)

14. Carolina Panthers- Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

Now that the Jets have traded for the 13th pick, one of the main threats to steal Richardson from the Panthers (the Bucs) has been removed. I personally think that the Panthers should be looking to grab Tavon Austin to complement Steve Smith, but that does not seem to be the direction the Panthers are headed in. They can use a big body to help stop the run and way too many people say the Panthers love this guy, so lock it in...even though they should go Austin instead. (Wilson)

15. New Orleans Saints- Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas

I was tempted to have the Saints take Tavon Austin here just because that would be fun to watch. Their defense is so bad though and they need to start strengthening it. Vaccaro can guard the deep ball as well as come in and attack the QB. In a division with Matt Ryan and Cam Newton that will be much needed. (Jeremy)

16. St. Louis Rams- Tavon Austin, WR, West Virgina

If Austin is available at pick #16 you gotta believe the Rams will grab him. He fills a major need for St Louis- an offensive playmaker that can really, REALLY help Sam Bradford. Austin will play out of the slot mostly, and be heavily involved in both the short passing game as well as the running game. Basically the Rams will be making this pick hoping he can be the next version or Percy Harvin/ Randall Cobb. (Both property of Blunts & Punts, inquire within) (James)

17. Pittsburgh Steelers- Jarvis Jones, LB, Georgia

With James Harrison old and signing in Cleveland, the Steelers have an opening at outside linebacker. The Steelers have had good linebackers since I can remember and I can't imagine them leaving this as a whole. My boy Greg Cosell, who I trust more than just about any football analyst, believes Jarvis Jones is the best pass rusher available in the draft. He's not the athlete that Jordan or Ansah can be, but he is still a genetic freak. He's a little bit of a character concern, which could allow him to fall to the Bengals, but the Steelers defense wouldn't miss a beat with this guy. It's really a case of the perfect player falling to the perfect team that might have us saying "how did 16 teams let him get to Pittsburgh?" in a few years. (Wilson)

18. Dallas Cowboys- Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

Monte Kiffin is the new D-Coordinator in Dallas and his system calls for a big guy in the middle. This fits. (Jeremy)

19. Jew York Giants- Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington

The Giants need help on defense. Linebacker, defensive end, and corner all need to be upgraded. They could address any of these needs at the 19th pick, but I selected Trufant for them under the assumption that they will wait on the other two positions. Trufant is the younger brother of Marcus, who was a 1st round pick in 2003. The Desmond Trufant hype train has picked up major steam since the conclusion of the NCAA season, and for good reason.  This still may be a bit too early for him... but the gamble is probably worth the risk. I love Trufant and I could see Coughlin liking him as well, specifically cuz this kid Desmond is a hard worker, excellent in the run-stopping game, and again, hes the younger brother of an All Pro. That means something. (James)

20. Chicago Bears- Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

The Bears have had a clusterfuck at Tight End over the past few years. Greg Olsen was a decent option, but he was part of a Mike Martz offense that has never been able to utilize TEs. Kellen Davis was a disaster. We know Jay Cutler likes throwing to Tight Ends based on his days with Tony Scheffler, but he just has not had that option. While they signed the Black Unicorn, my guess is that the Bears will understand that TE is the biggest mismatch position in football. Get one that's a good receiver with size and you have something potentially devastating - Eifert fits that bill. I don't remember him being as good in college as Kyle Rudolph was, but he is an upgrade on the crap in Chicago. It's crazy that DJ Hayden hasn't gone yet, but the Eifert pick is just too much of a fit. The other direction they could go is DeAndre Hopkins to work alongside Brandon Marshall.(Wilson)

21. Cincinnati Bengals- D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston

Funny you mention that Wilson, as he is next off the board. I think the Bengals have missed Jonathan Joseph since he skipped town for Houston. DJ Hayden fits the bill here. Very good value with this pick. They could go with Lacy to complement the Law Firm, but I think Lacy slides a bit further than this. (Jeremy)

22. St. Louis Rams- Eddie Lacy, RB, Roll Tide

Funny you mention that Jeremy, as he is next off the board. The Rams need a lot of help in a lot of places, including OLB and an interior offensive lineman, but they lost Steven Jackson in the off season (to the Falcons) and I'm guessing/hoping they go with Lacy here for a couple reasons. First off, there's no one left on the board who is a sure-fire tier 1 NFL prospect. This year has 12-15 1st tier players, so the back half of the first round is going to be ALLLLLL over the place. It's still kind of a reach to grab Lacy at 22, so there's a good chance they trade down if they actually decide they want him. I'm not a believer in Isaiah Pead or Daryl Richardson and Jeff Fischer has successfully drafted 1st round RB's in the past (Eddie George, Chris Johnson.) A first round take of Lacy/Austin would be pretty electric. (James)

23. Minnesota Vikings- Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

It wasn't that long ago that the Williams Wall was fantasy death for running backs. Then Kevin Williams got old and Pat Williams got really old. It's time to bring it back, though. A big body like Sylvester Williams should free up Jared Allen on the pass rush (as if he needs more room) and will help stuff the run. If any of the corners that have already gone thus far slip, I think the Vikings will go that direction first, but Williams still fits a need. (Wilson)

24. Indianapolis Colts- Datone Jones, DE, UCLA

I feel like Jones could be a sneaky surprise pick in the top 15 or 20. With Freeney gone (still on FA market) and Mathis getting older this pick makes sense. He's a very versatile linemen who could get in the backfield on the outside or inside. They could also opt for a WR and give Luck another weapon such as Keenan Allen or Cordarelle Patterson. (Jeremy)

25. Minnesota Vikings- Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

The Vikings are in desperate need of an offensive play-maker now that Percy has departed. As good as AP is, he cant take on 10 guys in the box. The Vikings will almost assuredly grab one of the top 3 WR's in this draft- and with two selections in the first round I fully expect them to grab one here or at pick #23. Assuming Tavon Austin is off the board, the choice will be between Patterson and DeAndre Hopkins. Patterson and Tennessee teammate Justin Hunter are both athletic freaks, but Patterson is more pro-ready and hes the choice here. (James)

26. Green Bay Packers- Bejoern Werner, DE, Florida State

They won't do what I want them to do; that much I know. First option is trading down. Unless someone slips, they could let someone itching for Nassib move up, and add depth while only dropping back a few picks. The offensive linemen I really like are off the board, Ted Thompson does not believe in spending on running backs (rightfully so), and the receiving corps isn't exactly a weakness. I think they kept Jermichael Finley because they knew Eifert would be gone. So based on this mock, it leaves me hoping they will draft Alec Ogletree. Unfortunately, they took Nick Perry last year so it probably won't happen. They also won't reach for Robert Woods as they are more apt to hope Keenan Allen falls. That leaves us with Werner - a DE with decent enough size that he might be able to play the 3-4. I just hope they don't take Justin Pugh (so they will). (Wilson)

27. Houston Texans- Menelik Watson, OT, Florida State

Everything I have read points to Watson going in the first round. I think the Texans could go WR here for a complement to Andre but there are still a number of WRs on the board that I think they can wait. This would upgrade them at RT and shore up their offensive line. Help protect Schaub and block for Foster are the keys to the Texans taking their next step. (Jeremy)

28. Denver Broncos- Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia

I wanted him to go to the Packers, but the Broncos would be thrilled if Ogletree falls into their laps. They lost Dumervil to Baltimore, but Ogletree could easily fill that void. Ogletree can rush the passer, cover the pass, and even stop the run. He might not be the explosive pass rusher that Dumervil was, but he could be a more complete player. With Champ Bailey getting older, Jamar Taylor could be an option here as well. (Wilson)

29. New England Patriots- Jamar Taylor, CB, Boise State 

BBBBBBBB BOISE STATE. For the second year in a row it looks like a Broncos play maker will be drafted before the end of Round 1. The knock on Taylor, like Doug Martin last year, is that he may not have faced the best competition in college, so the questions of his game translating his game at the next level are there. Listen, I get it. Boise State plays high school teams... makes it hard to judge their talent. BUT,  like Martin last year, teams can take advantage when these guys fall. Taylor has blazing speed and possesses the character makeup that is required in the Patriots locker room  He is a weight room and film room freak. He tracks the ball well and can lay a big hit offensive ball carriers  His weakness is press coverage... although like most guys like this you don't really know how he will fare in the NFL with more practice. Overall, Taylor is a good prospect and with the need at the position, its ALMOST a sure thing that he will be picked in the first round. If not, he will be gone within the first couple picks of the 2nd round. Bottom line is I myself and the Patriots would both love to see this guy in Foxboro next year. Below are his career highlights. Also, it's worth noting that I like Taylor significantly more than I liked Kyle Wilson coming out of Boise State. Last year, Taylor was making plays all over the field. The Patriots need a lot of help in the secondary and would be wise to grab one of the top 5 corners at this spot. (James)

30. Atlanta Falcons- Kyle Long, OL, Oregon

CB is a huge need for them but with Taylor just coming off the board they will look elsewhere. They could also get their TE of the future here with a guy like Ertz. Rather then focus on the future, they need to focus now. Long can play all over the line at Guard and Tackle. They will probably start him at Guard right away and potentially build him into a future starting tackle down the line. This team runs through their offense and getting better protection for Matt Ryan will certainly help. (Jeremy)

31. San Francisco 49ers- DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

This is the hardest team to mock for because they have 13 draft picks this year. 13. That's insane. They have a ton of room to make risky moves, so they may move as far up as the top 10. Who knows. They need a Defensive End and a Safety. If Datone drops to this spot he is a no brainer.... The reason I selected Hopkins here in the lock is because there is no way he falls this far. There is no doubt that a team will trade into the 20's to grab Hopkins. The Patriots could grab him at 29. Also, the 49ers could decide to draft the best player avail even though he may not fill a need, which would be Hopkins. Hopkins is a stud. Hes good at everything. He's not blazing fast, or he would be a top 5 pick, but he has good speed, great athleticism, he plays well in the spotlight, tenacious... From watching a few highlights he reminds me of a lot of my boy Roddy White. (James)

32. Baltimore Ravens- Matt Elam, S, Florida

The Bernard Pollard and Ed Reed era has ended in Baltimore. It's not often that a Super Bowl Champion does a complete overhaul of a position, but that's what is happening this year with the Ravens. They could benefit from a young playmaker and that's exactly what Elam is. There is a chance that Elam is long gone at this point, which could lead to them selecting Jonathan Cyprian. Either way, this looks like a quick rebuilding job by Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore. (Wilson)

PS- Fuck Manti Te'o. Just like his girlfriend... nowhere to be found. (in this mock)

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