June 15, 2012

Bruins won the Cup 1 year ago today

Bruins won the cup on June 15, 2011. Here are some of my favorite videos and pictures from the stanley cup run. I didn't have this blog up and running back then, so I'd like to at least have a quick link to all this awesome Bruins Stanley cup swag:

Top Videos:

Top Images:

Ference giving the Canadien home crowd the finger after scoring a goal

Best taunt ever

Me and some other Bruins employees w Krejci after the parade (We were on the same boat as him and Looch)

This pic was on the front of the Boston globe. Thats me with the sunglasses on. See me taking a pic? 

Me and Stanley

Greatest Photo Ive ever taken

Incredible photo when you take into consideration the small pic on the left in the background... that's Bobby Orr drinking from the cup almost the exact same way Chara is! The Bruins put those photos n the lockerroom before game 7 for inspriation. Worked. 
Me and fellow Idahoan Beets Johnson, equipment manager for the B's right before the parade

Great Story here: This was taken in the Bruins offices on the morning of 6/16/11 right after the Bruins got back from VAN. Rask was wasted, Shawn Thornton wanted to make the rounds around the office to congratulate everyone (he's the man!) so he told Tuukka (Who was relying on #22 for a ride home) to chill w the conference trophy because he couldn't be trusted w the cup

Me on the Garden Ice a few hours before Game 7 

Me and Bobby Orr at Ice level in the Garden before Game 3 

This was painted in the bathroom of the Bruins Office

Handshake line after beating the Lightning. Standing next to friend and co-worker Sarah Fucigna  while taking this

Handshake line after beating the Flyers. Was sitting w my buddy Dan Cosgrove for this one

Handshake line after beating the Canadien. Sweated this incredibly nervous OT with buddy/ co worker Chris Silvia 

Cam and LB discussing who's more bad ass before one of the game sin Boston. 

Rene and the colorguard for Game 3 of the Finals. Rene fist bumped me almost every game during these playoffs before he went out to sing
The jacket. Awesome. 
My mom and blades outside the Garden before Game 4

Me on the Duck Boat! In the middle white T shirt hanging out taking a picture. 

View of the top of the ring

Bad view of the side of the ring, Has my name "BROWN" and says "SALES" at the bottom

My Aunt and Uncle who sit on the glass and have had season tickets for 15 years 

The Crew I watched Game 7 with. Adam, Bill, Paul, Kelly, Abe, Dennis, Jenna, Kait, Homer

Jenna and Kait at the Parade 

Me "inside the ropes" at the Parade 

Me on the Duck Boat 

Sales Team pic with the Cup 

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