July 9, 2014

Lebron back to Cleveland?!?

As a staunch Lebron supporter since Day 1, I have to weigh in on this issue.  In a shocking turn of events, Cleveland seems to be the favorite to sign free agent Lebron James.  

I LOVE IT. So Much. I think it would be awesome for Lebron to go back to Cleveland and start winning championships there, too. Of course people will probably rip him apart, but I think a lot of people will end up hating him a lot less in the long run. That's what he wants- to be loved like MJ. His agent has said in the past he wants Lebron to go back to Cleveland eventually. 

The Cavs and Lebron broke up in a bad way in Summer 2010. Dan Gilbert (Cleveland Owner) was hurt, and angry. He actually guaranteed the Cavs would win a title "before the self proclaimed King." (perfect example of a Jeremy Guarantee.)  The world turned against Lebron.... he became a villain, from the moment "The Decision" aired on ESPN back in July of 2010. Irrational hate from nearly every angle.

In his 4 years in Miami, Lebron won 2 titles and made 4 appearances in The Finals. Multiple MVPs. However, this past year, the Heat got waxed and bad feelings came out of the Finals.

Pat Riley (Heat President) indirectly called out James, Wade, and Bosh a month ago saying something about not taking the easy way out by leaving Miami. Wade opted out and is staring at a massive pay cut, but will likely stay in Miami. Bosh currently has a max offer contract on the table from Houston, but is waiting to make a decision because he wants to play with Lebron (In Miami).  

Lebron is meeting with Riley and a couple other Heat VIP today in Vegas. Over the weekend there were growing rumors that James to Cleveland was a real possibility. Things got very interesting this morning when the Cavs made a trade to clear cap space, apparently to take on a max contract for Lebron. 

And then things got VERY interesting a few minutes ago the most plugged-in NBA news source tweeted this out: 

SO now it looks like everything is coming up CLEVELAND. Lebron. Love. Kyrie Irving. I really hope this happens*!!!!!! 

*because if it doesn't.... and Lebron ends up screwing over Cleveland again...I don't know if I could ever support that- depending on the details that emerge on how deep in talks they are right now.

PS. The current rumor is when Lebron does make his  "decision"  it will be announced on his website. Let the irrational hate start flowing for that too. 

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