June 30, 2014

MA Golf League- June 2014

June Golf League is in the books. We only got 3 rounds in, a total of 27 holes. June sucked- We had a rain out, and low overall  participation.  Adam and I both scored higher in June than we did in May. We tied June in raw score.

Week 6- 6/6/14- Right Course 
James 44
Adam 46
Beck 48
Dan 55

(This round was so disgusting we forgot to take a picture)
Week 7- 6/20/14- Middle Course 
James 49
Adam 50

Week 8- 6/27/14- Right Course 
Adam 41
James 44
Dan 46

Here are the JUNE stats. Just 3 matches, 27 holes total.

And here are the OVERALL stats for 2014. 8 matches, 72 holes total.

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