December 22, 2014

Angry Pirates Win 2014 Championship with blowout victory over Tahiti Loungers

Congrats to Matt Campbell and the Angry Pirates for winning the Dirty D this year with a Win this week over my team, the two time defending champs, Tahiti Loungers.

The matchup isn't even over yet, but I've already lost to Campbell after my team scored a total of 90 points.

The 90 point output is the second lowest in franchise history, and the lowest score I've had in 3 years. This year's most productive fantasy producer- Andrew Luck- was pulled in the game and left me with 0 fantasy points. Unbelievable. There were a handful of other major disappointments (Greg Olsen, Jamaal Charles) but it all added up to a gross week for me and it just wasn't my week/year to win.

The Angry Pirates, however, came to play. With 3 guys going tonight (including AJ Green and Peyton Manning), this team has already scored 97 points is projected for a healthy 147. Campbell jumped out to a 47-0 lead after the Saturday games and never looked back.

The "D" will be passed on for the first time since we got the trophy, and it will be going back to the last champion before me, Campbell. STILL just 3 of us have ever won the league- Dan (the rental guys) Campbell, and myself. #exclusive

Better luck to everyone else involved next year, but for now, all hail the new fantasy king:

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