January 2, 2013

Fantasy Football Playoff Edition

I was invited to play in a fantasy football league with a bunch of guys that went to UMass.

The way it works is every person constructs a roster of 12 players, 1 from each NFL playoff team. Yahoo Standard scoring is used. This isn't head to head, it's total fantasy points added up after the Super Bowl. Here is the lineup I came up with (hopefully this blog doesn't help anyone else in the pool construct THEIR roster):

QB: Aaron Rodgers 
QB: Tom Brady 
WR: Michael Crabtree
WR: AJ Green
WR: Demaryius Thomas
RB: Adrian Peterson
RB: Arian Foster
TE: Tony Gonzalez
TE: Dennis Pitta
Flex: Alfred Morris
Flex: Marshawn Lynch
Def: Indianapolis 


-Aaron Rodgers was a no brainer. I think the Packers and Pats meet in the Superbowl, and QB is the highest scoring position. Add in the extra game Rodgers plays this wild-card weekend and this is one of the most obvious selections. 

-The actual most obvious selection is AP. I highly doubt anyone in the pool doesn't pick AP from the talent-less Vikes.  

-Michael Crabtree is my difference making pick. This guy has been an absolute stud since Kaepernick has taken over. I'm hoping not too many teams take the chance on Crabtree... It is very likely that SF Def or Frank Gore would be the most popular choice from the 49ers. Another kinda crazy pick would be Vernon Davis. He sucked all year but last year's playoffs were his coming out party and maybe he will rise to the occasion again. He's too talented and important to be kept down in do or die games. 

-AJ Green is another very easy pick. It's him, Greshem, or the defense from the Bengals. 

-I ended up picking the Colts defense because my 2 flex spots came down to these 3 teams: Wash, Indy, Seattle. I think the 2 most explosive flex guys on all 3 of those rosters are Morris and Lynch (over Wayne, Garcon, or Hilton) so I was forced to use Indy's defense. 

-At Tight End I strongly considered Gronk, but ultimately ruled him out. I think T Gonz is a very solid pick from Atlanta, and Dennis Pitta may not be the sexiest name out there but he has picked up his numbers since the coordinator got axed. The 2nd TE spot is probably going to be gross on a lot of teams in this pool. 

-I'm confident in this roster. I think it's important to realize a lot of the rosters are going to look very similar (there even may be another entry or 2 that's exactly the same as mine) so each selection is very, very important. 

-It will be interesting to see how people pick the Broncos and Pats. Both QBs are studs, yet both teams have great fantasy RBs (especially Denver) and other elite weapons (Thomas, Decker, Gronk, Hernandez, Welker) and both are not playing this weekend. 


  1. (1)QB1: A. Rodgers [Packers]

    (2)QB2: P. Manning [Broncos]

    (3)WR1: T. Smith [Ravens]

    (4)WR2: A. J. Green [Bengals]

    (5)WR3: R. Wayne [Colts]

    (6)RB1: A. Morris [Redskins]

    (7)RB2: M. Lynch [Seahawk]

    (8)TE1: R. Gronkowski [Patriots]

    (9)TE2: T. Gonzalez [Falcons]

    (10) Flex1 (WR/RB): A. Foster [Texans]

    (11) Flex2 (WR/RB): A. Peterson [Vikings]

    (12) DEF: 49ers [49ers]


  2. Don't understand how AP is an "obvious" pick. You basically knew he was only going to give you one game. Wouldn't a less explosive back on a better team that would go deeper be a better option?

  3. Well, considering you HAVE to take a Vikings player, yes I think AP is an obvious pick. If you don't select AP, you have to choose someone else and there is just no other option on the Vikings. Rudolph or the Defense were the only other choices you could build a (weak) case for, but it would be foolish to to take someone so inconsistent (Rudolph) or such a low ceiling (MIN def) over AP. Assuming the Viking only play 1 game, with the way AP had been playing, I just don't see any way you could pass on AP. He has been consistently putting up 20 point efforts. On top of all that you KNOW most every team is taking AP and I for one would rather pick a different spot to try and gain on the competition. AP is just too explosive to bet against. If you or anyone else can make a case for not selecting AP I'd love to hear it.