January 25, 2013

Fantasy Football Scoring Week 3

Here is the updated scoring with only the Super Bowl to go and some random notes:

-Odds on favorite at this point has to be Tyler Munroe. He has the starting RBs for both teams and as long as Ray Rice outscores the BAL def he should have no issue catching Chad’s boss

-Dan Murphy and I will be rooting for a huge performance from Crabtree. If he goes off, I'll need Pitta to stay at least 3 points ahead of Rice, but either way Dan or I could come from behind FTW. 

-Sean Stiegerwald and Clusky had monster performances this past week. They finished 1-2 in weekly scoring and it wasn’t close.  Julio Jones can be thanked. You can find him on the golf course. 

-Might be awkward at work: Chad is almost in last while his boss is setting the pace in first

-UMass had a horrible showing in this pool, highlighted by the dubious performances currently slotted 13th-17th….. Maybe (hopefully) some of the people I don’t know went to Umass as well.

1. Chad's Boss- 285 (BAL Def & Gore)
2. Tyler Munroe- 281 (Rice & Gore)
3. Dan Bastable- 271 (Rice & Davis)
4. Sean Steigerwald- 266 (Pitta & Davis)
5. James Brown- 259 (Pitta & Crabtree)
6. Dan Murphy- 256 (Rice & Crabtree)

7. Clusky- 251 (Rice & Davis) (Eliminated)
8. Mike Barbagallo- 250 (Pitta & SF Def)
9. Mikey Paniello- 243 (Rice & Davis) (Eliminated)
10. Dougie Dodge- 242 (Rice & Crabtree) (Eliminated)
11. Peaches- 241 (Rice & SF Def)
12. Brian Davis- 239 (Pitta & Crabtree) (Eliminated)
13. Tarak Patel- 227 (Smith & SF Def)
14. Jeremy Tannenbaum- 225 (Rice & Crabtree) (Eliminated)
15. Michael Beckerman- 220 (Pitta & SF Def) (Eliminated)
16. Joe Webber- 213 (Rice & Crabtree) (Eliminated) 
T-17. Chad Denardis- 197 (Rice & SF Def) (Eliminated) 
T-17. Jigga- 197 (Rice and SF Def) (Eliminated)
19.  Dodge- 180 (Rice and SF Def) (Eliminated) 

Week 3 scoring:

Brady 12
Ryan 25
Pitta 11
T Smith 6
Rice 12
T Gonz 13
Julio 30
Roddy 10
Gore 21
Tree 3
VD 16
BAL D 10
SF D 5

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