February 13, 2013

Awesome non-sports Hypothetical game

You are being forced to spend the next 10 years of your life in a basement. After those 10 years, you will receive $10 million. Your basement comes fully furnished with a good bed, a sink, a toilet, a shower, and a trash chute. You are given a bonus of 30 points to spend on items/amenities you can take with you to your basement. 

Bonus: If you half your $10 million to just $5 million, you will receive 35 points to spend. If you you reduce your payout to $0, you can spend 40 points. 

My choices-

I'd take the $10mill when I got out and spend the 30 points on:

TV (7)- Easy choice here. 52" TV with all cable channels AND premium packages? Awesome. I can watch all sporting events, I can listen to music through the music channels, and I can watch movies on the premium channels. 

Kitchen (6)- Really what it comes down to is do you want your own fully functional kitchen or would you prefer Chef's to send food every day. Well, it's going to be pretty boring for 10 years so I would definetly pick the fully equipped kitchen with all ingredients. With unlimited time and resources, I'd be making some pretty amazing and delicious stuff.

Gym (5)- Another very easy choice. I'd come out of this 10 year period jacked and in amazing shape.

Booze (5)- This was the last item I picked. Kept going back and forth on if I wanted the temptation of alcohol around for 10 years.  Ultimately, I think the unlimited booze is going to come in a lot of handy & I can't watch Bruin's playoff games without some sort of alcohol to calm me down. As I write this is is clear to me that NOT choosing booze is a stupid decision.

Hygiene Products (3)- Easy choice. No way I want to hang around 10 years with no soap and no toothpaste. 

Medical Care (2)- This is more of a preventative choice. I just think medical care for 2 points is a good way to enure I stay alive during these 10 years. It would suck to somehow get the flu or something and die because you didnt want to spend 2 points on medical care. 

Skylight (2)- Oh yea. I think sunlight for a few hours a day would be necessary for me to make it through the 10 years. Can people even live without sunlight for 10 years? I'm guessing yes but I'm sure there would be some pretty bad side effects. 

Other items I considered:

I really thought hard about using 5 extra points and only taking $5mil after 10 years. I can't blame anyone who chooses that option. (Although I think anyone who takes 10 extra points and NO prize money is an idiot.)

Stunningly attractive 18 year old- I was never close to choosing this. 18 points? Is that serious? No thanks. Sure the 18 year may sleep with you on demand but can you imagine being stuck in a basement for 10 years with ANY chick? Nope. (the one exception here would be  Ms. Nobody wins on the blue. I could handle that. Maybe not for 18 points though.) 

Workshop- This is an interesting one because a work shop with all supplies and all tools would be pretty phenomenal. Not my cup of tea but I still almost picked it

Internet- 16 points is just too much for the internet. Even for me, someone who cannot live without fantasy football.... even I cant spend 16 on the internet. 

Surround sound system with all music- This is an awesome choice, but like I said earlier that TV option will have dozens of music channels and that would suffice for me. 

Pool Table- 1 point is cheap and I've always wanted to be nasty at pool. 

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