December 26, 2013

2013 Dirty D Recap

The fantasy football Gods awarded me with my 3rd "D" after beating Adam and Team Ice Cream last Sunday.

Here's the final tally:

Some notes:

-Andy Dalton won me this championship. He was the 2nd best QB in Week 16, proving that a fantasy title CAN be won with a QBBC.

Over the past 4 weeks, here are the QB scoring leaders:

1. Peyton 126
2. Foles 99
3. Dalton 91
4. Brady 82
5. Tannehill 75

And here are the QBs I used (With Rodgers on my bench)

Week 13- Dalton 9
Week 14- Flacco 19
Week 15- Tannehill 26
Week 16- Dalton 33

That's 87 points. QBBC baby!

-Aaron Rodgers never played 1 week for me this year. I took a gamble trading for him back in November... he never came back. This mostly effected Jordy Nelson, who was a completely different fantasy receiver before and after Rodgers went down. Next year, I expect Nelson to come at a discount in drafts. He's a top 10 fantasy WR with Rodgers at the helm. Sticking with the Pack, Eddie Lacy was a stud all year. Easily the best trade I made this season, (K Thompkins for Lacy) I was paid off in a big time in Week 16 with a 2 TD performance from Lacy. AND he left the game early.

-My team actually scored the most points in Weeks 14, 15, AND 16. That means no matter who I played in any week, I would have won the D. This normally isn't the case, but it was this year, and I am happy knowing that I clearly had the best team at the end of the season. Over those 3 weeks my team averaged 172 points per week. In Week 15, I set a new franchise record (and 2nd highest score in League history) with 203 points. And it feels great because through all 33 weeks I had to spot start guys like Rod Streater, Jordan Todman, and of course my QBBC. I definitely earned/deserve this D.

-Congrats to Jenna and her team Eat More Chicken for 3rd place. No #sophomoreslump here!

-Jamaal Charles obv was a monster contributor to this title. You can even argue that I actually won the big trade with Adam where I got Rodgers and Charles, simply because Charles was such a beast down the stretch.

-I swung and missed on Rueben Randle. I love the guy's talent but he didn't come through for me. Next year I expect a rebound from Eli and the Giants so Randle will be on my radar.

-Adam has ALWAYS loved Reggie Bush. BUT... that was before Reggie cost Adam a "D."  Bush fumbled in the first half and dropped a big pass in the 2nd half, and was benched for Joique Bell for most of the game. Joique actually had a career high in carries, and even the 3rd string RB came in for a TD over Bush in the second half.... Not that anyone would have ever suggested this move... but if Adam had ever played Joique over Bush, he would have won  the matchup 142-134. Ouchy.

-Ryan Mathews is a beast. If you've been burned by him in the past, ( I have!) You should probably get over it and seriously think about drafting this guy next year. He's young, talented, and maybe he found a way to stay healthy. Finished as the #16 RB in our league this year, and keep in mind there was a long stretch where Woodhead was stealing all of the playing time.

-Streaming Defenses is King. I ended up rolling with the KC defense in Week 16... and they screwed me over by scoring just 3 points. I was THIS close to playing the Rams DST or the Lions DST, both of which scored much much better. To be fair, Adams streaming defense, the Browns, actually only scored 2 points. The Jets somehow played a great home game and didn't turn the ball over. Still... at the beginning of the week, Adam had the chance to gram the Lions or Rams off waivers, but passed. Lets take my annual look at how my streaming defenses fared vs the top units in the league.

Top defenses in the league:

KC- 228 points
Seattle- 208
Carolina- 203
SF- 187
AZ- 183

And a week by week breakdown of how my streaming D worked:

Week 1- Tampa Bay 13 points
Week 2- Carolina 7 points
Week 3- Minnesota 9 points
Week 4- Baltimore 10 points
Week 5- St. Louis 18 points
Week 6- NY Jets 8 points
Week 7- San Diego 16 points
Week 8- New Orleans 14 points
Week 9- New Orleans 4 points
Week 10- AZ 13 points
Week 11- Houston 6 points
Week 12- Houston 10 points
Week 13- Miami 18 points
Week 14- KC 28 points
Week 15- KC 18 points
Week 16- KC 3 points

That's a total of 195 points, which would be the 4th highest on the list. I do realize that KC in week 14 kinda of throws this off a bit... but I think the point is proven once again. If you don't draft an elite defense (which you will have to spend a 7th or 8th round pick on) you are much better off going with streaming defenses.

Also, The KC and Carolina defenses were both available after the draft. I even used Carolina in Week 2 and then dropped them. So when you are drafting next year... I will once again suggest on waiting for a Defense. Instead, use the draft pick to select someone like... I don't know... Josh Gordon?

-I didn't own Josh Gordon in this league, but I HAVE to mention him. He finished our league AHEAD OF CALVIN JOHNSON. Oh, and did anyone forget Gordon was suspended for the first 2 games? Yea that right. That makes Gordon the #1 WR in fantasy this year, and it's not even that close. I owned Gordon on 4 of my 5 teams... and the only team I DIDN'T own him on, I won the championship. Crazy fantasy football...

-I also have to mention Jimmy Graham here. I took a chance on him with an early draft pick... something I've never really done before... and it paid of in a huge way. Graham carried my team the first half of the season, and although his pace was slowed down in the 2nd half... he still finished so far ahead of the #2 TE that Graham should DEFINITELY be a 1st round pick next year in PPR drafts... and you can probably make a case for him as the #1 overall pick. He finished 90 points ahead of the #2 TE (Julius Thomas).. outscoring him 295-205. That's a MONSTER advantage.

Now that 2013 is in the books... lets go back and look at the draft. Here are the top 15 picks in my opinion:

Jamaal Charles #5 overall,  Team Ice Cream
Jimmy Graham #17 overall, Tahiti Loungers
Peyton Manning #37 overall, Victorious Secret
Pierre Garcon, #43 overall, Team Ice Cream
DeMarco Murray, #46 overall, A Pinch Better
Eric Decker #54 overall, Team Ice Cream
DeSean Jackson, #67 overall, Team Ice Cream
Antonio Brown, #68 overall, Boston Patriots
Ryan Mathews, #69 overall, The Godfather
Josh Gordon, #96 overall, Angry Pirates
Jordan Cameron, #98 overall, the rental guys
Fred Jackson, #118 overall, A Pinch Better
Alshon Jeffery, #128 overall, Tahiti Loungers
Julien Edelman, #142 overall, A Pinch Better
Knowshon Moreno, #147 overall, A Pinch Better

Looking back now, its clear that Adam (Team Ice Cream) and Sean (A Pinch Better) probably had the 2 best drafts.

Here are the best in-season pick ups IMO:

Julius Thomas, Week 1, Boston Patriots
Andre Brown, Week 2, Tahiti Loungers
Andre Ellington, Week 3, Tahiti Loungers
Philip Rivers, Week 3, Boston Patriots
KC Defense, Week 3, Team Ice Cream
Alshon Jeffery, Week 5, Comeback Story
Garrett Graham, Week 6, The Godfather
Zac Stacy, Week 6, the rental guys
Keenan Allen, Week 6, Team Ice Cream
Terrance Williams, Week 6, Comeback Story
Jordan Reed, Week 6, Comeback Story
Michael Floyd, Week 6, the rental guys
Jarret Boykin, Week 7, the rental guys
Nick Foles, Week 10, A Pinch Better
Rashad Jennings, Week 10, The Crossing Guards
Riley Cooper, Week 10, A1 Providers
Julie Edelman, Week 11, The Godather
Josh McCown, Week 11, A1 Providers
Cordarrelle Patterson, Week 13, Team Ice Cream
Phil Dawson, Week 14, Tahiti Loungers

Look at the names on that list. From pick-ups alone you could possibly be starting:

QB- Philip Rivers
WR- Keenan Allen
WR- Alshon Jeffery
RB- Zac Stacy
RB- Rashad Jennings
TE- Jordan Reed
Flex- Julien Edelman
KC Defense
Justin Tucker

That's a nasty lineup. Point here: Makes moves people. Jenna, Kait, and C Bunny all should have been more active on the wire. Jenna's team would have won the ship (like Kait in 2011) if she paid a little bit more attention/ was more active.

 Here are the final 2013 scoring averages Weeks 1-16 (the number that goes in the record books) for every team:

Tahiti Loungers- 134.9
Eat More Chicken- 130
Team Ice Cream- 129.5
Boston Patriots- 127.5
The Crossing Guards- 127
A Pinch Better- 121.7
Angry Pirates- 115.9
the rental guys- 112
Victorious Secret- 111.9
The Godfather- 110.6
Comeback Story- 106.3
A1 Providers- 104.9

And here are the updated all time standings (2009-2013):

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