December 17, 2013

2013 Dirty D Championship: James vs Adam (2010 re-match)

Week 15 was a wild one...after the highest scoring week in NFL history (again), my team actually came through in the clutch. Adam also won to set up a re-match of the 2010 Championship.

I don't want to spend too much time on Week 15, but I HAVE to note my team's performance (especially after I wrote a blog last week LOL-ing at my lineup). 203 points is the 2nd highest score in League History... and it was done with a roster that included Ryan Tannehill, Jordan Todman, and Rod Streater. Jamaal Charles also dropped 65 point of his own.... and Jordy scored his first TD since ARod went down. It's been 2 consecutive weeks for my team performing its best all year... Great timing! (especially because it was just 3 weeks ago I had my lowest output of the year in Week 13.)   On the other side of the semi's, Adam was able to hold off a monster comeback effort from Justin Tucker. #AutoBill loses for the first time since before Halloween and his league record tying 6 game win streak comes to an end. D Jax led Adams team with over 40 points, and even in a "bad" game Drew Brees still tossed up 20 points.

Now, lets move on to the championship match!!

Last year I thought Adam and I had the 2 best teams. Adam lost in the semi's but this year he took care of business and we have our re match from 2010.

Just for fun lets look at every matchup Adam and I have had head to head in League history:

2009 Week 3- Adam wins 107-91
2009 Week 14- James wins 151-95
2010 Week 2- James wins 175-63
2010 Week 13- Adam wins 128-102
2010 Week 16- James wins 129-88
2011 Week 5- James wins 101-93
2012 Week 6- James wins 169-131
2013 Week 5-  James wins 130-108

So as you can see I've dominated with a 6-2 record and haven't lost to Adam since before my first Title in 2010.

Unfortunately for me, this literally means nothing for this upcoming week. This isn't real football, I'm not actually playing Adam. My roster is competing indirectly with his roster.

Here is a comparison, week by week of the 2 teams in 2013.

Week 1- Adam 145  James 136
Week 2- Adam 182  James 122
Week 3- James 135  Adam 113
Week 4- Adam 168  James 140
Week 5- James 130  Adam 108
Week 6- Adam 164  James 140
Week 7- Adam 133  James 104
Week 8- James 162  Adam 121
Week 9- Adam 146  James 128
Week 10- James 110  Adam 92
Week 11- James 112  Adam 100
Week 12- James 125  Adam 113
Week 13- James 98  Adam 98
Week 14- James 179  Adam BYE
Week 15- James 203 Adam 144

So if you take out week 14 when Adam didn't have a matchup, our head to head record this year would be 7-6-1. (7 wins for James, 6 for Adam, 1 tie)

Overall, that's about as close as it gets, folks. Something that DOES favor me is that Adams team was strong at the beginning of the year and since Week 7 I've only been outscored by Adam one time (to go along with one tie.)

Both of these teams look a lot different now than they did toward the beginning of the season. In fact, just prior to Week 11 Adam and I made the following trade:

Adam gets: Drew Brees, Andre Brown, Michael Crabtree, Denarious Moore, AZ Defense

James gets: Aaron Rodgers, Jamaal Charles, KC Defense.

This obviously severely altered the look of both these teams. I traded for Rodgers under the assumption he would be back by of this writing it looks like a true coin flip 50/50 situation on whether he will play in Week 16 or not.


Adams average score: 113.75
James average score: 143.40

Obviously the last 2 weeks have helped me pull way ahead of Adam here. In fact, with those 2 monstrous weeks I took over the points lead (played 1 extra game than Adam and Jenna) but also the average weekly score in 2013.


James- 134.93
Adam- 130.57

In case anyone is wondering, those numbers represent the 2 best in the league all year.

Not for nothing but here is the league leaderboard for  # of moves Weeks 1-13 (stats aren't kept on this once the regular season is over)

James- 66
Adam- 37
Bill- 36
Sean- 34

Those are pretty much the 4 best teams. 2013 was a good year to prove my theory that in our league, success can partially be estimated by activity.

Anyway, using almost any metric you want, it's clear these have been the 2 top teams this year and I'm looking forward to the rematch!!!

I will do an in-depth player by player matchup and post it later this week. No Thursday Night game this week (Thank God) so there's plenty of time.

This is Adam referring to the 2010 defeat 

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