December 12, 2013

Let's all LOL at my fantasy lineup for Week 15 (Predictions for Semis)

I haven't posted anything about the Dirty D in a while... but we are down to the final 4:

Tahiti Loungers vs Eat More Chicken
Team Ice Cream vs The Crossing Guards

The last time I posted here my team was in great shape. Injury free, except for Aaron Rodgers- who I traded fro AFTER his injury. However, as we all know... Rodgers isn't back yet. He ain't coming back. This injury is my worst nightmare... not only do I need to replace my elite QB, but this also drains the value of Jordy Nelson and even Eddie Lacy. Rough city.

Jordy Since Flynn took over at QB:

Week 14-    12 points
Week 13-    3 points
Week 12-    9 points

This past week I also lost Wes Welker to a concussion. Thankfully this was after he contributed 17 points, but on a short week vs SD, he's been ruled out for tonight's game. Too bad, juicy matchup.

Another problem I have this week: Victor Cruz is playing vs Seattle. They give up the fewest points to opposing fantasy WRs. I feel like I cant trust Cruz. I don't want to play him. His past few weeks:

Week 14-   9 points
Week 13-   14 points
Week 12-   2 points

SOOOOO in the final stages of 2013 I'm being forced to make some tough decisions. I picked up Rod Streater and I'm pretty sure I am going to play him over Cruz.

More Packer problems:

Last week Eddie Lacy had a minor injury before halftime, an ankle issue. He came back in and finished the game but now he's being held out of practice and his Week 15 status is in doubt. THANK GOD I was able to pick up James Starks off the waiver... I'm basically guaranteed to have the Green Bay starting RB in my lineup this week, just not sure if it is going to be Lacy or Starks.

Another player I picked up this week was Jordan Todman. He is the speedy back up to MJD... who pulled his hammy at the end of last weeks game. Todman was already getting touches, but if MJD sits out Ill most definitely be playing Todman out of my flex... I'm very much rooting for this to happen.

As far as a QB replacement for Rodgers goes, Ill be turning to yet another new face. QBBC for the win baby!

Since I traded away Drew Brees (LOL, hurts to type) here is what my QB spot has produced-

Week 11- Case Keenum 8 points
Week 12- Case Keenum 4 points
Week 13- Andy Dalton 9 points
Week 14- Joe Flacco 19 points

So Yes, last week was a nice breath of fresh air for me at QB. This week I think I am going to roll with Ryan Tannehill, facing YOUR New England Patriots.

Tannehill has been good. He hasn't scored under 14 fantasy points since Week 8. The past 3 weeks he's scored 19-23-23 points. He's getting rushing yards and now faces a NE defense who gave up 31 points to Jason Campbell last week. He should be good for a minimum of 15 points.

So, without further adieu, here is my potential lineup for this semi final matchup:

QB Ryan Tannehill 
WR Jordy Nelson
WR Rod Streater 
RB Jamaal Charles
RB Eddie Lacy or James Starks
TE Jimmy Graham
Flex Jordan Todman or Ray Rice or Victor Cruz or someone crazy
Defense KC
Kicker None yet

Yikes. Not the ideal lineup like I'm used to, but we'll see if I can get it done and advance to the ship to defend the D!!!

My predictions for the Semi's:

Tahiti Loungers
Tannehill- 17 points
Jordy- 12 points
Streater- 14 points
Charles- 20 points
GB RB- 15 points
Jimmy- 20 points
Flex guy hopefully Todman- 12 points
KC Defense- 12 points
Kicker- 6 points

Total: 128 points 

Eat More Chicken
Tony Romo- 18 points
Dez Bryant- 17 points
Andre Jonhson- 22 points
Matt Forte- 20 points
Lamar Miller- 8 points
Jason Witten- 10 points
Anquan Boldin- 16 points
Seattle Defense- 15 points
Kicker- 8 points

Total: 154 points 

Team Ice Cream
Drew Brees- 19 points
Desean Jackson- 18 points
Pierre Garcon- 14 points
Lions RB- 16 points
Ryan Mathews- 12 points
Garrett Graham- 16 points
Flex (A Brown or Crabtree or Pattersonor Thomas) - 12 points
NO Defense- 8 points
Kicker- 12 points

Total: 117 points 

The Crossing Guards 
Kam Newton- 23 points
AJ Green- 18 points
Vincent Jackson- 14 points
Marshawn Lynch- 18 points
Shane Vereen- 22 points
Charles Clay- 16 points
Torrey Smith- 16 points
SF Defense- 12 points
Kicker- 8 points

Total: 147 points 

So I guess my official prediction is Eat More Chicken vs The Crossing Guards in the Championship. Obviously let's hope I'm wrong!!!

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