December 3, 2013

Dirty D 2013 Regular Season Wrap up

Another regular season is in the books for the Dirty D... and like most years in the past, 7 wins is what it took to get in the playoffs this year. Here is a snapshot of the final regular season  league standings:

-Congrats to Jenna for winning the regular season crown and also scoring the most points. This is also the first time she's qualified for the playoffs.

-Congrats to #AutoBill for finally making the playoffs for the first time in 5 years.

-Dan misses the playoffs for the first time. Luck finally caught up to him... 1753 points against was 91 more points against than the next unluckiest team. He ended the season on a 5 game losing streak

Speaking of most points against, here is the average points against each team this year:

134.8- the rental guys
127.8- Tahiti Loungers- playoff team
120.5- Victorious Secret
120.1- Comeback Story
120.0- Angry Pirates
118.8- The Godfather
115.8- A Pinch Better - playoff team
115.5- The Crossing Guards- playoff team
114.8- Boston Patriots- playoff team
111.7- Team Ice Cream- playoff team
109.8- Eat More Chicken- playoff team

and now, avg weekly points for:

131.9- Eat More Chicken- playoff team
129.5- The Crossing Guards- playoff team
129.5- Boston Patriots- playoff team
129.5- Team Ice Cream- playoff team
126.3- Tahiti Loungers- playoff team
120.8- A Pinch Better- playoff team
118.7- Angry Pirates
112.5- Victorious Secret
110.7- the rental guys
108.9- The Godfather
105.6- A1 Providers
104.3- comeback story

-I'm pretty happy about the playoff teams this year... the 6 teams to qualify were the 6 highest scoring teams. Also, interestingly, 5 out of the 6 teams to have the least points AGAINST them made the playoffs this year. My team was the lone example... I had the 2nd most points against but still managed to get in the playoffs.

-Just to re-enforce a point I made in the pre-season:

Avg # of moves for playoff teams: 30.5
Avg # of moves for non-playoff teams: 18.66

^ As has been the case every year... the more moves you make the more likely you are to make the playoffs. This doesn't necessarily apply to other leagues but in ours... its clear.

Updated # of playoff appearances through 5 years:

5- Tahiti Loungers
4- the rental guys, A Pinch Better
3- Team Ice Cream
2- A1 Providers, Victorious Secret, Boston Patriots
1- Crossing Guards, Eat More Chicken, The Godfather, Angry Pirates, comeback story, fatalberthayneworth

 I also want to note Angry Pirate's record breaking performance in Week 13. Although it was a meaning less game, C Bunny beat the league record by 30 points and a team finally broke 200 for the first time ever:

Lastly, here are the top scorers at each position:

Stay tuned for Playoff Power Ranks...

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