June 20, 2014

June Sports (Jon) Quick Hitters

See what I did there.... Anyway, I've been busy and haven't posted in a while. Last year, June was my best month of the year (blogging wise, both with posts and traffic) largely due to the Bruins Stanley Cup run. So, to make up for all the recent big stories, here are my fire flame hot takes on each one:

Kings Win the Stanley Cup

This came as no surprise to anyone, after the Kings dethroned the Blackhawks they were heavy favorites to beat the Rangers and win the Cup.  It only took 5 games, and I'll always remember this series for:

-the first 2 games going to OT and LA winning both
-Jon Quick's Game 3 shutout which basically clinched the series
-Ms. Nobody Wins on The Blue getting a migraine during Game 5 and causing me to miss the DOUBLE OT CUP WINNING goal. No biggie. 

Also I need to note this is NOT a dynasty. I heard that word being floated last week. No. 

Last thing, Mr Game 7 won the Conn Smythe trophy. Kinda sucks cuz now its cool to like Justin Williams and I've been a big fan for 10+ years. There's no doubt he was NOT the most valuable player for the Kings (Doughty, Quick, Kopitar, Gaborik,) but he WAS the most clutch and reps this resilient team very well. 

World Cup Mania

World Cup has been solid so far, the Americans winning the first game was great, keeping the hype alive. Their red jerseys are straight FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still get annoyed about 100x every Soccer game match I watch, but that doesn't change the excitment surrounding this Global tourney. It's pretty awesome. I mostly hope USA wins because the rest of the world is so insulted that our soccer team is even allowed to play. I heard an English fan swear up and down abot what an insult it was to compare their team to USA. Calm down bro. We don't care about Soccer. If we did, we would easily win. 

Martin Kaymer dominated the US Open 

After the low score in both Round 1 and Round 2, Kaymer played solid on the weekend and never looked back on his way to his 2nd major victory. He was a beast on this course, finishing with the 3rd lowest total (-9) in modern US Open history. The only other players under par were Rickie Fowler and Eric Compton who finished -1. No one was even par.  4th place went to a slew of players tied at  +1.

As for our fantasy challenge, Jeremy ran away with this one. Another first time major winner for our group. Here are the final standings and the reverse draft order for next month's British Open:

1. Jeremy +4
2. Adam +20 
3. Paul +25
4. Beckerman +26
5. Bill +29
6. Dan +29
7. Abe+34
8. James +36
9. Sean +44
10. Campbell +46

AND.... this one is for Dan because he says I don't keep stats for things I'm not good at.... here is the OVERALL LEADER BOARD from the past 4 majors (all the golf fantasy challenges that all 10 people have participated): 

Adam +73
Jeremy +76
Paul +93
Campbell +104
James +116
Beckerman +116
Sean +118
Dan +122
Abe +135
Bill +154

And for the OG Fantasy Golfers, here is the SUPER overall score from all 6 tourneys:

Adam +130
Paul +145
James +171
Abe +171
Dan +174
Bill +215

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