June 5, 2014

MA Golf League- May 2014

MAGL was established in the Summer of 2011. That first Summer, Adam, Bill, Donny, and I played every Wednesday night at Stone-E-Lea golf course. Little did we know what kind of tradition we were starting....

In 2012 we moved Golf League to Friday night's and its current home:  Ponkapoag Golf Course in Canton. Ponky is relatively easy, isn't in the best condition (they just installed sprinklers this offseason- what?!?!) but the price is right... $12 for twilight golf. This in a Donald Ross course and used to be a premier spot in the area, and hopefully will return to glory soon. There are currently 27 holes open at Ponky, For Golf League we try to evenly rotate playing each of the three tracks.

This year we decided to keep stats. I think it makes the most sense to post these stats once a month and by the end of October we will be able to definitively see who the "MVG" of 2014 is/was. Adam and I are the only two consistent players at MAGL each week (and the only real competitors for MVG), Bill WAS a regular/competitor up until this year, but still we have a steady stream of friends who join in when they can.

Week 1- 5/2/14- Middle Course 
James 44
Adam 45
Dan 46

Week 2- 5/9/14- Back 9/ Left Course
Adam 41
James 42
Dan 48

Week 3- 5/16/14- Middle Course
James 40
Adam 51

Week 4- 5/23/14- Back 9/ Left Course 
James 43
Adam 44
Abe 55

Week 5- 5/30/14- Back 9/ Left Course
Adam 42
James 46

Full  May 2014 MAGL stats:

James- 45 holes (5 rounds)
Adam- 45 holes (5 rounds)
Dan- 18 holes (2 rounds)
Abe- 9 holes (1 round)

If you are wondering why these pie charts above don't have "Birdie" it's because we are terrible and NO ONE HAS GOTTEN A BIRDIE AT GL YET THIS YEAR. Sucks to suck.

and the only stat that matters:

3 wins for James
2 wins for Adam

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