October 30, 2012

Dirty D Week 8 Power Ranks

I took last week off from Power Ranks because of all the major trades that went down. We are 8 Weeks through the regular season, with 5 to go before the fantasy playoffs. 

Below is a chart with each teams total points from the past 3 weeks. (Weeks 6-7-8)

1.Tahiti Loungers (Previous #1)- I was one of the teams that made a couple major moves last week.

I swapped the guys on the left for the guys on the right. I gave up a lot of players to acquire the guys I wanted- Martin and Welker. One of them rewarded me this week and one was a let down. Looking past my close loss this week (lost by 10, got outscored 19-1 at the kicker position), though, I'm running out there with 3 legit WR1s, Foster, Martin, Hernandez and of course Aaron Rodgers. With Crabtree and Titus Young on my bench, I all the sudden have incredible WR depth, deepest in the league. With the Pats on bye this week, and the Packers on bye the week after, now is the time to be playing my team, if ever. Jenna and Bill have the honors. 

I got Gronk'd hard this week after trashing him in past Power Ranks. 

2. Team Ice Cream (Previous #3)- I had a tough time deciding the #2 team. It came down between Bill and Adam's team but what gave Adam the edge is his TE. Believe it or not, VD is getting owned by Heath Miller this year. Also, Adam's team is going to get a boost soon with DeMarco Murray hopefully returning, and quietly Trent Richardson has produced top 5 RB numbers. Looks like Wilson was right, Adam picking Trent with the second to last pick in the 4th round (47th overall) was a huge steal. Its very scary to see RG3, AJ Green and Victor Cruz at the top of this lineup. 

3. Crossing Guards (Previous #2)- Bill made a trade with Donny last week, sending Run DMC and James Jones for Demaryius Thomas and Fred Jackson. I thought the trade worked well for both teams, DMC should outproduce F Jax the rest for the year although thats no guarantee and plus he's always an injury ?. I love Thomas a lot more than Jones so I do like Bill's return slightly better. Mostly a laterally move. The other move Bill made was more significant, he traded Dez Bryant away for Eli Manning. I like this move a lot, even though we saw Romo play much better this past weekend, I think Eli is the guy to go with down the stretch. I expect Alfred Morris' 5 points to be a season low from this point forward- he's a rock. AP, Morris and F Jax- 3 headed monster:

4. Victorious Secret (Previous #4)- Another team that made a big move. Kait upgraded her rapist QB for the ultimate man, Tom Brady. She also acquire super talent Randall Cobb along with Greg Jennings AND Ahmad "my foot hurts" Bradshaw. It did come at a price, however. Kait gave Abe her Saints- Sproles and Colston, along with Desean Jackson. She is still rolling with Mccoy, Spiller,  Bradshaw which is a very strong stable of Rbs. Squeaking out a 2 point win over the Patriots was a big sigh of relief! If Andre comes to play this team could end up winning it all. 

5. The Godfather (Previous #6)- As mentioned Abe cashed in on what may be the pick up of the year in Randall Cobb. (Him or Alfred Morris right now.) Charles-Sproles is a deadly combo at the RB slot, although we saw this past week that there may be weeks where JC is quiet and we've seen the same from Sproles. I do think the move was a positive one for The Godfather. This past week Abe finally saw a Win come his way- for the first time in a few weeks he didn't play a team with a monster score. This next week is a critical one for Abe- Donny is missing Gronk and Abe has a very hard schedule down the stretch so Abe really, REALLY needs a follow up performance from his team. 

6. A1 Providers (Previous #7)- All alone in first place after a HUGE trade that vaulted Paul to the Win. Paul moved Welker for Denarius Moore, Steven Ridley and Jaquizz Rodgers. The move was greatly needed- Paul had the worst RBs in the league. Moore seems to be even better than we all thought- a weekly WR2- and as long as the Pats stick with Ridley this team will look solid. It was pretty huge for Paul to Score 133 points even with a pedestrian performance from Brees. Witten had a career game and all the sudden Paul has depth an another position. Still needs another WR though because after V Jax and Moore, theres no one. Paul has a HORSE of a schedule coming up, but likely only needs 1-2 more wins for a playoff appearance based on his good fortunes thus far. Just middle of the road in total scoring (6th) but only has the 2nd least points against him. 

Pauls checking out the view from the top for the first time this season.

7. A Pinch Better (Previous #11)- Sean's team can be a dangerous one in my eyes. Rice and Lynch are a real tough 1-2 RB punch- unfortunately after those 2 guys there are no serviceable RBs on this roster right now. There is a awful lot of stock in the Dallas WR corp when you own Austin and Dez- it's hard to trust THAT much of my team on the arm of Tony Romo. Especially with TD-less Steve Smith as your 3rd WR. Also, if Vick loses his job this team is going to be scrambling. 

At least he has the hob for this Monday night vs the porous NO Saints D

8. Eat More Chicken (Previous #5)- The past 3 weeks for this team have been really ugly- I don't know if it is the bye weeks that are draining the points form this team or what but the bleeding needs to stop and very, very quickly. This week Jenna is playing my team currently without anyone to slot into the RB2 spot. Calvin Johnson has been one of the most disappointing players this season and while we are all waiting for the inevitable breakout, Jenna can no longer afford to sit back and watch her team pile up the losses. She has major holes and 2 stud WRs that can/should be moved. 

9. Angry Pirates (Previous #10)- I don't know who is let down by this team more- Campbell or me. Every week I think it is going to be "the week" Campbell breaks the streak, but something always goes wrong. It may actually be pretty foolish of me to rank this team this high, but trotting out Stafford/Brown/Decker/Mathews/Reggie as a base 5 is very solid. I expect Stafford to have a huge 2nd half and this team is going to win eventually, just so happens one of the coldest teams in the league is on tap this week with the rental guys so hopefully for Campbell's sake he gets on the board!  

10. Comeback Story. (Previous #12)- Donny has quietly put together a winning campaign this year, despite a couple major injuries to his squad (MJD and Amendola.) It is possible that I am still underestimating this team by ranking the, 10, especially after a 134 point win against me this week- but the 3 game win streak is more than likely coming to an end this week at the hands of the Godfather. Gronk fueled Donny's team to his win vs me but will be on a bye this week. Last week, by the way, is WHY Gronk was a 1st round pick and needs to do more of that moving forward for Comeback Story to stay in the 130s and 140s. 

11. Boston Patriots (Previous #9)- The frustration continues for Mr B. A 2 point loss to his own daughter must be real hard to swallow. Frank Gore looked on track for the Win Monday Night, but the AZ defense folded and Mr. B lost another very close matchup. This team looks great on paper but with the 10th highest overall score, something needs to change or your looking at a consolation team. Team Ice Cream and league rival-Adam is on deck this week so a win could not only save the season for these Patriots, but it may be enough to vault him into playoff contention because a winnable matchup with the Pirates is on deck for Mr B in Week 10. 

2012 Boston Patriots: Look good on paper but nothing special.  

12. the rental guys. (Previous #8)- This team as mentioned has been very cold as of late. The 121 Dan put up this week to beat Adam was huge, although I expect that to be one of the higher end scores for Dan the rest of the season. This team is 4-4 so they could certainly advance to the playoffs with a little luck but it will be tough for Dan. Outside of Campbell, Dan has has the lowest point total in the league. This week Dan has favorable matchups with Cam facing off against the better younger version of him in RG3, and his Bears playing one of the worst teams the league in the Titans. Hopefully they can take advantage  because Dan needs a couple wins badly. He also has one of the toughest schedules down the stretch. 
With Forte and Marshall on the roster, Dan has too much invested in Cry Baby Cutler for my taste. 

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