October 2, 2012

Dirty D Week 4 Power Ranks

1. Team Ice Cream (last week #1)- Another big week for Adam (151) , who was given a scare for the first time this season. I think it's pretty clear AJ Green can safely classified as an elite fantasy WR, and he's only going to get better. Adam's team will keep rolling and RGIII will continue to beast in the near future. It will be interesting to see if he can keep up his MVP pace all season; it was only a year ago we saw Cam Newton do the EXACT same thing, but faded quickly down the stretch. Hopefully RGIII can maintain his high level of play for Adam.

2. Tahiti Loungers (last week #2)- Welcome home, Roddy White. I traded Larry Fitz and Lance Moore for White earlier in the week, and boy did he reward me with a nice 42 point performance. My other WR also put up big weeks... 20+ for both Torrey Smith and Decker for consecutive weeks. If this team can stay healthy, you add a dangerous Ryan Mathews and maybe the best TE in this format in Aaron Hernandez, you're looking at probably the strongest roster I've ever had in any league EVER. That's saying something.  

3. Eat More Chicken (last week #4)- I'm going to use this space to try and clarify what exactly Power Rankings are for the slower people who cannot grasp the concept. MY Power Rankings are mostly based on how good I think a team is going to do from this point forward, however I also factor in recent performances, recent roster moves, basically I re-evaulate each team every week. Win/Loss record is not so important, especially early in the season. Ranking Jenna's team at #3 this week is a great example to reference when pointing out the difference between Power Ranks and Standings. She currently has a 1-3 record, but has the 2nd highest point total in the league, averaging 132 points per week. That's awful luck. Just because Jenna has had bad luck with the schedule I am not going to rank, say, Comeback Story (Averages 110 per week) ahead of her just because Donny has a better record. These Power Rankings are just one man's opinion and I welcome comments and debates in the comment section.   Jenna almost took down Adam, and fell just 3 points shy. Matty Ice is just carrying this team... and I don;t think he cools off. Megatron only up 10 points, so Jenna COULD have EXPLODED but the rest of her roster made up for Calvin. An easy matchup with the "champ" next week should right the ship.  

4. A Pinch Better (last week #6)- Sean had another big week- scored 140+  Clearly I was wrong about this team. If Sean kept the faith and played Chris Johnson, he would have actually tied me at 161. I am giving Sean the bump up in rankings not only for the big week but also for the consistently and exceptional play of his QB-WR combo Eli-Cruz. They both have stepped it up even more than I thought they would, and as long as they continue to produce (Miles, too) Sean will be in the conversation for playoffs.  

5.Victorious Secret (last week #7)- Kait had a nice bounce back week with her QB on a bye. After picking up Big Ben, Kait hopefully has stopped the bleeding from her QB spot. Colston had a nice break-out week but Gates is starting to concern me. I know the Chargers went up huge early and didn't have to throw, but I still think Gates is going to disappoint into the future.  Andre Johnson and Marques Colston are both beasts when they play, Kait is going to need a full season from both. 

6. A1 Providers (last week #8)-  BOOOOM. Biggest blowout of the week and a romping 157 points for Paul. This team is so dangerous to play right now. Welker is lighting it up again without Hernandez in the picture. Brees just throws bombs all game. The old-men Turner and Benson both look good and oh yea Paul also left a 32 point performance by Witten on his bench. Thankfully for my team I don't square off with Paul until week 11 when this team could be much, much lower on this list.  

7. the rental guys (last week #3)- I think there is a lot of concern to be had with this team. Dan traded away Jordy Nelson and Doug Martin in return for Brandon Marshall, earlier in the week. A clear upgrade at the WR position but losing a work-horse rb in the process is not ideal, especially with the bye weeks coming. Hopefully for Dan Ryan Williams can step up and replace Martin or else this move won't look great. Speaking of bye weeks the only positive Dan might be able to extract from this week is his boy Reggie Wayne had a bye and couldn't help out. Cam Newton had 30 and B Marsh had 28.... plus Dan had an incredibly lucky 24 point performance by Anquan Boldin. Sounds like a good week right? Wrong. Maclin did absolutely nothing. Andre Brown was hauled back down to earth and relegated to back up duties. Forte was contained. Slotting in the GB defense was an awful move, they predictably scored only 4 points in a shootout. Anyway what really concerns me about Dan's team long term is the inability to blow up. I thought he had it (pre season ranked 3rd) but now I'm not sure. 129-114-111-112 is sort of an uninspiring string of weeks through a quarter of the season. As I've said Dan has that high floor, but clearly unless you can score in the 130s and 140s, your going to struggle to compete every week. The other concern here is the tough upcoming schedule, the next 4 weeks are not easy for Dan. We'll see how it shakes out, andI still think this team probably sneaks into the playoffs, but I am somewhat concerned Dan's playoff streak could end. 

8. Crossing Guards (last week #5)- Bill took a step backwards this week. Another hard team to rank, because on paper the Guards are pretty damn solid. I would be concerned a bit with DMC... I am just as shocked as everyone else that he hasn't been destroying it this year. The trio of Nicks/Hixon/Barden is maybe a frustrating one to own... but Bill has the roster space for it along with other WR Studs Percy and Dez (fantasy stud only.) Stafford will likely bounce back in a big way after the bye, but unfortunately Bill has almost 0% chance of winning this week. With undefeated Team Ice Cream on the schedule, Bill somehow has to put a squad together without these guys who are all on bye or hurt: Stafford, Dez, DMC, Leshoure, Nicks. Yikes. Are those 3 of his first 4 picks? It will take a miracle for a W this week for Bill.   

9. Boston Patriots (last week #10)- Julio Jones only had 1 catch this past week and I'm starting to get concerned. I'm sure he will be great, most likely a top 15 WR, but I am scaling back my HUGE expectations for Julio. Mike Wallace was on a bye this week and Bitt remains injured so the WR depth here isn't great. Gore and BJGE were solid again and will continue to be. Jimmy Graham does score a lot, but he needs a lot more production between the 20s to live up to his draft spot. The Boston Patriots have some really, really good matchups next week, so I expect a much better performance.  

10. Comeback Story. (last week #11)- Dwayne Bowe is really good. I haven't given him the credit he has deserved in the past. He's been great this year and probably won't slow down. This team has an influx of WR and If I was the owner of this team, I would have traded one of them for a solid RB yesterday. F Jax I just don't trust to get back to RB2 level (Concerned with age, sharing time, getting blown out) and McCluster/D Richardson are just lotto tickets at the moment. MJD is studly but this year he may not get up to the elite level we have seen in the past...This week will be a good test vs Chicago's D. Don sorely missed Andrew Luck this week... Russell Wilson had a measly 1 point in St. Louis. Should be a tough matchup next week vs a red hot A1 Providers squad but I think overall this team has underperformed to it's talent thus far.   

11. The Godfather (last week #9)- Slow week for The Godfather. Brady and Charles both did their jobs, but everyone else failed. No of the others had double digits. Greg Jennings left with a nagging groin injury which seems really bad this season. I just think Abe is going to have too many weeks like this- I like the team but don't see it as a playoff roster unless some major changes are made. I do think Abe has the type of team to be a great spoiler- Weeks 9-13 Abe could crush a lot of dreams.  

12. Angry Pirates (last week #12)- I wanted to move Campbell up in the Ranks, I really did, but I just can't. For the 2nd consecutive week I think Campbell has improved his roster via the trade market, but the kid can't catch a break. Pitta 0 points. Dougie Fresh 5. Kicker 2. He DID make a couple stupid lineup changes (Holmes vs SF over Jones vs NO) but that barely mattered. This team is just looking to hit the century mark for the first time, luckily he faces Jenna next week with Megatron on a bye or he may actually have been outscored by the Lions WR alone. Still a pretty daunting week upcoming for Campbell and more than likely another Loss.  

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