October 4, 2012

2012: Miggy's Triple Crown

Even though this was a forgetful year for Red Sox fans, I wanted to just  comment on some of the stuff  that's happened this year in the MLB that I never wrote about or mentioned on this blog.

First and foremost, Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown in the AL. No one has accomplished the feat since well before my time; Carl Yaztremski was the last winner in 1967. 

Cabrera led the Majors in Home Runs (44) RBI (139) and led the AL in batting average with a a .330 mark. Just an outstanding season. This guy isn't particularly well-liked, but it was nice to see someone break a record, even though it was a Red Sox record for so many years. 

All this crazy-talk about Mike Trout being named MVP over Miggy is just ludicrous. People really aren't going to award the first triple crown winner in 45 years the MVP? I know what Mike Trout did, and it was amazing, but he will have a chance to win MVPs plenty over the next decade. This year's award should go to Cabrera and it should be unanimous.

This is the first year MLB decided to go with a "play-in" playoff game. It places a lot higher value on winning the division, and the essence of the rule was accurate and appropriate, as you had multiple playoff teams playing hard up until yesterday. In the past team's would sit back and just set up their rotation for the Divisional round, not caring about home field advantage. Now, The Rangers-Orioles and the Cardinals-Braves will have one game to keep their season alive. 

The other teams that made this playoffs were The Yankees (of course the Sox couldn't prevent them from winning the division in the last series of the reg. season. fail) the Athletics, the Tigers, the Red the Giants and the Nationals. 

I highly doubt I watch more than a few hours of playoff baseball, but I'll throw out a prediction. I WANT the Braves, O's, Nationals or Reds to win the World Series. I think, unfortunately, the Tigers are going to win it. I just can't bring myself to vote against Justin Verlander, literally the ultimate gamer. He is definitely in the discussion for my favorite current baseball players. 

Verlander. Stud. 

One of these days I will write a post about the 2012 Red Sox, what went wrong, what needs to change, blah blah blah, For now I get sick every time I think about the Red Sox so I don't have any motivation to write anything about it. 

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