October 2, 2012

Outsider Rankings for the GPL

Here are my rankings for the GPL, a fantasy football league I am not involved in at all.

*This is an Keeper auction league. I've never actually participated in an Auction league so I think my opinion will be a good, bi-partisan one for this league. I have no idea how much money was spent on each player, and I don't know who kept who. These rankings are based on 2012 alone.

Also, for you members of the league, feel free to leave comments and shit at the bottom of this page. And keep checking this blog.

12 team, PPR league.

1. Paddy's Liberty Bells- One of my favorite quotes sums up this team perfectly- "If luck wasn't involved, I'd win every time." Hands down the best roster.

2.  The Little Richardsons- This team is stacked. If they were able to swap one of the QBs for a top running back, it'd be right there with the top team.

3. Ed Reed's Can Collection- This team is very, very deep. I would advise upgrading a couple starting  positions if possible to compete with the elite. Who ever own's this team must have had an incredible draft.

4. Blackmon And Decker- This team is really good and really young. Should be able to overcome the mediocre Luck/Romo QB combo with all the other talent on this team. Decker-Smith-Green-Garcon all top 20 WR weekly options.

5. Drivin With Donte- I'm a believer in Ryan Mathews. A healthy Mathews/Nicks combo (to go along with the other studs) will cause major damage.

6. The Steve Smith Arrival- One of those teams with a very high floor, but not as high of a ceiling as the teams I've ranked above. Still a very competitive lineup that will win a lot more games.  

7.  El Champ es Aqui- I'm not 100% sold on this team's backfield but if Morris and Murray can hold up all year, this team will rise. El campeon es posiblemente aqui.

8. The Best Team- I love the studs on this teams but the talent level drops off the cliff after 6 people. One of those teams who may face some problems in the byes.

9. M Twice- There's only one knock on this team and it's the glaring issue of RB2. If Quizz ever takes over for Turner, I think you're looking at the new "Jahvid Best" and this team would probably be ranked 3-4 spots higher.

10. Anti Awesome White Stuff- The ultimate high-risk high-reward team. Ultimately though, that doesn't lead to fantasy sucess. Makes for a GREAT dream crusher at the end of the regular  season though.

11. Ohio Mizzzzerables- I love the top WR on this team. I still love Stafford for the rest of this year. After that It gets murky and I just don't know if this roster can hang with the rest of the league, as is. The name is pretty telling.

12. Stump the Schaub- I love QB-WR connections but not when they are on a run-heavy team. If Ridley, CJ?K, and Reggie can all perform, this team will undoubtedly out play this low ranking. I just don't believe in Johnson and while I love JImmy Graham, he won't be able to carry this team like he may have last year.

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