September 10, 2014

2014 Dirty D Week 2 Power Ranks

Week 2 power Ranks

1. Tahiti Loungers (1-0, 142 points)

If Leveon Bell is this good all year, watch out. Potentially adding Josh Gordon to this squad is deadly and more than makes up for losing Rice for the year. Luck and Ertz both showing signs of potential top-5 campaigns.

2. Mosey Machine (1-0, 134 points)

Backing up Tate with West is already paying off, although the Giants offense (and Cruz) are worrisome. Overall, this is a great roster top to bottom. Both Cutler and Pitta looked better than expected in Week 1. (And I expected both to be pretty good.)

3. Angry Pirates (1-0, 149 points)

Cordarrelle Patterson is a special player. He had 100+ rushing yards in Week 1. This team is rock solid at both RB and WR. Not so great at QB/TE, yet. Lots of potential, though.

4. Eat More Chicken (1-0, 137 points)

23 total points from all RBs on the roster in Week 1 is alarming. Everywhere else, Jenna is stacked. Best QB/TE combo in the league.

5. A Pinch Better (1-0, 132 points)

Another very solid starting lineup. Talks of Beast mode slowing down seem premature, but after Percy the WRs are “meh”. Jimmy Graham had a slow game with a 8/82 line. That’s how good he is.

6. Victorious Secret (1-0, 118 points)

Foster, Nicks, Maclin, and Spiller are all very effective when healthy. Right now this team is a tough out, but we’ll see how long it can stay on the field. Roddy White is a beast.

7. The  Crossing Guards (0-1, 88 points)

Both TEs getting dinged up hurts, but Week 1 was slow only because Rodgers/Jordy/AP were all contained. Don’t count on that happening again.

8. Boston Patriots (0-1, 104 points)

This team really needs Reggie Bush and Rashad Jennings not to suck this year or it’s in for a bumpy ride. Witten and Brady are just OK so the WRs need to beast virtually every week for Mr. B. I think this is going to be a playoff bubble/.500 team all year.

9. The rental guys (0-1, 104 points)

The Stacy situation is very disappointing, and I hate the RB depth on this team. Winning games early with a healthy Gronk is important. I’ll be closely watching Terrance Williams vs Reggie Wayne this year, as I passed on Wayne for Williams in the draft. I think it might have been a mistake, Wayne looked great in Week 1.  (Williams did too, but Wayne is niceee)

10. The Godfather (0-1, 111 points)

Not a great week for Abe. Charles barely touched the ball, Martin got hurt mid game, Rudolph and Allen were both quiet. Matty Ice was a beast, but this team may produce headaches frequently this year unless there is more consistency throughout the roster.

11. A1 Providers (0-1, 132 points)

After Megatron and Brees this team is pretty Ugly. Gross RB situation, I’m not an Olsen fan, and just overall very limited upside.

12. Team Ice Cream (0-1, 102 points)

2nd lowest score in the league in Week 1. Three starters (Ellington, Gates, Gerhart) are questionable for Week 2. Adam has a bunch of Chargers (Mathews, Floyd, Gates) and they are playing the Seahawks. Nothing good here right now.

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