September 3, 2014

NFL best Win Over/Unders for 2014

By: Jeremy Tannenbomb

Good to have Football back. Now let’s get right into some NFL Win Total bets with the season set to start on Thursday.

Win Total Best Bets:

Niners Under 10.5 

Love the Niners under. Harbaugh and ownership hate each other, Ray McDonald is trying to become the first player to get suspended under the new Domestic Violence rules, and the news finally came down on Friday that Aldon Smith will miss 9 games. On top of all that, I really don’t buy into Colin Kaepernick (Editors note: Strongly disagree, love Kap). They are in a very tough, physical division, so you can’t mark down any game as an easy win even with the Rams throwing Shaun Hill out there. They also have tough road games with the Saints and Broncos. I think they have a good chance to make the playoffs but I don’t see them getting 11 or more wins. Look for them to end up around 9 or 10 wins and fight for a Wild Card spot.

Packers Over 10.5

I expect the Packers to have a big season. I don’t love the Lions or Vikings so I don’t think their division is as tough as some might think. Jordy Nelson is one of the best WR’s in football, Lacy looking at a monster season in his 2nd year, with what hopes to be a full healthy year from Rodgers and Cobb and I see them having one of the best offenses in football.  2 big road games at Seattle and New Orleans, but you get Philly and New England at home. No other out of division games really scares me. I see them fighting for a top seed in the NFC in the end.

Chargers Over 8

Total of 8 just seems weird to me. A year ago they were in the playoffs, winning a road game at Cincy. They had one of the best offenses in the league behind a revitalized Philip Rivers. I see the Chiefs regressing and the Raiders being terrible within the division. They also luck out with their tougher games and get the Seahawks and Patriots at home. I just don’t see this team doing worse than .500. Plus, Rivers and that BOLO tie, fashion mogul.

Lions Under 8.5
Panthers Under 8.5
Cowboys Under 7.5
Patriots Over 11

These are a few others I might consider. Panthers and Cowboys I definitely won’t touch, as the odds are just not worth it. I just feel very strongly about these 2 teams not doing well. The Panthers are in a very tough division with the Saints, Falcons, and Bucs. They also have a weak offense with Cam banged up already. As for the Cowboys, I just think their defense is one of the worst we may ever see. I don’t see them getting to .500 this season. I touched on the Lions a bit. Think they have a tough schedule and could easily be .500 or worse. Patriots I just threw in here because they win 11+ games every year and besides the Broncos, no team really stands out. I am sure they will do it again, I just couldn’t bet on them.

Editors Note: Pats Over 11 is basically the lock of the decade. They have at least 12 wins in the past 4 seasons and this year they are decisively better than last. Free Money. 

Finna win, #JeremyGuarantee.

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