September 25, 2014

Dirty D Power Ranks Week 4

1. Tahiti Loungers

Battle of the undefeateds and 87 Main St this week. Bring it. 

2. Angry Pirates

Hello AJ Green. 

3. A Pinch Better

Sean got slapped around last week but even with Lynch on bye, solid lineup 

4. Victorious Secret 

Undefeated for at least one more week. Still brittle. 

5. Boston Patriots 

How long will Mr. B stick with Brady?

6. Crossing Guards 

When the TEs get healthy, watch out. 

7. Team Ice Cream

Starting to look much better. Did he already weather the storm? Uh oh. 

8. A1 Providers

Not sure why this team hasnt put it together yet. Candidate to be a big riser next week. 

9. Eat More Chicken 

JV sqaud this week, but I still think better days ahead

10. the rental guys 

Every wekk someone on Dan's bench blows up. Maddening. 

11. The Godfather 

Needs Charles to be Charles. starting.... now. 

12. Mosey Machine 

WTF???? 2 awful weeks and a trade that saw AJ Green go the other direction. 

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