November 21, 2014

2014 NFL Board Bet Update

Here are all the prop bets I've made in 2014. Some have been decided, others still yet to be resolved. Also, I'm pretty sure I've made more board bets than this, so if anyone reading this has something to add that I left out, let me know.

I'm also willing to add to this anytime. If anyone reading my material disagrees with me, confront me about it and we can make a wager to out on the board.

Bets with Jeremy:

$5- I say Aaron Rodgers scores more points on the season, Jeremy says Drew Brees. Both need to play 13 games.

Current score- Rodgers 236,  Brees 184 

$5- I say Josh Gordon has at least 1 catch this year. Jeremy says 0 catches.

Current Score- He is still at 0 but that should change by about 1:06pm on Sunday

$5 each-  I say both Dennis Pitta and Jordan Cameron will outscore Greg Olsen on the season

Current Score- Olsen 129, Pitta 20, Cameron 37 

$5- I say Foles +65 will outscore Drew Brees. Both Need to play at least 13 games.

Current Score- OFF. Foles never made it to 13 games. The bet would have been very close. 

$5- Week 2  I say Tony Romo will outscore Big Ben

Result- Romo 11.84,   Big Ben 6.68

Bets with Wilson:

$5- I say Foles -35 will outscore Big Ben. Both Need to play at least 13 games.

Current Score- OFF. Foles never made it to 13 games, which is good as I probably would have lost this one. 

$5- Season long I say AJ Green/Randall Cobb will outscore Brandon Marshall/ Michael Crabtree

Current Score- Green/Cobb 253,  Marshall/Crabtree 225

Bets with Kevin (my cousin)

$20 my fantasy team will outscore his in the regular season

Current Score- Kevin 1593, James 1552 with 2 weeks left 

Bets with Dan

$5 James says AP rushes for at least 1,200 yards

Current Score- 75 yards. Loss. AP played 1 game. 

$5 James says AP will outscore Matt Forte, season long fantasy

Current Score- AP 10, Forte 231

$5 James says Matt Ryan will outscore Colin Kaepernick on the season

Current Score- Ryan 169,  Kaepernick 156

$5 Rest of Season Weeks 11-16 I say Lacy will outscore Bradshaw

Current Score- Lacy 25, Bradshaw 4... and Bradhsaw is done for the season now so this one is over. 

Bets with Adam

$5 James says LeSean Mccoy will outscore Jamaal Charles on the season

Current Score- Charles 159,  Mccoy 111

$5 James says Ruben Randle will outscore Mike Evans on the season

Current Score- Randle 110,  Evans 178 

$5 Rest of Season Weeks 11-16 I have Ivory, Adam has Rainey

Current Score: Ivory 0, Rainey 0 

$5 James says Golden Tate will not finish in the top 15 WR

Current Score: Tate is WR#6 and has 195 points. The #16 WR currently has 147 points. 

$5 Week 11 James has Megatron, Adam has Golden Tate

Result: Megatron 10, Tate 6 

Bets with Sean 

Week 4 - Week 16 Scoring, I have Torrey Smith, Sean has Steve Smith Sr.

Current Score- Torrey 91,  Steve Sr 91

Bets with Abe

Week 2 Scoring James says Steven Jackson Abe says Harry Douglas

Result- Jackson 5,  Douglas 7

Week 15-16 Scoring I have Luck/Dez, Abe has Big Ben/ODBJ

Current Score: N/A

Bets with Marty El

Week 8-16 Marty has Demarco Murray, I have Matt Forte

Current Score:  Murray 49, Forte 57

Weeks 9-16 Marty has Alshon Jeffery, James has TY Hilton

Current Score:  Alshon 35,  Hilton 18 

1 comment:

  1. Dez
    Week 15 - 37
    Week 16 - 18

    Week 15 - 14
    Week 16 – 0

    Total: 69

    Big Ben
    Week 15 - 16
    Week 16 - 12

    Week 15 - 44
    Week 16 – 36

    Total: 108