January 15, 2014

Fraudbook at it's finest

Tomorrow night the Bruins are traveling to Dallas to play against Tyler Seguin and the Stars for the 2nd time this year. Across all of social media, Seguin is bound to be talked about aplenty. This is going to happen every single time we play the Stars from now until about 2025.  It's already started on Facebook. And that's the reason for this post. It really, really bothers me when people say stupid/wrong shit with such conviction. I have a "friend" on Facebook who posts ridiculous shit all the time. Here's a recent post from last night that caught my attention: 

HUH? is right. Seguin doesn't have 42 goals. He has 21 goals and 21 assists, for a total of 42 points. 

Ovechkin has 33 goals (leads the league) and 14 assists. Crosby has 25 goals, and 42 assists. 

I'm sorry but anyone who could even think Seguin has 42 goals in the middle of January is just someone who shouldn't be commenting on hockey. Clearly this makes no sense. 

Anyway, I expected a bunch of people to comment on this status correcting this lady, but apparently Pink Hat Bruins fans stick together. 

First- Louis Eriksson has kind of "sucked" this year. But he doesn't suck as a hockey player. For God's sake he just got named to the Swedish Olympic team. There's an adjustment when coming into a new system. I personally thought Eriksson was concentrating on being defensively responsible toward the beginning of the year.... No he didn't create much offense, but he probably understood that in order to fit in with his new team, he would have to first prove he could play in his own end. On top of that he has sustained two concussions. Give the guy a break. I can GUARANTEE you these EXACT same pink hats said that Seguin himself "sucked" his rookie year and were calling for a trade. Guaranteed. 

Next- the guy that said "Seguin wouldn't have scored 42 with the Bruins, so it's irrelevant" is probably right. I think any top scorer on a Julien coached team would max out around 35 goals per year. The only problem I have with this guy is by writing what he did, he's basically validating that Seguin currently has 42 goals. Which again, no actual NHL or Bruins fan would think that. I'm not going to say its impossible, but it's basically impossible for Seguin to have 42 goals in the 44 games he's played. 

The next comment is great. "Nobody knows that he sure could have but they gave him away" First off, you're missing a few words in there. I assume this guy means "No one knows for sure if he could have (scored 42 goals with the Bruins)"  I'll give you that. It's possible he could have maybe scored 42 at some point in Boston. Doubtful, but I guess possible. The second part... "They gave him away".... I can understand why some people feel that way. But my overall opinion is that time after time after time after time people have criticized Peter Chiarelli. And every. single. time.- he's been right in the end. Can we please have some confidence in one of the truly elite GM's in the league? Please? They gave him away? Really? In return they got Reilly Smith, Matt Fraser and Joe Morrow (in addition to Ericksson.) Does this guy who thinks the Bruins gave away Seguin know anything about Fraser or Morrow? Doubt it. Did he know anything about Smith when the trade was made? No.  Let's let the trade play out for more than half a freaking season before we judge it. Chiarelli has earned the benefit of the doubt. (Plus, on top of that, Reailly Smith has literally replaced Seguins exact production on the top line. And hes about 5.5 Million bucks cheaper. Seguin is a better player but right now on January 15th 2014, you simply cant be upset with the return we got for Seguin.  

"Got to get to the playoffs and if they don't get this cleaned up they wont" 

-Get what cleaned up? I mean, the Bruins definitely  need to clean a few things up, but who knows what this guy was referring to. 

-There is a 0% chance the Bruins miss the playoffs this year. Even if they DON'T clean up any thing, they will be there. It's asinine to say they wont make the playoffs this year. Generally speaking, if you can get to 90 points you're likely going to be in the playoffs. The Bruins are currently sitting on 60 points. With 36 games left. For them to miss the playoffs, they would have to go 12-24 or something absurdly bad like that. Not going to happen. No one who knows what they are talking about would ever think the Bruins will miss the playoffs this year. They aren't going to lose 2 out of every 3 games. The worst team in the league isn't even bad enough to do that. 

-As you can see, I myself commented on this status at this point. I was really hoping to elicit some sort of response, but got none. 

The comment below mine is also dripping with stupidity. 

"Seguin never was going to be a Center in Boston" 

False, dude. If the Bruins made Seguin a franchise player and committed to him, he would have eventually made his way to the pivot. One way or the other. 

"The kid still cant back check" 

No, he can, he just doesn't want to because he wants to play more offensively. He was a solid "back checker" on the Bruins. Not great, but solid. You think Julien would have kept him on the top line playing all those minutes if he couldn't back check? C'mon man, Also, what do you mean he "still cant"... are you watching Stars games on the reg? Or are you just saying this to sound like you know what you're talking about? 

Despite the other parts of the post, at least this guy brings some reasoning to the table by realizing that Eriksson's 2 concussions are really whats held him back and its not fair to judge him quite yet. 

I actually agree with the person on top here. Seguin IS a great player, and he did cause some trouble in Boston. I don't think they HAD to trade him, but I get the point and I agree with it. He wasn't a good fit for Claude and this team. 

The last comment is hilarious. While its true Dallas probably wont make the playoffs, I don't get the "Seguin has got no grit for playoffs"  Hey bro, you forget about this? The kid is still just 21 years old. Relax. 

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