January 15, 2014

James (Boston) vs Jeremy (NY)

Just had a mini texting fight with my former rival-turned-ally,  Jeremy. The essence of the fight was Boston Sports vs NY Sports. Of course, JET made reference to the Yankees run of dominance in the 90s.... I think that's irrelevant because it happened so long ago. So, for the purpose of this blog, lets compare Jeremy's favorite teams vs my favorite teams since the day I met him. Unfortunately, the only 2 sports we really have common interest in is MLB and NFL. Jeremy's not big into hockey and I of course hate the NBA because it sucks. So I can really only compare the 4 teams we love in these sports. (Just for the hell of it, though, The Celtics and Bruins have both won a championship since I met Jeremy, while no NY/NJ team has won an NBA or NHL title.)

I met Jeremy at freshman orientation at UMass the Summer before Fall Semester.  June 2005 until now is what we will use for this.

** For the record, both the Sox and the Patriots won Championships the season prior to when I met Jeremy**

Yankees vs Sox

2005: Yanks and Sox finish with same record, 95-67. Yanks win the division and Sox take the wild card. Both teams lost in the first round, the Red Sox lost to the White Sox who went on to win the World Series.

2006: Yanks win the division again at 97-65, Sox finish third (86-76) and miss the playoffs. The Yankees lose in the first round of the playoffs.

2007: Red Sox win the division with a 96-66 record. The Yankees finish second, and take the wild card with a 94-68 record. The Yankees again lose in the first round, while the Red Sox go on to win the World Series.

2008: Red Sox finish 2nd in division and take wild card with  95-67 record. Yankees miss playoffs going 89-73. The Red Sox lose in Game 7 of the ALCS to the Rays.

2009: Yankees win division with 103-59 record. Red Sox lost in the first round, while the Yankees went on to win the World Series.

2010: Yankees win the wild card with 95-67 record. The Sox missed the playoffs after finishing 89-73. The Yankees were eliminated in Game 6 of the  ALCS.

2011: Yankees win the division at 97-65. The Sox missed the playoffs after finishing 90-72. The Yankees lost in the first round of the playoffs.

2012: Yankees win the division at 95-67. The Sox finished in last place of the division, going 69-93. The Yankees were swept out of the ALCS by the Tigers.

2013: Red Sox win the division at 97-65. The Yankees finished in 4th in the division at 85-77. The Red Sox went on to win the World Series

Championships:  Red Sox 2, Yankees 1

Division Titles: Yankees 5, Red Sox 2
Playoff appearances: Yankees 7, Red Sox 5

On balance, the Yankees have been a better baseball team than the Sox since I met Jeremy. They've won more games and divisions, and made the playoffs almost every year. From 2010-2012 the Red Sox were bad, worse than any stretch the Yankees were ever in

However, especially with these 2 teams, simply making the playoffs means basically nothing. Both of these organizations pride themselves in Championships, and because of that, I think most people would agree with me that you have to give the overall advantage to the Red Sox.

Also, the MLB sucks. Its not a fair sport, not every team has a chance every year, and this is basically because there is no hard salary cap. Teams like the Sox and Yankees have a much, much higher chance at winning every year, because they attract the best players in free agency. Often times people lump the Sox and Yanks into the "big spenders" category- which is right. They are both big spenders. But the fact is the Yankees still spend wayyyyyyyyy more money than the Sox.

Yankees 2005 payroll- $205M
Red Sox 2005 payroll- $121M

Yankees 2006 payroll- $194M
Red Sox 2006 payroll- $120M

Yankees 2007 payroll- $189M
Red Sox 2007 payroll- $143M

Yankees 2008 payroll- $209M
Red Sox 2008 payroll- $133M

Yankees 2009 payroll- $201M
Red Sox 2009 payroll- $122M

Yankees 2010 payroll- $206M
Red Sox 2010 payroll- $162M

Yankees 2011 payroll- $201M
Red Sox 2011 payroll- $161M

Yankees 2012 payroll- $197M
Red Sox 2012 payroll- $173M

Yankees 2013 payroll- $228M
Red Sox 2013 payroll- $150M

The Yankees spend $555M more than the Red Sox over this time frame. That's an average of about $62M per year. So again, while on balance the Yankees have won more games and divisions than the Sox, they have spent wayyyyyyyy more money  (aka they should be winning more games) and have less rings.

Pats vs Jets

*Blood bath alert* *Blood bath alert* *Blood bath alert*

2005: Pats win the division at 10-6, Jets finish in last at 4-12. Pats lose in the 2nd round of the playoffs to the Broncos.

2006: Pats win the division at 12-4, Jets finish in 2nd and earn the wild card at 10-6. The Pats eliminated the Jets in the first round, 37-16. The Pats went on to lose in the AFCCG to the eventual Super Bowl champion Colts.

2007: Pats win the division at 16-0, Jets miss playoffs at 4-12. The Pats lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl.

2008: Pats miss playoffs at 11-5. Jets miss playoffs at 9-7

2009: Pats win division at 10-6, Jets finish 2nd and earn wild card at 9-7. Pats lost in the first round to the Ravens and the Jets lost in the AFCCG to the Colts.

2010: Pats win division at 14-2. Jets finish 2nd and earn wild card at 11-5. Jets eliminated the Pats in the second round, 28-21. The Jets were eliminated in the AFCCG by the Steelers.

2011: Pats win division at 13-3. Jets miss the playoffs at 8-8. The Pats lost in the Super Bowl to the Giants.

2012: Pats win division at 12-4. Jets miss the playoffs at 6-10. The Pats were eliminated by the eventual champions (Ravens) in the AFCCG.

2013: In Progress. The Pats (12-4) will take on the Broncos in the AFCCG this Sunday. The Jets missed the playoffs at 8-8.

Blood bath city. The NFL is a level playing field... unlike the MLB, it's completely fair to compare teams side by side. (The only "unfair" thing is that the teams that finish higher in the standings have a harder schedule the next year. So the Pats have had a harder schedule than the Jets almost every season.)

Pats Super Bowl Titles: 0 (for another couple weeks)
Jets Super Bowl Titles: 0

Pats overall record (Reg season): 110-34
Jets overall record (Reg Season): 69-75

Pats division titles: 8 (out of 9)
Jets division titles: 0

Pats playoff appearances: 8
Jets playoff appearances: 3

Head to head wins: Pats 14,  Jets 6

STOP THE FIGHT. STOP THE FIGHT. I feel bad enough Jeremy just had to read through that. New York sucks and Boston rules. End blog. 

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