January 2, 2014

Fantasy Football Playoff edition

Much like last year, me and a few friends have joined a fantasy football playoff pool.

You may select one player from each team to fill out a roster with 2 QBs, 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 DST, 1 Kicker.

I will likely be updating the scoreboard after each weekend, but for now, here's MY squad:

QB- Peyton Manning
QB- Russell Wilson
WR- AJ Green
WR- TY Hilton
WR- Anquan Boldin
RB- Lesean Mccoy
RB- Jamaal Charles
TE- Jimmy Graham
FLEX- Jordy Nelson
FLEX- Shane Vereen
D/ST- Carolina Panther
K- Nick Novack

Easy choice at QB. Peyton can score too many points and much like when playing on Golf leagues... it just isnt worth the risk to not choose Manning.

I went with Russell Wilson as my 2nd QB because I think the Seahawks make it to the Superbowl, and I LOVE Wilson. I expect big games and lots of fantasy points, possibly coming on the ground. With the addition of Percy Harvin, this passing offense becomes lethal.

AJ Green was a no brainer to me.

Probably the easiest pick (and one i expect every single player to make) was Jamaal Charles.

I ultimately decided to roll with Vereen, even though this is NOT a PPR format (stupid). My thinking is that the Patriots are going to feature Vereen in their game plans... after all his big breakout came in the playoffs last year. Hi usage has been somewhat down the past couple weeks... part of me thinks this is gbecuase Belichick is trying to save him for the playoffs. With no other good options on NE (in non ppr), Vereen became a clear choice to me.

My hardest decision was picking a 49er. I could have picked any flex player, but after a bit of research I ruled out Vernon Davis. So then I decided that I dont want to lean on Gore, so it was down to Crabtree vs Boldin. Boldin's targets have been up since Tree returned, and ultimately I just think hes the better bet for a TD. Boldin has a history of being a big time playoff performer... so I feel good rolling with them, especially knowing he isn't going to be a very popular pick.

TY Hilton was easy for me too. I like him better than any Carolina position player (Olsen was close) PLUS I think the Carolina Defense is significantly better than Indy, So I picked TY Hilton and Carolina Defense.

Hilton was on fire earlier this year, hit a rough patch, but in December he's been good. Luck is going to lean on him, especially at home, and his ceiling is very high.

I wanted a Packers WR and with no ppr, Nelson is an easy choice. Rodgers loves him and hes a legit WR1 so I like rolling with him. If this was PPR I would consider Cobb as an x factor.

I picked the SD kicker because I think they lose PLUS Cincy has a good run defense so I didnt want to roll with Mathews. I considered Keenan Allen, but again, you have to pick a kicker and so I just decided to pick the kicker off the "worst" team.

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